Windows Shared Hosting vs. Linux Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting packages are usually the cheapest offered by most web hosting companies and provide you with a good way of getting started with web hosting without the need to spend any large amounts of cash to achieve what you want. Windows shared web hosting and Linux shared hosting services can both provide their own benefits to the relevant target audiences, although for the most part shared hosting packages are aimed at beginners in general and no other user groups. A Windows shared hosting package will be able to provide you with hosting on the Windows platform, providing Windows web developers with the features that they require to develop highly scalable and functional web applications for hosting on the platform. Linux on the other hand can provide a highly reliable shared hosting experience at a price that is lower than that of the equivalent Windows shared hosting packages; this lower pricing scheme makes Linux web hosting more appealing to beginners than Windows shared hosting, although for those who have specific requirements then their choice of operating system is going to be influenced by these requirements rather than how much they are going to be paying for their web hosting service.

Windows Shared Hosting

For the larger businesses, Window shared web hosting can provide them with a low cost hosting solution that will be capable of hosting their websites and supporting all of the features that they have included within their scripts. Windows as a platform can provide you with access to more enterprise-class applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange server, although the latter generally isn’t available with Windows shared hosting packages. Classic ASP and ASP.NET are two scripting frameworks that have been developed by Microsoft, with ASP.NET being the most modern and up-to-date; Windows is the only platform capable of hosting web pages and scripts developed using either technology, with IIS being the only web server capable of processing and serving ASP based websites. Applications that are specific to the Windows platform such as Microsoft SQL Server can provide businesses with reliable and secure hosting solutions; for example, the database server is ideal for hosting large amounts of data that is mission critical because MSSQL Server will be able to keep this data secure in an environment that will always be accessible using the require methods, such as through a website or from the SQL Server Management Studio application.

Linux Shared Hosting

Linux shared hosting services are usually the cheapest web hosting plans offered by most web hosting companies and provide you with a stable and useable web hosting environment for a low cost. Although cheaper, Linux is seen by some as being a more reliable platform than Windows and can provide you with support for a wide variety of scripting languages and applications that you can use to develop scalable dynamic websites. The Linux operating system is open source meaning that you don’t need to pay to use it which is what helps to keep the price of Linux shared hosting down; this doesn’t necessarily mean that the operating system ships with less features, if anything it makes it more open meaning that web hosting companies are able to install the services that they require to provide a more secure Linux shared hosting environment. As a Linux shared hosting customer you will be able to manage your web hosting account through the cPanel control panel, a popular control panel application used by many large web hosting companies; cPanel is fast and easy to use, allowing you to complete many web hosting account administration tasks with just a few clicks.

Why should I consider shared hosting as a good starting point?

Shared web hosting is a good starting point for anyone who hasn’t used web hosting before because for a low price you are provided with all of the resources and features that you will need to host a basic website so that you can make the most of your domain name and the website that you have developed. Shared web hosting servers are the responsibility of the web hosting provider that you purchase your web hosting from and although this means that you won’t have full access to the hosting server, it does mean that you won’t have to worry about the management of the hosting server as you can be sure that your web hosting provider’s support team will do a professional job of providing you with a secure web hosting experience. The support offered by web hosting companies to their shared hosting customers will also allow you to make the most of your web hosting service safe in the knowledge that if anything does go wrong and the benefit here is that you full support is usually provided for free for shared web hosting users.

How can I receive the best value for money from shared web hosting?

If you wish to choose a shared web hosting package that can provide you with good value for money then it is good to start by looking for web hosting plans that boast multiple domain hosting because if you are able to host more than one website under your hosting account then you are on the way to saving yourself some money in the future. You should compare multiple shared web hosting plans so that you are able to choose the one that can meet your requirements to the best degree; although its all well and good picking the hosting plan that can provide you with the best resources for the price, a web hosting plan that can meet your requirements all-round including with regards to support then you can be sure that you are getting good value for money.

In conclusion, Windows shared hosting and Linux shared web hosting both have their own audiences which is why a variety of features help to differ the two different web hosting platforms. Shared web hosting is seen by many as being the best place to start if you are new to web hosting because web hosting companies realise this and will support you every step of the way; even if you are migrating over from another web hosting provider then you can be sure that you will be supported during the migration process to guarantee that all your data is transferred over without any of it being lost.

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