Web Hosting Service

Web hosting services are sold by web hosting providers and can provide you with the services that you need to make the most of a domain name. As well as being able to host a website, a web hosting service will also allow you to setup email accounts under any of the domain names that you are hosting. There are a wide variety of web hosting services available to meet the different requirements of businesses and individuals, with some web hosting services being very cheap and others being quite expensive. Generally the price of a web hosting service will rise with the more resources that you have available to use. Shared web hosting services are the best starting point for anyone as they are cheap to purchase and can be very easy to use, plus you don’t have to worry about server management as full support is provided by your web hosting provider. If you are a business or simply require something that can provide you with more resources then a VPS server will be the right web hosting service for you, here you will have the added benefit of your own dedicated web hosting environment. If you have a large budget for web hosting then you may be able to afford a dedicated server, which is the one form of web hosting that can provide you with physical resources, and although expensive, the cost is easily justified in most situations.

Shared Web Hosting

If you have never used a web hosting service before or don’t have demanding requirements then a shared web hosting package will probably suffice for your needs. Low cost web hosting packages are often hosted in a shared web hosting environment meaning that if you wish to save money, shared web hosting will provide you with a good way of doing so. Although shared web hosting services are ideal for those who don’t expect too much from their web hosting service, if your requirements are a little more demanding or if you are a business then a more expandable form of web hosting such as server hosting should be considered. The resources of most shared web hosting packages are relatively low meaning that in some situations where you are using a lot of multimedia on your website, a shared web hosting service may not be able to provide you with the disk space and bandwidth required for your content.

Reseller Web Hosting

If you are a website designer or wish to start your own web hosting business then a reseller web hosting service will allow you to design and offer your own web hosting packages to your own clients. Reseller web hosting services are available with a varying resource assignments meaning that the number of web hosting accounts that you will be able to host under a single reseller web hosting package will be different between packages, although the specifications of your own web hosting packages will also affect this number. Reseller web hosting services are hosted on the same servers as shared web hosting packages meaning that you shouldn’t expect any great surprises in terms of security and reliability as you won’t be offered anything better than what you would be offered with a standard shared web hosting service.

VPS Server Hosting

A VPS server can provide you with the same type of hosting environment as a dedicated server, a dedicated web hosting environment, within the context of a shared and virtual hosting environment. VPS servers are in no way a replacement for dedicated servers at the high end of the scale, but if you are looking at using a low specification dedicated server then a VPS server may be a more appropriate. VPS servers offer good performance for the price, with low end VPS servers being more than suitable for the hosting of several dynamic websites along with a web hosting control panel so that you are able to manage the server and any web hosting accounts. It is important for you to remember that with VPS server hosting, you are going to be sharing a physical hosting node with other VPS servers, although you are provided with certain guaranteed resources that will aid the performance of your VPS server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are usually the most powerful form of web hosting offered by most web hosting companies and like VPS server hosting will provide you with your own dedicated web hosting environment, although with a dedicated server you will have your own physical machine. Although being the priciest form of web hosting available, a dedicated server will provide you with the power to expand your website and business properly meaning that for the most part, the investment will be worth it. In order for you to make the most of a VPS server or dedicated server, you want to be able to manage it properly meaning that you should try and do some research beforehand into the server operating system that you are going to be using.

Web Hosting Platforms

With any form of web hosting you are likely to be offered the choice between a Windows based web hosting service and a Linux based web hosting service. Linux and Windows are both different operating systems that offer different features and are aimed at completely different markets. Windows is a commercial operating system meaning that any Windows web hosting service is going to carry an added premium as web hosting providers have to factor the cost of the Windows license into the prices of their web hosting services. Linux on the other hand is an open source operating system, which makes it ideal for web hosting companies that wish to offer low-cost shared web hosting packages; this also means that you can lower the price of a VPS server or dedicated server if you are on a tight budget. Windows web hosting services are targeted more at the business market whilst Linux web hosting services are designed for consumers that are looking for the cheapest web hosting package available.

In conclusion, a web hosting service will allow you to establish your presence on the internet if you are a business that is yet to do so. There are many different web hosting services offered by many different web hosting companies meaning that it is a good idea to search around multiple web hosting companies so that you are able to find a deal that will suit your needs. As there are two different web hosting platforms to choose from, you will need to evaluate your needs so that you are able to select the right platform when purchasing a web hosting service.

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