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Linux Hosting Features

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

If you are looking for a highly affordable web hosting package then the chances are that you are going to be considering Linux web hosting as your platform of choice since Linux is the only platform capable of offering relatively cheap hosting packages. The main benefit of the Linux operating system is that it is open source meaning that you won’t have to pay any licensing fees in order to use it, making it a free operating system; although some don’t always agree with the open source model, it is important to have it in place if you wish to retain services such as low cost web hosting. Linux hosting services are most popular with those who are using PHP and MySQL to develop their websites as these two technologies provide you with the greatest level of interaction with the Linux operating system and perform at their best in a Linux hosting environment; regardless of the type of Linux web hosting that you choose to use, there is no reason why your web hosting account shouldn’t support PHP or MySQL. As is the case with Windows hosting, most web hosting companies can offer you the choice between Linux shared hosting and Linux dedicated hosting meaning that there will always be a hosting service available to suit your budget and requirements.


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Using Linux Hosting

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Linux web hosting is the cheaper alternative to Windows web hosting and is the most basic entry-level form of web hosting you can consider if you wish to receive the best value for money from your chosen web hosting package. Linux shared hosting will offer you the cheapest web hosting packages available because it is an open source operating system meaning that web hosting companies don’t have to factor any operating system license fees into the prices of their Linux hosting services; it is also important to remember that the lower costs don’t mean that web hosting companies will skimp on either the resources available to you or the level of service that you are provided with. If you are after a low cost way into web hosting then Linux is the correct route for you as Windows hosting services are generally targeted at small and medium sized businesses that have a distinct need for the use of some of the Microsoft products that there are available. As well as Linux shared hosting, you can also choose from Linux dedicated web hosting if you are after a more distinct form of reliability and a level of security that will provide you with a sound hosting environment in which you won’t have to worry about hackers gaining access.

Linux Shared Hosting

For cost effective web hosting anyone will tell you to use Linux shared web hosting if you are a beginner and have never considered using web hosting before. As well as being easy to manage, you can expect to receive resource allocations that will constitute good value for money and will provide you with the web space you require to host your website and then expand it over time without having to upgrade your entire web hosting service. Most web hosting companies choose to use the cPanel control panel to allow them to offer their Linux shared hosting packages as this is a tried and tested solution that offers end-users the most stable platform going without compromising the low-cost of Linux shared hosting; as well as offering access to all of the resources that you need, cPanel will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how you can get the most out of your web hosting package using the control panel. The variety of web hosting companies offering Linux shared hosting guarantees that you’ll find the hosting package that it will suit your needs exactly, although if you require additional assistance or resources then you can always choose a hosting service with which you can custom-configure your hosting resources.

Linux Reseller Hosting

A Linux reseller hosting package will be hosted on the same server as Linux shared hosting accounts meaning that by using Linux reseller hosting, you won’t be provided with any greater uptime guarantees than you would receive if you were to use Linux shared hosting. A reseller web hosting package will allow you to offer your own web hosting plans to your own web hosting clients through the means of multiple domain hosting; this can be highly cost effective for those who wish to start their own web hosting company, although you are going to be limited as to how much you can customize your own web hosting plans.

Linux VPS Hosting

A Linux VPS server can offer you a Linux dedicated hosting environment at a fraction of the cost of a Linux dedicated server, providing you with the most cost-effective solution for Linux dedicated hosting. Although you aren’t provided with your own dedicated CPU when using a Linux VPS server, you can expect to have your own guaranteed assignments of disk space and RAM that will also influence the performance of your hosting environment. As is the case with shared hosting, you can choose to upgrade the amount of RAM and disk space that you have available to use as you wish – the same can be said for bandwidth, although this will affect who can visit your website and not necessarily the performance of your server. Virtuozzo is usually the virtualization daemon of choice by most mainstream web hosting companies, helping to ensure a steady stream of reliable VPS hosting packages; this will enable you to manage the state of your Linux VPS server using the Virtuozzo Power Panel rather than having to slave away at SSH every time you wish to complete a task with your server.

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

For power users and businesses with extended budgets for their web hosting services, dedicated servers can offer you reliability that is incomparable to other web hosting services. The dedicated nature of Linux dedicated server hosting is achieved by providing you with your own physical server, allowing you to make full use of the resources that are included with your server because you are going to be the only one using them. The physical nature of dedicated server hosting means that you will be able to upgrade the hardware of your server as you see appropriate; during the order process you can opt for an upgraded CPU based on what your web hosting company can offer – you can also choose from various RAM and hard drive configurations depending on what you expect to achieve from using Linux dedicated servers. The high cost of dedicated server hosting is justifiable under most circumstances because the users of dedicated servers generally require a higher level of security and support than your normal user would need, and web hosting providers need to account for these added costs somehow.

