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Features of VPS Server Hosting

Friday, August 12th, 2011

There are many different features that come together to form a VPS server hosting environment, but the features of a VPS server will provide you with your own dedicated web hosting environment that will guarantee isolation from any other users. VPS servers offer an affordable alternative to dedicated server hosting whilst preserving a majority of the features that a dedicated server can offer you; with a VPS server you will still have your own guaranteed resources that will enable you install and use the applications and services of your choice, as well as allowing you to have an independent web hosting environment that can’t be affected by other users as you will be the only one using your VPS server. Any good web hosting provider will be able to offer you the choice between Windows VPS server hosting and Linux VPS server hosting; both platforms are able to offer a number of different features and you are likely to make your choice based on your requirements, such as the scripting languages and database platforms that you are use to using. For experienced professionals, a VPS server can provide you with an environment in which you can put your skills to use as you will have full access to your dedicated hosting environment; as a Windows VPS server user you will be able to manage your server via Remote Desktop, and if you choose Linux as your platform then you will be able to access your VPS server using SSH.

What are the main features of a VPS server?

There are several different features that you should review in a VPS server prior to purchase as you want to be sure that you choose a server that is not only powerful enough for you, but will be compatible with the applications and services that you wish to use. These features include:

  • Guaranteed RAM – the guaranteed RAM provided with your VPS server is an assignment of the physical RAM that belongs to the host machine on which your VPS server is hosted – the amount of guaranteed RAM that you have available will dictate how many applications and services you are able to run at the same time as all processes require memory to be able to perform their operations effectively, with some applications being more memory intensive than others – all VPS server hosting plans come with differentiating levels of RAM and because of this it is important to do your research to ensure that you choose a VPS hosting plan that will offer you the RAM that you need to run all of the applications that you require
  • Disk space – this is another important factor because it will dictate how much content you are able to store on your VPS server and this could have an affect on you if you are running a large website because large amounts of multimedia such as photos and music as well as large databases can be responsible for using up large amounts of disk space – if you find that you begin to run out of disk space on your VPS server then you can always purchase additional disk space from your web hosting provider, who should then be able to assign it to your server in no time at all
  • Dedicated hosting environment – a dedicated hosting environment will provide you with complete isolation from other users, making you responsible for the stability of your server as you are going to be responsible for managing it – as you will have full administrator access to your dedicated hosting environment, you will be able to install any applications that you want on your platform, making VPS server hosting ideal for web developers or businesses that require specialist applications server-side in order for their web applications to be able to function properly and perform their duties as required – it should be noted that in order to be able to make the most of your dedicated hosting environment, you should have some past experience of server management.

Why should I consider a VPS server over a dedicated server?

You should consider a VPS server over a dedicated server for several reasons, but in order for a VPS server to be of more benefit to you than a dedicated server you must have ruled out dedicated server hosting in the first instance, for example if the resources posed by a dedicated server are too much for you; such reasons could include:

  • Lower costs – a VPS server hosting plan will always be much cheaper than a dedicated server and even though the resources provided may be lower than what a dedicated server can offer, you will retain the main benefits of using a dedicated server such as a the guaranteed resources and dedicated web hosting environment – if you are looking to get started with dedicated web hosting for the first time then this means that a VPS server hosting plan will represent a much more affordable option than a dedicated server
  • Easier to manage – depending on the virtualization platform that your web hosting company is using to deliver its VPS server hosting services, you will be provided with access to a web based control panel through which you will be able to manage certain aspects of your VPS server without the need to login to it directly using SSH or Remote Desktop, whichever is appropriate – this can provide you with a major benefit over dedicated server hosting as it will reduce the amount of time that it takes to complete particular tasks.

In conclusion, the features of a VPS server will allow you to make the most of your dedicated web hosting environment with ease; the low cost of VPS servers has helped to make dedicated hosting services affordable for all. You should always do your research when purchasing a VPS server because there will always be a number of different options to choose from, including managed and unmanaged solutions as well as servers of different specifications.

