Unmanaged Server Solutions

For users of server hosting services who are either more experienced or don’t have a budget that will allow them to stretch to managed server solutions, an unmanaged server solution will be able to provide you with a dedicated web hosting solution that will be able to meet your requirements effectively. Even though an unmanaged server solution will mean that you are responsible for the management of your own server, if you are an experienced user then this is going to be the best option for you because it means that your skills will allow you to save money as you will be able to support yourself and create a web hosting environment that suits your exact requirements. For the most part any good web hosting provider will offer a basic level of support with their unmanaged server solutions to cover aspects that are external to your server hosting service; these aspects may include network issues and power issues as these are problems that you won’t be able to fix yourself and so your web hosting company should be willing to offer you the support of their on-site staff to fix any issues that arise. Web hosting companies offer a wide range of unmanaged VPS servers and dedicated servers meaning that whatever you situation and your requirements, there will be an unmanaged server solution available to meet your requirements and budget; you should shop around to ensure that you receive the best deal possible as some web hosting companies offer full support as standard across their entire range of web hosting services, so if you can save money by choosing another company then you should do so.

Benefits of Unmanaged Server Solutions

There are a number of different benefits to choosing an unmanaged server solution as opposed to a managed server solution, but in order to be able to make the most of these benefits you will need to have some experience with server management. These benefits include:

  • Custom web hosting environment – the major benefit of using an unmanaged server hosting solution is that you will be able to put your skills to full use and create a custom web hosting environment that suits your requirements exactly – when using a managed server hosting solution you often have to rely on the support team of your web hosting provider to create you a web hosting environment that vaguely follows your specifications, but as the administrator of your server you will be able to install whatever applications you want and can make any configuration changes you see as being necessary in the process of meeting your web hosting environment specifications
  • Save money – if you are an experienced user then you will be able to put your skills to use with your unmanaged server hosting solution by supporting yourself and because you aren’t going to be provided with support as you have opted for an unmanaged solution, you will be saving money at the same time – regardless of whether you choose a VPS server or a dedicated server, dedicated web hosting solutions can be expensive because of the features that they offer over traditional shared web hosting plans and so if you are able to save money somewhere then this will put you at an advantage because it will provide you with additional funds to invest in another area that may benefit you such as software
  • Wider choice – you will have a wider choice of applications and options to choose from with an unmanaged server solution because a server hosting solution offers you your own dedicated web hosting environment that will function in the way that you want it to, meaning that as a VPS server user the performance of other servers hosted on the same node as your VPS server won’t impact upon the performance of your dedicated hosting environment – in effect the unmanaged nature of this form of web hosting will enable to express yourself more.

Disadvantages of Unmanaged Server Solutions

There can be several disadvantages to using an unmanaged server solution, but the extent to which these will affect you will depend on your experience. These disadvantages include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Additional support – in some situations you may find that you lack the skills required to complete a particular task and this could be an issue for you if you are trying to secure your server or install a particular application that is core to your requirements – if you do find that you require support from your web hosting provider at this point then you are going to have to pay for it if you are using an unmanaged server hosting solution and paying to receive support can be a costly process, meaning that if you feel there could be an issue with your skills at any point then you should consider a managed hosting solution
  • External support – if you don’t choose a reputable web hosting provider then you may find that the support for external issues that can have an impact on the performance of your server is reduced, which could easily call into question the reliability of your VPS server or dedicated server – because of this it is important for you to choose a web hosting company that you can be sure of offering a high level of support for external issues regardless of whether you are a managed or an unmanaged customer.

In conclusion, an unmanaged server solution will allow you to make the most of your skills if you are an experienced server administrator. Larger businesses generally have a bigger need to use custom or specialist software and components that most support teams will refuse to install if the process is too complex, so by choosing an unmanaged solution they will be able to care of these processes themselves. If you are an inexperienced user then you should consider unmanaged server solutions at the expense of support because you will find yourself being out of your depth and unable to manage your server properly.

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