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Windows web hosting services are aimed at those who have a specific need for Windows web hosting, as is evident with the features that accompany most Windows web hosting packages. Windows web hosting packages are usually more expensive than Linux web hosting services meaning that you should only consider Windows web hosting if you have a specific need for Windows, such as if you wish to make use of specific Windows components. There are different variants of Windows web hosting available, ranging from Windows shared hosting packages all the way up to Windows dedicated servers; this helps to ensure that there is a wide variety of Windows web hosting services for you to choose from and guarantees that there will always be a Windows web hosting service capable of meeting the requirements of each user.

What are the advantages of using Windows web hosting services?

Windows web hosting services are able to offer many advantages to the businesses and individuals that have a distinct need for Windows web hosting. The main advantages that can be had from using Windows web hosting services include:

  • Classic ASP and ASP.NET support – classic ASP and ASP.NET are two popular scripting frameworks that have been developed by Microsoft, and because of this web pages and scripts created using either will only function correctly on Windows web hosting services – this is one of the major driving points of Windows web hosting since many businesses and individuals will consider Windows web hosting services purely because of their support for classic ASP and ASP.NET – however, you may find that it isn’t worth spending extra on Windows web hosting services purely so that you can develop websites using classic ASP or ASP.NET since other open source scripting languages such as PHP may be more beneficial for your requirements
  • Microsoft Access support – Microsoft Access is a desktop database application that has been designed by Microsoft for basic record keeping from the desktop, although Microsoft Access databases can still be used in conjunction with classic ASP and ASP.NET based scripts to develop dynamic websites – Microsoft Access is part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications and is only really recommended for use in situations where you are going to have full control over the data that is going to be entering the database as this will allow you to constantly monitor the size of the database – Microsoft Access databases aren’t that scalable either meaning that you should avoid using one in a scenario where you can be sure that the database will be put under high loads
  • Microsoft SQL Server support – Microsoft SQL Server is the enterprise-class database server developed by Microsoft for larger businesses that require a scalable database hosting solution for their requirements – most Windows web hosting services will allow you to create at least one Microsoft SQL Server database under your web hosting account for use – similarly to Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft SQL Server databases can be incorporated into classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages and scripts so that you can create highly scalable, dynamic websites that will be able to cope well under high loads.

Windows web hosting services are ideal for businesses that want to be able to develop dynamic web applications for hosting in a very secure and reliable web hosting environment capable of sustaining their requirements for a long period of time.

What are the disadvantages of using Windows web hosting services?

There can also be disadvantages to using Windows web hosting services that you should be aware of prior to purchasing a Windows web hosting service as you may find after all that another form of web hosting is more appropriate for your requirements. Such disadvantages could include:

  • Price – Windows web hosting services are always going to be priced higher than Linux web hosting services of a similar specification as web hosting providers have to factor in the cost of the Windows operating system license – if you find that Windows web hosting is too expensive for you then Linux web hosting services are probably going to be more beneficial for your requirements, and at the end of the day they are probably going to be cheaper as well
  • Reliability – Windows web hosting services may not be as reliable as you would expect them to be which could cause problems for some businesses that rely on their website to provide them with a source of income – the best way to ensure that you receive a good level of uptime from a Windows web hosting package is to choose a Windows dedicated server as this will allow you to optimize your dedicated server to function in the way that you want it to, thus allowing you to maximize the level of uptime that it can provide.

In conclusion, Windows web hosting services are best suited for businesses that require Windows web hosting for a specific reason. It is important to consider the cost of Windows web hosting as if you can’t justify the amount that you are going to pay for your web hosting service, the chances are that it isn’t the right web hosting service for you.

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