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Backup Solutions

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

As a server hosting customer you can never underestimate the importance of backing your server up on a regular basis so that if the worst does happen and your server crashes and takes the hard drive with it, you will have at least one copy of your data that you can then use to restore your server once it has been repaired. Many web hosting companies offer backup hosting solutions alongside their dedicated server and VPS server hosting plans and it is recommended that you consider one of these backup hosting plans if you wish to be sure of the safety of your data. It is recommended that you store multiple backups of your server as this will enable you to restore to different periods of time depending on the incident; it is recommended that you take daily, weekly and monthly backups. There are a number of different ways in which you can backup your server on such a regular basis; recommended practice is to use a professional backup application that will take care of this for you, or on the other hand you may wish to develop your own scripts if you have more specialist requirements that need to be seen to appropriately. You should always try and purchase your backup hosting solutions from a web hosting company other to the one that you have your VPS server or dedicated server hosting plan with as this will allow for greater redundancy, whilst also reducing the chances of creating a single point of failure.

Benefits of Server Backups

Whether you are a business or an individual, there are many benefits to backing up your server on a regular basis as it is important to ensure that you always have a fresh copy of your data to revert to if something goes wrong. These benefits include:

  • Hackers – if hackers gain entry to your server then they could cause irreparable damage and data loss and if you haven’t backed up any of your data then you could find that you’re never able to recover the files that have been deleted or damaged by the hackers – in this situation you will be able to revert your server to one of your previous virus-free backups so that you can then get back the data that has been stolen and return your VPS server or dedicated server to a more secure pre-hack state – however, it is important to take into consideration that this won’t solve your problems if hackers have managed to steal data from your server
  • Server crashes – server backups will benefit you the most when your server has crashed because they will enable you to restore your server using your original data and configuration information, meaning that even if the hardware in your server has failed, once the failed components have been replaced you will be able to resume service with your server as normal – depending on the type of backups that you make, they should enable to restore your server to its original state in no time at all as a system wide backup plan will enable you to guarantee the continuity and the safety of the data hosted on your VPS server or dedicated server
  • Customer trust – if you are running your own web hosting business on your VPS server or dedicated server then server backups will enable you to gain your customers trust because they will want to be sure that if their website does crash or is down for whatever reason, you will be able to restore it for them in no time at all – furthermore, some of your customers will also like to be sure that if they do something that could damage the data in their web hosting account or the operation of their web hosting account, they can easily revert to an old copy of their data and configuration information as to eradicate the problems that they have created with their web hosting account.

Disadvantages of Server Backups

There can also be some disadvantages that you should be aware of prior to purchasing a backup hosting plan as you want to be sure that you are making the correct option with regards to the solution that is most suitable for your requirements. Some of the disadvantages include:

  • Costly – the more you need to backup, the more it is going to cost you and so for larger businesses, backing up all of their servers on a regular basis can be a costly and time consuming process – there are a number of different backup processes available, but a standard backup hosting plan that will provide you with a large assignment of disk space to which you can backup your server shouldn’t cost you too much as it is a very basic measures – corporate solutions such as tape backups on the other hand are very expensive, although highly reliable
  • Guarantees – with a backup hosting plan you can’t come to expect too many guarantees in the way of data integrity because often the data will be backed up over the internet, but if you choose a more tested and proven method of storing historical backups of data such as tape backups or DVDs then you can be guaranteed the safety of the data that has been backed up as backing up to physical forms of media is seen as being a more reliable system to adopt.

In conclusion, whether you have a VPS server or a dedicated server, it is important to backup your dedicated web hosting environment on a regular basis so that in the event of data loss or a crash, you are able to restore your server hosting service to its original state prior to the incident with just a few clicks. There are a number of different backup solutions to choose from depending on your situation and whether you are using a VPS server or a dedicated server; your budget will also dictate your ability to choose a particular method of server backup.

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Why should I choose reseller web hosting?

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Reseller web hosting provides you with the services required to start your own web hosting business within a shared web hosting environment, removing the need to spend large sums of money on VPS servers and dedicated servers that you will also have the inconvenience of having to maintain. A reseller web hosting package will allow you to host multiple websites under separate accounts that can be managed by your reseller hosting account, allowing you to host a large number of individual clients under your reseller hosting plan with the only limitation being the resources that you have available to use with your web hosting account. When compared to VPS server hosting, a reseller web hosting plan may not be able to offer you as much when you consider the lack of a dedicated web hosting environment; however, for some a shared web hosting environment may be more desirable because for example, you may be a web designer that has no prior technical knowledge or any idea of how to manage a server environment properly. Although there isn’t that much difference in the price of a high-end reseller web hosting plan and a low-end VPS server, the resources of the VPS server are likely to be insufficient to host a large number of websites; however, the reseller web hosting plan is likely to provide more resources and will be able to host a large number of individual host accounts.

