Why use reseller web hosting?

Reseller web hosting allows you to host a large number of websites under a single web hosting package which is highly beneficial if you are looking to host websites for others or just want to host a number of websites for yourself. Although some shared web hosting services won’t cap the number of domain names you can host under a single account, reseller web hosting is different in the way that it will allow you to create individual client accounts for each website that you are hosting meaning that it is fairly easy to delegate control to others if you wish to. Reseller web hosting is available on both Linux servers and Windows servers meaning that regardless of what your specific requirements are, there will be a reseller hosting package available that will fit your requirements. You will find that reseller web hosting services will provide you with greater resource assignments than your average shared web hosting account, but the important thing to remember is that reseller web hosting accounts are usually hosted on the same servers as shared web hosting accounts meaning that you are open to the same disadvantages that affect the users of shared web hosting.

Windows reseller web hosting services are ideal for users that wish to host websites that have been developed using classic ASP or ASP.NET; furthermore, you will be able to create additional hosting accounts for others who wish to make the most of the features that Windows web hosting can offer. Microsoft SQL Server database hosting is also a standard feature of Windows reseller hosting and this will allow you to create dynamic websites that can utilize a scalable database server meaning that you won’t have to worry about the growth of any websites under your web hosting account as you can be guaranteed that the features and resources available will be able to cope with the growth.

Linux reseller web hosting services are usually offered through the cPanel control panel meaning that you will have complete control of your own reseller account as well as any sub-accounts that you create for others to use. A Linux reseller hosting account is ideal for the hosting of multiple dynamic websites that have been coded using PHP for use with MySQL databases; websites developed using both technologies perform at their best in a Linux web hosting environment meaning that it will be of benefit to you to use a Linux web hosting package for such a purpose. Linux reseller hosting packages may also be more attractive if you are to consider pricing, as Linux web hosting services are generally cheaper than Windows web hosting services.

If you wish to start your own web hosting company then reseller web hosting can be seen as a good starting point since you will be able to create web hosting accounts for others once they have paid you. Although you are going to be limited by your own reseller account resources, if you are able to make a profit from selling off web hosting accounts under your own reseller web hosting account then you will be providing yourself with a very good starting point prior to upgrading to something more powerful such as VPS server hosting. When choosing a reseller hosting account for this purpose you will want to be purchasing your web hosting service from a reliable web hosting company as the result of doing so will be a high level of uptime; one of the main features you will want to be offering your web hosting clients is a high level of reliability as this is one of the major deciding factors for most people.

A large majority of reseller web hosting packages will allow you to create your own web hosting packages based on the resources that you have available to you that you can then sell on to your own web hosting clients. Not only does this make the management of your reseller web hosting account easier, but it will also allow you to setup a larger number of web hosting accounts at one time, which will aid you with the growth of your web hosting business. It is recommended that you offer a wide variety of web hosting packages that all have varying resource assignments rather than just a single web hosting service.

Choosing a web hosting provider that can guarantee security for you and your reseller clients is also important as if their web hosting accounts get compromised, you will be the first one they will hold responsible. Most web hosting providers have high standards with regards to security meaning that if you choose a large and well established web hosting company, you are less likely to experience problems in terms of security allowing you to guarantee the security of your own clients’ web hosting data.

As a final point you may wish to consider the support that is on offer to you as the intermediary selling your own web hosting services. Most reseller hosting providers will be more than willing to provide you with full support which in turn will allow you to contact your web hosting provider’s support team in the event that you require a certain task carrying out. In some situations, as is the case with some of the bigger web hosting companies, they will also be able to provide your customers with a basic level of support related to the maintenance of their web hosting account; this can be highly beneficial for you of you lack a high level of technical knowledge or simply lack the time to deal with many queries.

In conclusion, you should choose reseller web hosting if you wish to host websites for others as well as yourself. Unlike standard shared web hosting accounts that allow you to host more than one website, a reseller web hosting account will allow you to create additional client accounts for the individual websites that you are hosting under your reseller hosting account. There are also benefits to be had in terms of resource assignments when using reseller web hosting.

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