In conclusion, using Linux web hosting isn’t a mission as it may appear to be at first. Although server management can be slightly complicated when using a Linux VPS server or Linux dedicated server due to the fact that you have to use SSH if you wish to manage your server properly; this can be made slightly easier with the use of a control panel such as Webmin or cPanel. Linux shared hosting services are designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible because they are aimed at beginners rather than more experienced users.

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Linux Web Hosting

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

The most basic form of web hosting offered by most web hosting providers is going to be Linux shared web hosting services, and even then web hosting providers offer Linux distributions as an optional web hosting platform with most other forms of web hosting. Linux is seen as the most secure and most reliable web hosting platform available and will allow you to host a large number of websites on a low to mid-specification server without having to worry about the uptime or stability of either the server or the websites. Linux web hosting services are very cheap and can offer you many benefits; Linux can be used on VPS servers and dedicated servers meaning that if you are looking for a low-cost dedicated web hosting service, you should consider using the Linux operating system over a version of the Windows operating system.

What are the advantages of using Linux web hosting?

There can be many advantages to using Linux web hosting, although this will depend on exactly what your requirements are and what you are plan on using your Linux web hosting service for. Some of the main advantages of using Linux web hosting services include:

  • Cost – the price of most Linux web hosting services is the main attraction for mot since they are able to offer excellent value for money and Linux shared web hosting packages are ideal for those who are after web hosting on a shoestring budget – the main reason for Linux web hosting services being so cheap is the fact that web hosting providers don’t have to pay for the Linux operating system as it is open source and therefore free to use – all Linux web hosting services can be found for a very low price regardless of whether you are looking for a shared web hosting package or a dedicated server, but at the end of the day you do need to consider that the prices of web hosting services will go up with the higher the form of web hosting you choose to use
  • Security – a Linux web hosting environment will be able to offer you a higher level of security than a Windows web hosting environment and this is one of the reasons why most people tend to consider Linux web hosting services over Windows web hosting services – there are many security measures that can be taken on Linux servers to help ensure the security of both the server and the websites that the server is hosting with most tools allowing you to stop attacks that are aimed directly at the server as well as any that may be attempted through hosted websites that have been coded insecurely – however, these applications and modules need to be installed and configured correctly if they are going to be of any use which means that if you choose a Linux VPS server or Linux dedicated server, experience with server management would be ideal
  • Reliability – the reliability of a web hosting service is an important factor for businesses these days as they want to be sure that their website will always be available to use when it needs to be – Linux is probably the most reliable server operating system available as the operating system itself and most of the applications available make good use of the server’s resources – open source operating systems and applications can also have their core modified so that they are optimized to make more effective use of the resources that they have available, leaving some available for when the server suffers load spikes.

The advantages of Linux web hosting show that a Linux web hosting package will be able to meet the needs of most users, but it is important to consider that Windows web developers will only be able to use Windows web hosting services therefore meaning if your website has been developed using Microsoft technologies, you shouldn’t consider Linux web hosting.

What are the disadvantages of using Linux web hosting?

There can also be disadvantages to be aware of when considering Linux web hosting, although the low cost means that they are unlikely to impact you greatly if you are using a Linux shared web hosting package. The main disadvantages that you could face when using a Linux web hosting service include:

  • Microsoft services support – a Linux web hosting server will not be able to support popular Microsoft technologies such as classic ASP and ASP.NET, nor will you be able to host databases that have been created in Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server – as both ASP scripting frameworks and Microsoft database systems have commercial value, websites that have been developed using either will only function correctly on Windows web hosting servers and this can be an added cost since Windows web hosting services are generally more expensive than Linux web hosting services – if any Linux web hosting service claims to support any of the aforementioned technologies then the chances are that the support offered is either very limited or it is just a selling gimmick
  • Security restrictions – in some situations, the security measures that are put in place by web hosting providers actually have a negative impact and instead affect the performance of the websites that are hosted on the server concerned – if you find that the security restrictions put in place by your web hosting provider affect the performance of your website then you may wish to consider another web hosting provider for your requirements since in most situations web hosting providers are unwilling to back down over the security measures that they implement.

In conclusion, Linux web hosting can be highly effective for those who are on a budget but wish to be able to make the most of what web hosting has to offer. You can purchase anything all the way from a Linux shared hosting service all the way up to a Linux dedicated server meaning that whatever your level of requirement may be, there will be a Linux web hosting service available for you.

