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Web hosting packages, also known as web hosting plans in some situations, are what all web hosting accounts and server hosting services are based around as each plan defines the resources and features that you will have available as well as how much you will be paying. Web hosting companies offer a wide variety of web hosting packages based around different principles with some being designed for and aimed at home users whilst other web hosting packages are tailored to fit the needs of business users whose web presence will be of high value to them. When purchasing a web hosting package you can usually adapt specific features and resources to suit your needs, and some web hosting companies even allow you to develop a web hosting plan that is based entirely around your needs. If you are looking at starting your own web hosting business through the means of a reseller web hosting service or a VPS server then you will be able to develop your own web hosting packages that you can then sell on to your own web hosting clients; this will give you complete freedom meaning that you can look at what you have to work with and develop web hosting plans that will be highly profitable from there.

Features of a Web Hosting Package

The features that are available with your chosen web hosting package will depend on your chosen operating system as well as the form of web hosting that you have decided will suffice for your requirements. Any web hosting service will come with support for email accounts meaning that you can easily setup email accounts under any of the domain names that you wish to host. FTP accounts are also a standard feature of any web hosting package since you need to be able to upload files and your website to your web space using one method or another; this can be done through other means though if you are using a VPS server or dedicated server. The way in which you manage your web hosting package is another consideration that most web hosting companies have made and in most situations you will be offered some kind of web hosting control panel with your web hosting package, although the control panel provided will vary between operating systems and web hosting services.


All web hosting packages come with resource assignments, normally based on the type of web hosting that you are using as well as how much you are paying. The main resources to accompany web hosting packages include:

  • Disk space – the amount of disk space that you have available to use will dictate how much content you are able to store in your web space and this can manifest itself as images, web pages or any other file type – what most people fail to consider is that the size of your databases will also count towards your overall disk space usage meaning that you should always be monitoring your databases as well as your overall disk space usage to ensure that you don’t end up doing over
  • Bandwidth – this will dictate how many visitors are able to visit your website within a month and the amount of bandwidth used up by a single visitor will depend on a number of factors, although it is something that you can control yourself pretty easily – shared web hosting services usually come with bandwidth assignments that are usable to begin with, but over time your need for more bandwidth will increase as your visitor numbers increase – if you choose to enhance your website using multimedia content then you will further bandwidth since video and audio tend to be quite bandwidth heavy.

The resources available with your chosen web hosting package are going to matter to you as they will dictate when you are next going to upgrade your web hosting package. Once you run out of resources on your existing web hosting package, it is time to upgrade to the next highest form of web hosting meaning that you want your use in resources to scale with the amount of income that you receive from your website so that you are able to fund any possible upgrade.

Forms of Web Hosting Package

There are several different forms of web hosting to choose from, all of which are available as web hosting packages with different features and different resource allocations since all are designed for different purposes. The main forms of web hosting are:

  • Shared web hosting – as shared hosting packages are always the cheapest on offer, they are the most popular choice for first-timers that wish to play around with web hosting packages before committing to a more powerful form of web hosting that will be capable of offering them a lot more
  • Reseller web hosting – a reseller web hosting package won’t be able to offer you much more than a shared web hosting package, although if you are looking to create your own web hosting packages that you can then sell on to your own web hosting clients then a reseller web hosting service will be able to provide you with the features and resources necessary to achieve this
  • VPS server hosting – although you are provided with a dedicated web hosting environment when you purchase a VPS package, you are still going to be sharing the main hosting node with other VPS servers meaning that it isn’t quite fully blown dedicated web hosting even though you will have your own guaranteed resources that you can use however if you wish
  • Dedicated server hosting – a dedicated server is the only form of physical web hosting available as you will be provided with your own physical server that will be utilizing hardware resources – a dedicated server package is ideal for a business that has a larger web hosting budget since it is the perfect platform to use if you wish to expand your business and internet operations.

The four forms of web hosting are offered by most web hosting companies meaning that there is a wide variety of web hosting packages to choose from regardless of the web hosting company that you choose to look at primarily. For the best result you can always have a look at web hosting reviews websites since the reviews posted on such sites are normally quite informative and will allow you to make a proper decision as to which web hosting package and web hosting company will be able to fulfill your requirements to a satisfactory level.

In conclusion, web hosting packages provide you with a way of establishing a web presence either for yourself or your business as they are offered with the main purpose being the hosting of a website. As you are going to be hosting domain names on your web hosting account, a web hosting package will also be able to provide you with the features required to allow you to make the most of your domain names so that you can setup email accounts to use with your domain so that you can portray a professional image to your clients when communicating with them over the internet.

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