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Website hosting is the process of hosting a website on a server along with a domain name so that you are able to allow others to view the website that you have uploaded. Website hosting services can be purchased from web hosting providers at varying costs depending on the form of web hosting that you have chosen to use. There are several different forms of website hosting available ranging from basic shared web hosting packages to more expensive dedicated server hosting packages; there are also web hosting services designed specifically for businesses whilst others are better suited to individuals who don’t have demanding requirements.

What are the main features of a web hosting package?

There are several different components that make up a majority of a web hosting package although there are certain features that are going to differ between the different forms of web hosting that are available. The most common features of web hosting packages include:

  • Disk space – a website hosting package will come with an assigned amount of disk space which is what you will use for the storage of any files related to your web hosting account – the main factors to count towards your disk space usage include your web pages, any emails that you choose to store online and any databases that you are hosting under your website hosting account
  • Bandwidth – the amount of bandwidth that your website hosting package is provided with will dictate how many visitors you are able to have your website in a given period, in most cases a month – however, the amount of bandwidth used up can also depend on other certain factors including how image heavy your website is and whether your web pages contain any other multimedia content such as videos or audio
  • Web hosting control panel – it is important to ensure that you choose a website hosting service that can provide you with control panel access when using a shared web hosting package, although control panel access is less important if you are going to be using a VPS server or a dedicated server as instead you will be able to manage your server hosting service using a more advance method such as SSH for Linux servers and Remote Desktop for Windows servers.

By evaluating your web hosting requirements you will be able to choose a web hosting service that can offer you the resource assignments that you require in conjunction with an easy to use web hosting control panel as well as any extra features that you may require.

What other features should I consider in a website hosting service?

There are several other features that you should also consider in a website hosting service if you wish to choose a web hosting package that can provide you with the best value for money. Such features include but are not limited to:

  • Reliability – if you wish to make sure that a web hosting service can provide you with good value for money then you should consider the level of reliability that a web hosting provider will be able to offer you with your chosen web hosting service – if your website is down then you won’t be able to use your website or web hosting service effectively meaning that you aren’t paying for anything
  • Security – in any situation it is important for you to take the security of your web hosting service seriously so that you are able to make the most of the resources that you have purchased – if you are a business then security is a factor that should be near the top of your list if you are going to take the needs of your visitors seriously.

If you choose a website hosting service that can offer you reliability and security then these two factors will be able to guarantee good value for money.

In conclusion, a website hosting service will allow you to establish and online presence for yourself or your business if you have a website that you wish to upload to your web space. Alternatively you can make use of the other features that a standard web hosting package will be able to offer including email, DNS and database server hosting services.

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