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Shared Web Hosting

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Shared web hosting is the cheapest and most basic form of web hosting available as is defined by the features and resource allocations of a large majority of shared web hosting services. A shared web hosting package is at the completely opposite end of the scale when compared to a dedicated server, being designed to offer general consumers the resources and features that they require for the hosting of their website – dedicated servers on the other hand are designed to meet the requirements of businesses. A Linux shared web hosting package is going to be the most affordable choice for most and will also be able to offer the most advantages; Windows shared hosting packages can also offer certain users what they require.

Why should I choose shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting packages can provide many advantages to those who have the lowest budgets or minimal requirements and expectations from their chosen web hosting service. Some of these advantages may include:

  • Affordable web hosting – shared web hosting packages are fairly affordable meaning that even if you have a rather low budget for web hosting, you should still be able to find a shared web hosting package that is within your price range – for most web hosting providers the idea of shared web hosting packages is to bring in customers who may otherwise be unable to afford their web hosting services
  • Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting – both Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting packages are available for purchase from most web hosting providers meaning that regardless of your requirements, there should be a shared hosting package available on your chosen web hosting platform – it is important to remember that most other forms of web hosting are also available in these two separate platforms
  • Value for money – shared web hosting services can represent good value for money if you do your research and choose a web hosting package that will be able to guarantee you reliability and security as well as the resource assignments that you require – as the price of your average shared web hosting package is rather low and web hosting providers are being ever more generous with their resource assignments, shared web hosting now represents good value for money.

Shared web hosting can provide you with the assurance that you are going to receive good value for money from your web hosting service, and it is a good idea to make sure that you use a reputable web hosting provider if you want to receive high levels of support, reliability and security.

What are the disadvantages of using shared web hosting?

Although you may not be spending much on a shared web hosting package, it is still for you to be aware of certain disadvantages that you could face including:

  • Reliability and uptime – there are normally many web hosting accounts hosted on a single shared hosting server meaning that it can be hard for some web hosting providers to guarantee any high levels of uptime for shared web hosting customers – if reliability is going to be a real issue for you then you may wish to consider VPS server hosting or dedicated server hosting for your requirements
  • Security – businesses are never recommended to use shared web hosting services for the sole reason that the security of a shared web hosting environment can be hard to guarantee sometimes – if your website is going to be processing personal data of some sort then you may wish to consider a business web hosting service or some form of dedicated web hosting that will be able to offer you the guarantee of security that you require.

If you feel that the disadvantages of shared web hosting could have a negative impact on your web hosting experience then it is recommended that you choose another form of web hosting that fits your criteria.

In conclusion, shared web hosting is a highly effective form of web hosting that allows people to get started with web hosting services for the first time. Whether you choose to go for a cPanel Linux shared hosting account or a Windows shared hosting account, you will find that you won’t have to pay much in order to receive the wide variety of benefits that shared web hosting has to offer.

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A Beginners Guide to Shared Web Hosting

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Shared hosting is where multiple web sites are housed on the same web server. In short, shared web hosting enables many sites to share bandwidth, disk space and server resources and consequently the costs that shared hosting can be provided at is also lower as opposed to the costs of running a dedicated server. For this reason Shared hosting, also known as budget web hosting, is usually low cost and is therefore appropriate for small business owners who are not able to shell out the money to purchase, nor require the features that come with running dedicated servers.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

Sharing web hosting enables web masters to host their site(s) on a state of the art server at relatively low monthly fees. The servers provide sites with good uptime guarantees and unlimited connectivity. This is a great option for small and medium sized businesses as they can have their web site up and running quickly without having to learn the latest technical capabilities, nor risk spending a large amount of money. An additional benefit is the speedy setup time and good after sales support that usually comes with shared hosting packages.

Choosing a Shared Web Hosting Provider

Deciding on a shared hosting provider can sometimes be a real challenge due to the large amount of choice that is now present on the Internet. However below are some important factors worth considering when making your selection:

  • Uptime/reliability is one of most important factors to consider when choosing a web host. Check the host’s track record when it comes to server uptime.
  • Features. Are all features and coding language support you require provided? It’s best to check such things early on in order to save you frustration later in moving your site to another web host should you find out a key feature you require cannot be provided by the host.
  • Technical support. Check the level of technical support provided so that you can take maximum advantage of your online presence and ensure any server issues you encounter are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Reviews – Check what other people are saying about the host and the service they offer. You can usually find reviews on shared hosting providers by carrying out a quick search in Google.
  • Finally cost. Although in the current economic climate, everyone is looking to save as much money as possible, the lowest cost is not always the best option as you may find yourself paying a higher price later. Take cost into consideration with the above points in order to help you choose the best shared hosting provider for you.

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