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You will generally use web hosting when you are looking for a way to get your website displayed publicly, and in most cases you will use your choice of web hosting package in conjunction with a domain name and any other extras which you may have purchased such as SSL certificates. The main forms of web hosting that are shared web hosting packages, reseller web hosting packages, VPS server hosting services and dedicated server hosting services; this range of web hosting packages is usually offered by most web hosting providers although some web hosting companies to prefer to specialise in one form of web hosting over the others which are available.

Why should I use a web hosting package?

If you have created a website then you will find a web hosting package to be the one thing which you need if you wish to get your website hosted publicly so that people are able to view it using their web browser. However, a web hosting package can also serve other purposes such as for the hosting of email accounts under your assigned domain name. A web hosting package is also responsible for the manage of your domain name’s DNS records which are there to ensure that your visitor’s computers are sent to the correct server when requesting a specific resource.

What are the advantages of using web hosting?

There are several main advantages of using web hosting, and these include but are not limited to:

  • Web presence – a web presence is important for any business these days and by using web hosting you are able to ensure that you have established your web presence, although for maximum benefit it is recommended that you put a website up
  • Email communication – a web hosting package can be used to setup any email accounts which you may require under the domain name that you have assigned to your web hosting package, although in some cases you may have more than one domain name assigned to your web hosting package
  • Another selling opportunity – if you choose to setup a website under the domain name which you assign to your web hosting package then you can use this as another location in which you can sell your goods or services, and the thing to remember with a website is that the internet provides you with the opportunity to reach a large audience.

The advantages of using a web hosting package mean that if you are not using a web hosting package in any way, you may find it beneficial to your business to invest in a form of web hosting which suits your requirements. If you are unsure as to which form of web hosting you should be going for you should contact a reputable web hosting provider who will then be able to advise you as appropriate.

What are the main forms of web hosting that are available for purchase?

There are several main forms of web hosting offered by a large majority of web hosting providers. The main forms of web hosting include:

  • Shared web hosting – this is the most basic form of web hosting available but at the same time is incredibly cost effective, and even the most basic of shared hosting packages can serve your PHP hosting and MySQL hosting requirements
  • Reseller web hosting – a reseller web hosting account is the best form of web hosting for your requirements if you are going to be hosting many websites under a single account, but at the same time you will also be able to create separate client accounts for the individual domain names
  • VPS server hosting – a VPS server is ideal for your requirements if you require a majority of the major benefits of using a dedicated server but are unable to justify the cost of a dedicated server for your web hosting requirements
  • Dedicated server hosting – a dedicated server is only recommended if you have strict web hosting requirements since dedicated servers are generally of a high specification – the cost of a dedicated server is generally the main prohibitive factor for most users.

Since there are several main forms of web hosting available for purchase from most web hosting providers, you can be pretty much guaranteed that there is going to be a web hosting service available which will suit your requirements but is within your budget.

In conclusion, the term web hosting is a collecting term covering many areas of product and service offerings on the internet, but for the most part you will find that the term web hosting is generally applied to web hosting packages that are sold by web hosting providers. By choosing the right web hosting service for your requirements and exploiting it appropriately you may find web hosting to be very beneficial financially although it can also be used to aid communication within your business.

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