Why should I choose reseller web hosting?

Reseller web hosting provides you with the services required to start your own web hosting business within a shared web hosting environment, removing the need to spend large sums of money on VPS servers and dedicated servers that you will also have the inconvenience of having to maintain. A reseller web hosting package will allow you to host multiple websites under separate accounts that can be managed by your reseller hosting account, allowing you to host a large number of individual clients under your reseller hosting plan with the only limitation being the resources that you have available to use with your web hosting account. When compared to VPS server hosting, a reseller web hosting plan may not be able to offer you as much when you consider the lack of a dedicated web hosting environment; however, for some a shared web hosting environment may be more desirable because for example, you may be a web designer that has no prior technical knowledge or any idea of how to manage a server environment properly. Although there isn’t that much difference in the price of a high-end reseller web hosting plan and a low-end VPS server, the resources of the VPS server are likely to be insufficient to host a large number of websites; however, the reseller web hosting plan is likely to provide more resources and will be able to host a large number of individual host accounts.

Custom Hosting Plans

As a reseller, it is important for you to be able to develop your own web hosting plans so that you are able to offer your own web hosting clients something different as this will allow for a more personalized service. If you choose to develop your own web hosting plans then these will dictate how many websites you are able to host under your reseller hosting account, unless you opt to enable overselling as this will allow you to sell more space than you have available.

Any good reseller web hosting plan will provide you with unlimited allocations of certain resources such as email accounts and FTP accounts as large numbers of these won’t have a massive impact on server performance. This will enable you to pass unlimited assignments on to your own web hosting clients, however you will need to be cautious with the resources that you provide with each web hosting plan so that you don’t end up over-estimating what clients are going to want for the price, but at the same time you will need to pitch them at levels that will provide your clients with good value for money.

Multiple Client Accounts

Reseller web hosting will provide you with the facility to create client accounts for the individual websites that you are going to be hosting under your reseller hosting account, removing the need for you to be in charge of managing multiple websites that you don’t own directly. This feature should be available with your reseller web hosting plan regardless of the web hosting control panel that you are using because it is a common feature with any reseller hosting account. The web hosting client accounts that you create can be created with individual specifications to meet the needs of each of your clients, or alternatively you can create client accounts based on pre-determined web hosting plans, if you are able to create individual plans as part of your reseller hosting account.

Most reseller web hosting accounts won’t have limits as to the number of client accounts that you can create, nor will the number of domains that you can host limit you. The only limit that you will have as a reseller is the resources, such as the amount of disk space and bandwidth that are at your disposal.

Cross Platform Hosting

Reseller web hosting packages are available hosted on both Windows servers and Linux servers, providing resellers with the opportunity to offer their own web hosting plans on both platforms. Web hosting customers like to have variety and it is for this reason that it is important for web hosting businesses of all sizes to embrace the two major platforms, as this will allow them to offer a wider array of services whilst increasing their customer base.

Although the web hosting control panels that are used by web hosting providers will differ on Linux and Windows, the principle of web hosting control panels remains the same meaning that it shouldn’t take too much effort to adjust from using one control panel to using another. Windows and Linux both have different features to offer, some of which are unique to the individual platforms; it is important for web hosting providers to realize that there will be a long-term need for both Windows and Linux hosting as all businesses and individuals will have different requirements.

Save Money

When compared to how much you will have to pay to receive a VPS server hosting service that will meet your needs to the same degree, reseller web hosting plans are fairly cheap and can provide excellent value for money. As well as being unmanaged, VPS servers are often unstable and unsecure when you first receive access to them and so you have to spend time securing your server and ensuring that the stable versions of the software that you are looking to use are installed; whereas with a reseller web hosting plan you won’t have to worry about any of this as it is all part and parcel of the web hosting service.

In conclusion, you should choose reseller web hosting if you are looking to offer your own web hosting services to others because it represents a solution that not only provides good value for money, but also is also better in the long run for those who lack technical knowledge. Most reseller web hosting packages are provided fully managed meaning that you will be able to rely on your web hosting provider’s support team to fix any issues that may arise with your web hosting service.

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