Why use server hosting?

Server hosting is a term that includes VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting; collectively server hosting services form the top end of the web hosting market and are targeted at businesses that require the best in both reliability and security. The main reason for using server hosting in most circumstances is to achieve a higher level of uptime as businesses are increasingly reliant on their websites for sales and advertising revenue meaning that for most, downtime is going to mean lost revenue which is the last thing that any business will want meaning that the investment in VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting is justifiable for most. If you are in the position that you want to upgrade from shared web hosting to server hosting then you will probably find that your existing web hosting provider will be able to assist you with this; most web hosting companies are able to offer dedicated server hosting services and will provide you with an easy way to upgrade your web hosting service – some may even assist you with the transfer of your data. Server hosting will provide you with a platform that will allow you to expand your websites without having to worry about resource usage, as you won’t be sharing your hosting environment with anyone else.

A VPS server or dedicated server can provide you with a level of reliability that will allow you to carry on with more important activities without having to worry about whether your website is available or not. Uptime is an important factor for both individuals and businesses as businesses rely on their websites for income through the sales of their goods and services whilst individuals are provided with income through advertising revenues. Uptime is something that can be affected by a number of different factors such as the server itself as well as the network that your web hosting provider is using. As most web hosting companies have now made the move over to networks that use multiple peers, failure at this point is highly unlikely; however, the configuration of your hosting server could have an affect on the level of uptime that you are provided with.

Security is another factor that businesses will expect from a server hosting service and so web hosting providers strive to offer the best levels of network security as security on a hosting server is something that can only be managed by the server administrator. As you are provided with your own dedicated hosting environment you can easily make any changes that you see fit if you feel that they are going to improve the level of security that you have on your server. As you won’t have to share your hosting environment with any other users you won’t have to worry about the design of other websites compromising the security of your own server and website; however, you should still review how your website has been develop to ensure that you aren’t using any code that could be classed as unsecure.

A dedicated web hosting environment is another valid reason for considering server hosting services as this will provide you with a way of installing any applications that you see as relevant and appropriate to the running of your website. In some situations you may find that in order for your website or any other web based applications that you are looking to install to work, you will need to install extra software and components on your hosting server in order to make the user experience smooth and seamless. Dedicated web hosting environments are isolated and when using a VPS server you are effectively using a dedicated web hosting environment that is sharing a server with several others; with a dedicated server you will have your own completely dedicated hosting environment and physical resources.

The resources that are offered by most server hosting services are unrivalled when compared to what lower end forms of web hosting can offer meaning that if you require a large amount of disk space or bandwidth then you will need to consider either a VPS server or a dedicated server for your web hosting requirements. VPS servers are made up of the physical resources of the hosting server meaning that you are only going to be supplied with virtual resources, whereas if you were to choose a dedicated server for your hosting requirements then you wouldn’t need to worry about this as all of the resources offered with a dedicated server are physical meaning that they can be upgraded more easily and are much more scalable to larger amounts.

In conclusion, server hosting is a highly scalable form of web hosting that will be capable of meeting any business’s web hosting requirements for a long time to come. Most web hosting companies are able to provide you with a wide variety of server hosting services enabling you to choose one that suits your requirements exactly, helping to ensure that you’re only paying for what you need and no more.

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