Web Hosting Packages

Web hosting packages are offered by all web hosting companies and are the basis on which you will host your domain name so that you are able to publicly host a website and use email services with any domains that you have purchased. Web hosting packages are available to match different budgets and the differentiating needs that arise between businesses and individuals; this helps to guarantee that whatever your exact needs are, you will be able to find a web hosting package suitable for your intentions. At the low end of the scale are shared web hosting packages for those who require the most minimal of features with their web hosting plan and only need small resource assignments so that they can host a small website and domain name; on the other end are dedicated server hosting services for the bigger businesses that want reliability without any questions, although this will be provided at a cost that is much greater than most individuals will be able to afford. By using a web hosting package you will be able to make the most of domain names that you own by configuring features such as DNS and emails, whilst the web space offered will allow you to create databases and host the files that form of your website.

Choice of Operating System

The operating system that your web hosting package is hosted on can be chosen by yourself during the order process, with there being a standard choice between Windows and Linux with web hosting web hosting providers. The operating system that you choose will dictate the scripting languages and applications that you can use to develop your website as well as the hosted applications that will be used to provide you with your web hosting service such as the web server and email server. Whilst Linux is an open source operating system and ideal for offering cheap web hosting services, Windows is a commercial operating system that is capable of providing businesses with a stable hosting service and access to many enterprise-class applications. There are different versions of both Windows and Linux available, with each version of Linux being known as a ‘distribution’; as a dedicated web hosting customer, any good web hosting provider will offer you the option of being able to choose the exact version of the operating system that you wish to have installed as some people may have more specific program requirements.

Shared Web Hosting

For a low cost web hosting solution, shared web hosting will provide you with the resources needed to necessitate the hosting of a small website in either a Windows or Linux web hosting environment. Although there are many other users hosted on a single shared web hosting server, if you choose the right web hosting provider then you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about your website being made unavailable because of downtime or other factors related to this. The high density of users per single server allows web hosting companies to offer very cheap shared web hosting packages, this combined with the Linux operating system guarantees affordable web hosting plans for everyone.

Reseller Hosting

If you are seeking a hosting service that will allow you to host multiple domains then a reseller web hosting package will allow you to do this, providing you with some added perks that will allow you to delegate management of individual domain names and websites. For each website that you are hosting, a reseller web hosting package will allow you to create an individual client account so if you are hosting that website for another person, you can allow them to manage it themselves as it gives you one less thing to worry about. The reliability and support levels offered to reseller customers are generally the same as those offered to shared web hosting customers; the reasoning behind this is that reseller hosting accounts and shared web hosting accounts are usually hosted on the same servers and are therefore going to be exposed to the same threats.

VPS Hosting

If you need an upgrade from shared web hosting and want a web hosting service that will be able to offer you your own web hosting environment than a VPS server is going to be the cheapest form of dedicated web hosting available to you. A VPS server is a virtual server that is hosted on a physical server with other VPS servers, all of which will have their own guaranteed RAM and hard drive assignments, but are likely to be sharing the CPU that powers the hosting node. The benefit of a VPS server is that it can provide you with a majority of the benefits that a dedicated server can offer, just at a fraction of the cost.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If your budget can afford it and you are able to justify the cost of a dedicated server, then it is probably the most beneficial form of web hosting available in terms of what it is able to offer you for your money. A dedicated server is a physical server meaning that there are many opportunities for the expansion of resources so if you feel a need to upgrade a certain component in your dedicated server further down the line then your web hosting provider should be able to do this for; as well as being able to add additional RAM, you can also increase the number of physical hard drives that your dedicated server has.

In conclusion, the choice of web hosting packages available guarantees that whatever your budget is and whatever your requirements are, you will be able to select a web hosting plan that will be effective in meeting your needs. With web hosting services being available at different prices, it is important for you to set yourself a budget so that you have a clear idea of what you will be able to get for your money; if you search for a web hosting package without knowing your budget then you could end up purchasing a web hosting service that will either be too expensive for you in the long term or unable to provide you with the resources required to sustain the hosting of your website.

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