Using Linux Hosting

Linux web hosting is the cheaper alternative to Windows web hosting and is the most basic entry-level form of web hosting you can consider if you wish to receive the best value for money from your chosen web hosting package. Linux shared hosting will offer you the cheapest web hosting packages available because it is an open source operating system meaning that web hosting companies don’t have to factor any operating system license fees into the prices of their Linux hosting services; it is also important to remember that the lower costs don’t mean that web hosting companies will skimp on either the resources available to you or the level of service that you are provided with. If you are after a low cost way into web hosting then Linux is the correct route for you as Windows hosting services are generally targeted at small and medium sized businesses that have a distinct need for the use of some of the Microsoft products that there are available. As well as Linux shared hosting, you can also choose from Linux dedicated web hosting if you are after a more distinct form of reliability and a level of security that will provide you with a sound hosting environment in which you won’t have to worry about hackers gaining access.

Linux Shared Hosting

For cost effective web hosting anyone will tell you to use Linux shared web hosting if you are a beginner and have never considered using web hosting before. As well as being easy to manage, you can expect to receive resource allocations that will constitute good value for money and will provide you with the web space you require to host your website and then expand it over time without having to upgrade your entire web hosting service. Most web hosting companies choose to use the cPanel control panel to allow them to offer their Linux shared hosting packages as this is a tried and tested solution that offers end-users the most stable platform going without compromising the low-cost of Linux shared hosting; as well as offering access to all of the resources that you need, cPanel will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how you can get the most out of your web hosting package using the control panel. The variety of web hosting companies offering Linux shared hosting guarantees that you’ll find the hosting package that it will suit your needs exactly, although if you require additional assistance or resources then you can always choose a hosting service with which you can custom-configure your hosting resources.

Linux Reseller Hosting

A Linux reseller hosting package will be hosted on the same server as Linux shared hosting accounts meaning that by using Linux reseller hosting, you won’t be provided with any greater uptime guarantees than you would receive if you were to use Linux shared hosting. A reseller web hosting package will allow you to offer your own web hosting plans to your own web hosting clients through the means of multiple domain hosting; this can be highly cost effective for those who wish to start their own web hosting company, although you are going to be limited as to how much you can customize your own web hosting plans.

Linux VPS Hosting

A Linux VPS server can offer you a Linux dedicated hosting environment at a fraction of the cost of a Linux dedicated server, providing you with the most cost-effective solution for Linux dedicated hosting. Although you aren’t provided with your own dedicated CPU when using a Linux VPS server, you can expect to have your own guaranteed assignments of disk space and RAM that will also influence the performance of your hosting environment. As is the case with shared hosting, you can choose to upgrade the amount of RAM and disk space that you have available to use as you wish – the same can be said for bandwidth, although this will affect who can visit your website and not necessarily the performance of your server. Virtuozzo is usually the virtualization daemon of choice by most mainstream web hosting companies, helping to ensure a steady stream of reliable VPS hosting packages; this will enable you to manage the state of your Linux VPS server using the Virtuozzo Power Panel rather than having to slave away at SSH every time you wish to complete a task with your server.

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

For power users and businesses with extended budgets for their web hosting services, dedicated servers can offer you reliability that is incomparable to other web hosting services. The dedicated nature of Linux dedicated server hosting is achieved by providing you with your own physical server, allowing you to make full use of the resources that are included with your server because you are going to be the only one using them. The physical nature of dedicated server hosting means that you will be able to upgrade the hardware of your server as you see appropriate; during the order process you can opt for an upgraded CPU based on what your web hosting company can offer – you can also choose from various RAM and hard drive configurations depending on what you expect to achieve from using Linux dedicated servers. The high cost of dedicated server hosting is justifiable under most circumstances because the users of dedicated servers generally require a higher level of security and support than your normal user would need, and web hosting providers need to account for these added costs somehow.

In conclusion, using Linux web hosting isn’t a mission as it may appear to be at first. Although server management can be slightly complicated when using a Linux VPS server or Linux dedicated server due to the fact that you have to use SSH if you wish to manage your server properly; this can be made slightly easier with the use of a control panel such as Webmin or cPanel. Linux shared hosting services are designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible because they are aimed at beginners rather than more experienced users.

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