Custom Hosting Plans

As a reseller, it is important for you to be able to develop your own web hosting plans so that you are able to offer your own web hosting clients something different as this will allow for a more personalized service. If you choose to develop your own web hosting plans then these will dictate how many websites you are able to host under your reseller hosting account, unless you opt to enable overselling as this will allow you to sell more space than you have available.

Any good reseller web hosting plan will provide you with unlimited allocations of certain resources such as email accounts and FTP accounts as large numbers of these won’t have a massive impact on server performance. This will enable you to pass unlimited assignments on to your own web hosting clients, however you will need to be cautious with the resources that you provide with each web hosting plan so that you don’t end up over-estimating what clients are going to want for the price, but at the same time you will need to pitch them at levels that will provide your clients with good value for money.

Multiple Client Accounts

Reseller web hosting will provide you with the facility to create client accounts for the individual websites that you are going to be hosting under your reseller hosting account, removing the need for you to be in charge of managing multiple websites that you don’t own directly. This feature should be available with your reseller web hosting plan regardless of the web hosting control panel that you are using because it is a common feature with any reseller hosting account. The web hosting client accounts that you create can be created with individual specifications to meet the needs of each of your clients, or alternatively you can create client accounts based on pre-determined web hosting plans, if you are able to create individual plans as part of your reseller hosting account.

Most reseller web hosting accounts won’t have limits as to the number of client accounts that you can create, nor will the number of domains that you can host limit you. The only limit that you will have as a reseller is the resources, such as the amount of disk space and bandwidth that are at your disposal.

Cross Platform Hosting

Reseller web hosting packages are available hosted on both Windows servers and Linux servers, providing resellers with the opportunity to offer their own web hosting plans on both platforms. Web hosting customers like to have variety and it is for this reason that it is important for web hosting businesses of all sizes to embrace the two major platforms, as this will allow them to offer a wider array of services whilst increasing their customer base.

Although the web hosting control panels that are used by web hosting providers will differ on Linux and Windows, the principle of web hosting control panels remains the same meaning that it shouldn’t take too much effort to adjust from using one control panel to using another. Windows and Linux both have different features to offer, some of which are unique to the individual platforms; it is important for web hosting providers to realize that there will be a long-term need for both Windows and Linux hosting as all businesses and individuals will have different requirements.

Save Money

When compared to how much you will have to pay to receive a VPS server hosting service that will meet your needs to the same degree, reseller web hosting plans are fairly cheap and can provide excellent value for money. As well as being unmanaged, VPS servers are often unstable and unsecure when you first receive access to them and so you have to spend time securing your server and ensuring that the stable versions of the software that you are looking to use are installed; whereas with a reseller web hosting plan you won’t have to worry about any of this as it is all part and parcel of the web hosting service.

In conclusion, you should choose reseller web hosting if you are looking to offer your own web hosting services to others because it represents a solution that not only provides good value for money, but also is also better in the long run for those who lack technical knowledge. Most reseller web hosting packages are provided fully managed meaning that you will be able to rely on your web hosting provider’s support team to fix any issues that may arise with your web hosting service.

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Unmanaged Server Hosting

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

As a way of saving money when considering VPS servers or dedicated servers, you may wish to pursue an unmanaged server hosting service as this will provide you with the same specification of server at a reduced price, even though you will be fully responsible for the setup and management of your VPS server or dedicated server. Although specialist web hosting companies are only ever going to be offering fully managed server hosting services, there are bound to be budget web hosting providers available that can offer you a VPS server or dedicated server that is of the specification that you require at a reduced price. Although unmanaged server hosting isn’t recommended for the sole reason that if you experience a problem that you don’t know how to solve, you’re going to be stuck, if you know how to manage a server properly then unmanaged server hosting will give you an advantage over others when you compare how much you’re paying to those who are paying for managed server hosting. As you are going to be saving money by choosing an unmanaged server hosting service, you should be able to pick up something that suits your requirements within your budget very easily; if you’re lucky then you may be able to get something that can provide you with slightly higher specifications.


