Taking Advantage of Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is a term that can be applied to both VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting because either of these forms of web hosting can provide you with a dedicated web hosting environment. A dedicated web hosting environment provides you with the ability to install any applications of your choice so that you are able to customize your web hosting service to become something that you want it to be, rather than having a web hosting environment that has been configured in the eyes of your web hosting provider. It is very easy to take advantage of dedicated web hosting because as well as being able to choose the applications that you use, you can also purchase the resources that you require rather than having to pay for hosting resources that you are never going to use up, as is the case with purchasing pre-determined web hosting services; with a VPS server you can easily purchase extra virtual resources as per your need, whilst with a dedicated server you can always choose to purchase additional hardware for your dedicated server. For most businesses the upgrade to dedicated web hosting is highly beneficial in itself because it constitutes a good reason for expanding the operations of their website.

Installation of Applications

With a dedicated web hosting environment you can choose the applications and services that you install on your VPS server or dedicated server, allowing you to create a tailored web hosting experience that will fulfill your needs as you wish. If you are an experienced server administrator then installing and removing applications from your server will be second nature, but if you are inexperienced then you may find it hard to do so and may need to ask for your web hosting provider’s help in setting up your VPS server or dedicated server so that it is done properly. Most applications will work on your server as long as they are intended for use on the operating system that you have selected to use; however, some applications are designed for desktop use only and so may not function properly in a server hosting environment. Installing desktops in the Windows server environment is made much easier by the fact that Microsoft has developed the Platform Installer which is an application installer that allows you to select which server side applications you want installed on your Windows VPS server or Windows dedicated server and will do this for you; you can even choose to have particular web scripts and applications installed and configured for you.

Website Expansion

A dedicated web hosting service is seen by most businesses as being the way in which they can expand their website because they will have the resources available that will allow them to increase the number of visitors without affecting the stability or uptime of their website. To start off with most businesses will be using a shared web hosting package for a basic website to promote their business, but for expansion into e-commerce a dedicated web hosting service is required to guarantee the security of any customer data that is collected. With the use of a VPS server or a dedicated server a business can configure the dedicated web hosting environment provided to be as secure as possible to ensure that all customer data stored on the server is kept safe; standard procedures for the safety of data will also include encrypting the information in a password-protected database. The extra bandwidth provided by dedicated web hosting services over existing shared hosting packages also means that businesses are able to welcome a larger number of visitors to their websites and can also improve the user experience by adding additional media content such as videos, audio and images.

Extra Resources

Regardless of whether you use a VPS server or a dedicated server, you can easily purchase extra resources for your dedicated web hosting service if you find that it is starting to struggle under the load that it is being put under. Although a VPS server is made up mainly of virtual resources, extra RAM and disk space can be purchased in most cases, most particularly if you are using cloud VPS server hosting; it is important to remember that the CPU of the hosting node will always be shared amongst all of the VPS servers hosting on a single physical node. A dedicated server can also be upgraded as per your request, but because someone has to do it manually it normally carries an extra charge on top of the extra hardware that you are purchasing. As a dedicated server can be upgraded using physical hardware, the average server can be scaled far beyond the resources of any VPS server and can be used to host the largest of websites available without failing under the high loads.

Getting Good Value for Money

As there are many different web hosting providers offering their own ranges of VPS servers and dedicated servers, it is important for you to do your research to make sure that you are getting the best web hosting service for your budget. If you are going to be using fully managed web hosting then you will also want to be reading the web hosting reviews available for any web hosting companies that you are seriously considering to guarantee that you will indeed receive the support that you are paying for without any questions.

In conclusion, taking advantage of dedicated web hosting is very easy if you are able to choose the correct web hosting provider and web hosting service for your requirements. As there are many different dedicated web hosting services available, finding a good deal shouldn’t be too hard and from there you will be able to identify the differences between the various web hosting services available so that you can choose the VPS server or dedicated server that is most fitting for your needs. When you have the resources that you require it can be very easy to take advantage of dedicated web hosting as it means that you can fulfill all of your plans and if you wish to upgrade further then a VPS server or dedicated server will also benefit you with the various upgrades that can be made.

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