Unmanaged Server Hosting

As a way of saving money when considering VPS servers or dedicated servers, you may wish to pursue an unmanaged server hosting service as this will provide you with the same specification of server at a reduced price, even though you will be fully responsible for the setup and management of your VPS server or dedicated server. Although specialist web hosting companies are only ever going to be offering fully managed server hosting services, there are bound to be budget web hosting providers available that can offer you a VPS server or dedicated server that is of the specification that you require at a reduced price. Although unmanaged server hosting isn’t recommended for the sole reason that if you experience a problem that you don’t know how to solve, you’re going to be stuck, if you know how to manage a server properly then unmanaged server hosting will give you an advantage over others when you compare how much you’re paying to those who are paying for managed server hosting. As you are going to be saving money by choosing an unmanaged server hosting service, you should be able to pick up something that suits your requirements within your budget very easily; if you’re lucky then you may be able to get something that can provide you with slightly higher specifications.

Benefits of Unmanaged Server Hosting

There can be several benefits to using unmanaged server hosting if you feel that you have the knowledge require to manage a server properly and don’t need the backup of your web hosting provider’s support team. The main benefits to hand include:

  • Pricing – an unmanaged server won’t cost you as much as a managed server hosting service meaning that if you are on a tight web hosting budget that have a real need for a server then it is a good way to save money – you still need to consider that your choice of dedicated server is going to have an affect on the price, but it means that you may be able to get a higher specification dedicated server for a lower price than you would expect
  • Flexibility – if you have full management of your server then you are flexible with what you are able to do with your server as in some situations your web hosting company may not be willing to carry out a request if you have a fully managed VPS server or dedicated server – however, in order to make the most of the flexibility on offer you do need to know what you are doing.

The benefits of using an unmanaged VPS server or dedicated server show that if you are experienced with server management then this could really benefit you with server hosting services.

Disadvantages to Using Unmanaged Server Hosting

As with any form of web hosting, you may find that there some disadvantages to using an unmanaged VPS server or dedicated server when compared to using a managed web hosting service. Such disadvantages could include:

  • Less support if you face an issue – if there is a problem that has wiped your server entirely then you are still going to be responsible for the management of your server and will need to pay to have the operating system reinstalled so that you can restore your server to a manageable state
  • Skills required – in order for unmanaged server hosting to be of any use, you need to have had previous experience with managing VPS servers or dedicated servers because your web hosting company won’t offer you any official support – if you haven’t managed a server in any medium before then you will be better off using managed web hosting.

The disadvantages to using an unmanaged server hosting service show that you need experience in order for it to be effective. You should never consider an unmanaged VPS server or dedicated server to simply save money.

Web Hosting Provider

Even though you aren’t going to be relying on your web hosting provider to offer you support when using an unmanaged server hosting service, it is still recommended that you make sure that you choose a reputable web hosting provider for your hosting needs as otherwise you may not be offered the best levels of uptime available. Any reputable web hosting provider is going to have its focus on providing reliable web hosting services, whatever the type of web hosting you have and regardless of the level of support that you are entitled to. There are two different forms of uptime to consider – the uptime of your server and the uptime of the network that your server is hosted on. The uptime of your server is going to be the factor that you control because you are the one managing it, whereas the uptime of the network that you are hosted on is one that your web hosting company is going to be responsible for. The best way to identify the reliability of a web hosting provider’s network is to read any available web hosting reviews as these will provide you with unbiased and honest opinion.

Learning to Manage a Server

If you wish to learn to manage a VPS server or dedicated server properly then you should first decide what operating system you wish to use; any good web hosting company will be able to offer you Windows server hosting and Linux server hosting. There are many tutorials available on the internet that will teach you how to perform some basic server management tasks; by following these you will be able to build up a good knowledge of server administration in no time. Alternatively, you could always purchase a VPS server and learn how to manage that to begin with since VPS servers are good playground for beginners but can be an expensive option. To make life simpler for yourself you can always choose to have a web hosting control panel installed on your server for you since using a web GUI is a very clever and effective way of managing a VPS server or dedicated server.

In conclusion, unmanaged server hosting will allow you to save money if you are on a tight budget. If you have good background knowledge of server management then an unmanaged server hosting service will benefit you by offering a lot more flexibility than maybe a managed server hosting service would be able to provide you with. At the end of the day it is up to you to decide how much support you feel you will require, but if you can save some money or get a higher specification server within your budget then it is worth it.

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