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Importance of Dedicated Hosting

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Dedicated hosting has become hugely popular over the past few years with the introduction of VPS server hosting to accompany dedicated server hosting at the top end of the web hosting market. Dedicated web hosting services will provide you with your own web hosting environment that is isolated from other users, often with your own guaranteed resources, thus meaning that you won’t have to worry about other users affecting the performance of your own hosting environment and vice versa. Most web hosting providers are able to offer you the choice between VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting with some web hosting providers choosing to specialize in one over the other; VPS servers are aimed at those with a lower budget and don’t offer you a completely dedicated web hosting environment whilst a dedicated server is only really suitable for those with larger budgets as is evident with the resources that are available for your standard dedicated server. Dedicated hosting services are incredibly important as the needs of larger businesses need to be met in one way or another and there needs to be a form of web hosting available to accommodate for those who have more complex hosting requirements; in most situations dedicated servers are also the most profitable forms of web hosting for web hosting providers.

A VPS server is effectively a collection of a physical server’s resources bound together to create a virtual dedicated environment within a physical hosting node; each VPS hosting node is going to be running a large number of virtual VPS servers. VPS hosting is aimed at those with lower budgets as you are still provided with your own dedicated web hosting environment, just at a cost that is a lot more affordable and for first-timers VPS servers are usually a lot easier to manage. Web hosting companies can offer VPS servers with a wide variety of resource assignments, but the fact of the matter is that a VPS server is never going to be a replacement for a dedicated server of any specification.

Dedicated servers on the other hand are aimed at the higher end of the market and this is evident with the prices that are put on most dedicated servers as well as the resources that most dedicated servers are provided with. Dedicated servers are very flexible in the way that you can use a standalone dedicated server if your requirements aren’t demanding, but on the other hand if your requirements are slightly more complex then you may wish to choose to use a cluster of dedicated servers as this will provide you with a level of reliability and is unrivalled. With a dedicated server you will also be able to choose from a wider variety of operating systems as you can choose to have any Linux distribution of your choice or any version of Windows installed; when using VPS server hosting you are limited to using the operating system templates that your web hosting provider has made available for you to use.

Dedicated web hosting services can provide you with a higher level of security than shared web hosting packages will ever be able to offer which is going to be of the utmost importance for those who are running websites that are going to be processing the personal data of their visitors in one way or another. By having your own dedicated web hosting environment you will be able to make any changes to your server that you feel will enhance the security of your web hosting environment, although you make these changes at your own peril and will need to face the consequences if something goes wrong that causes damage to your VPS server or dedicated server.

Another benefit to using dedicated hosting is that you will be able to install any applications of your choice on your VPS server or dedicated server, which is highly important if you are looking to create a hosting environment that will suit your requirements exactly. Larger businesses are going to benefit most from this advantage since such businesses are likely to be running applications and services that may not necessarily be available in a shared web hosting environment. Examples of such applications and services that they fall under this category could include Microsoft Exchange Server and Zimbra. Along with being able to install any applications of your choice, you can also make changes to the operating system that you have installed on your VPS server or dedicated server as you will be provided with direct access to the management console; Remote Desktop is a standard feature of Windows servers whilst SSH access is provided for most users of Linux VPS servers and Linux dedicated servers.

When upgrading from shared web hosting services to dedicated web hosting services you may be daunted by the massive leap at first, but once you have settled into your new dedicated web hosting environment you will start to reap the benefits of making the upgrade. Almost every VPS server and dedicated server will need configuring and setting up properly if you wish to be able to use it properly; most web hosting companies will provide you with support for doing this from the outset so that you don’t end up with a web hosting service that you won’t be able to use as a reputable web hosting provider will want to be sure that they are providing their customers with good value for money.

In conclusion, dedicated hosting is incredibly important in meeting the requirements of businesses and individuals that have complex expectations of web hosting and need something that can guarantee them reliability and security without any compromises. VPS servers and dedicated servers are the two most common forms of dedicated web hosting available and are aimed at different ends of the market, however both have been designed with the idea of offering users their own dedicated hosting environment in mind. The price of some dedicated hosting products may be off-putting to some but at the end of the day if you choose a reputable web hosting provider then you can be guaranteed good value for money.

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