Web Hosting Support

As well as choosing the right web hosting package for your requirements, it is important to look closely at the web hosting company that you are choosing so that you are able to ensure that you will receive a level of support which will be in proportion to what you expect of your web hosting package. Most web hosting companies offer support over the internet, via email and by telephone; these three methods of communication ensure that whatever your situation may be, you will be able to contact your web hosting provider to inform them of any problems you may be experiencing with your web hosting account. If you have high expectations of your web hosting package and require something that is going to be available all the time, it is a good idea to consider a web hosting provider that can guarantee 24×7 web hosting support as this means that if anything ever goes wrong with your web hosting package or the server that your hosting service is hosted on, you will be able to contact a support team that will be able to correct any problems in a short amount of time – this will also mean that they are likely to detect any problems much quicker.

Email Support

Email support can be beneficial in most situations since it allows you to quickly contact your web hosting provider regarding any problems you may be experiencing. Most emails are then piped into a ticket system, which will provide you with a reference number of your message so that you can keep track of your message. If there is an error that is preventing you from receiving emails then most web hosting companies can also be reached through their web-based support centres from which you will also be able to create tickets, whether these tickets be ones that are emailed through or created from the web interface. However, in some situations your issue may be overlooked meaning that it is advised to contact your web hosting provider through other means if your matter is one of urgency. Web hosting companies that advertise 24×7 support will generally offer email as their single way of being contacted at any time, mainly because support is usually outsourced to third-party companies after-hours in which case such companies won’t be offering telephone support.

Live Chat Support

Another popular option is live chat that is effectively a web based instant messaging system that will allow you to talk to your web hosting provider’s support staff instantly over the internet. Live chat is a good choice if you are looking to sort out a small issue quickly or simply have an enquiry about your web hosting service as there are usually many support staff available and simply because you are able to describe your problem there and then meaning that a quick fix is usually simple. Live chat is usually another option that is offered for 24×7 support as operators don’t necessarily need to be fluent in the spoken language and instead can used ‘canned’ responses. You will need to remember that live chat sessions are usually handled by level 1 support staff meaning that complex issues can’t normally be dealt with using this medium.

Telephone Support

Although not usually offered 24×7, larger web hosting companies choose to offer phone support to all their customers as they feel that this adds a more personal touch to the customer service that is provided; in some situations it can also be beneficial to describe an issue over the phone in person rather than opening a support ticket via email in order to solve the problem. Smaller web hosting companies and those that specialize in specific technologies will also be offering telephone support, although this support is usually limited to their business customers as the level of telephone support offered here is normally at a much more personal level and is usually provided around the clock. Like live chat support, telephone support is only really useful if you have a small issue that you feel can be sorted quickly or if you just have an enquiry; if you have an issue that is going to take time to fix then you should always use email support first.

Managed Web Hosting

Managed web hosting services will allow you to fully take advantage of the support services offered by your web hosting provider since managed web hosting effectively hands over control of your web hosting service to the support team so that you can request them to do anything you wish to your web hosting account if you are unsure of it. Although you will still retain control of your web hosting service, in principle your web hosting provider’s support team will be able to access whenever if you provide them with the login details as part of any support ticket that you lodge.

Unmanaged Web Hosting

If you wish to save some money then you may want to consider an unmanaged web hosting service, although for this to be effective you will need to have previous experience with the management of your web hosting services, particularly when considering VPS server hosting or dedicated server hosting. Unmanaged web hosting services usually manifest themselves in the form of server hosting simply because it is easier for web hosting providers to offer less support here than it would be for shared web hosting and traditionally, users of dedicated hosting have previous experience anyway.

In conclusion, the quality of the customer service and support that you receive from your web hosting company should be something that you consider carefully because you want to be sure that you can turn to a reliable support team if you find that there is something wrong with your web hosting service. If you are paying a considerable amount for your web hosting package then it makes it ever more important to receive high quality support because you want to be guaranteed good value for money. In some situations it may be better to consider a larger web hosting company or one that has been established for a long time as then you can use web hosting reviews to gauge an idea as to the quality of the customer service.

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