What are the most important features of dedicated hosting?

Dedicated web hosting services can provide you with many features that aren’t available on lower-end forms of web hosting and although these additional features are what make dedicated web hosting services slightly more expensive, they are the usually the reason for considering dedicated hosting over shared web hosting. Although VPS servers and dedicated servers offer the same core feature in terms of a dedicated web hosting environment, both have additional features and offer the dedicated web hosting in different ways which enable web hosting providers to offer both forms of hosting as dedicated web hosting that are pitched at different target audiences. As well as providing you with greater uptime, a dedicated web hosting service will also be able to provide you with a more secure web hosting experience because you will be the only one using your web hosting environment unless you wish to share it with anyone else intentionally. In addition to that, you will also be able to install the applications of your choice in a dedicated web hosting environment, allowing you to customize your dedicated web hosting service to meet your unique needs in every way; no other form of web hosting will allow you to do this and you can also benefit in some cases from web hosting companies that will allow you to choose the exact resource allocations that you receive.


The reliability provided by a dedicated hosting service is probably the most important advantage that businesses stand to benefit from when investing in a VPS server or a dedicated server. As you will be the only one using your dedicated web hosting environment, you will have full access to the guaranteed resources that you are provided with and will be able to monitor the resource usage on your server so that you can sort out any stability issues before they compromise the reliability of your server hosting service. Uptime is important for most dedicated hosting customers because downtime can often mean lost revenue, in turn costing a business money and can also reduce the number of returning visitors.

One of the best ways to ensure a high level of reliability is to choose a dedicated hosting plan that can offer you an SLA (Service Level Agreement). An SLA will outline the level of uptime that you can come to expect from your web hosting service each month, but in reality all web hosting providers should aim to offer 100% uptime even though this will never be guaranteed. SLAs also offer compensation if the uptime provided is below the level set out in the SLA, although this will be dependent on the web hosting provider that you are purchasing your service form.


The security provided by a dedicated hosting environment will benefit anyone who will be able to make the most of a dedicated hosting environment as a the isolation provided means that you won’t have to worry about others users on the same server as you causing problems with the use of unsecure websites or weak passwords. Whether you are using a VPS server or a dedicated server, you will have full control over who has access to your server meaning that you can prevent unauthorized access fairly easily. Furthermore, one of the main ways that hackers gain access to servers these days is through compromised web scripts; as you are going to be the only person using your server, it will be easy for you to check the code that your website has been developed with to ensure that no weak code has been used that could be used to potentially compromise your VPS server or dedicated server.

Dedicated Web Hosting Environment

The dedicated web hosting environment provided by a dedicated hosting service is likely to be the most important feature for most people and will be the reason that many choose to upgrade to a dedicated hosting service. A dedicated web hosting environment will provide you with isolation from other users and you will have your own guaranteed resources that you will be able to use as per your wish; if you opt for a dedicated server then the resources that you are provided with will be physical hardware resources, as opposed to VPS servers that simply use virtual resources from the hosting node.

Regardless of whether you choose to use a Windows server or a Linux server, you will be provided with a dedicated web hosting environment. Windows server users will be able to access their dedicated hosting environment via Remote Desktop, enabling to manage their server directly from the Windows GUI; for some users this may be seen as a simpler way of managing a server rather than using a command line interface. Linux servers users will be able to manage their servers using the command line based SSH interface, available with all Linux distributions.

In conclusion, reliability, security and the dedicated web hosting environment provided by a VPS server or dedicated server are the three most important features that a dedicated hosting service will be able to provide you with. Although shared web hosting services are generally of a good specification, they aren’t able to offer you the same level of independence that a VPS server or dedicated server can offer and won’t be able to beat a dedicated hosting service in the areas of reliability and security to any extent.

Although dedicated web hosting services are going to set you back more than shared web hosting plans, the cost of a VPS server or a dedicated server can be easily justified when you consider the important features that you will have available at your disposal. Furthermore, the level of support that you will be provided with when you choose a dedicated hosting service will enable you to make the most of the web hosting service that you have invested in, because at the end of the day you want to be sure that you are receiving good value for money from your web hosting service.


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