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Unmanaged Server Solutions

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

For users of server hosting services who are either more experienced or don’t have a budget that will allow them to stretch to managed server solutions, an unmanaged server solution will be able to provide you with a dedicated web hosting solution that will be able to meet your requirements effectively. Even though an unmanaged server solution will mean that you are responsible for the management of your own server, if you are an experienced user then this is going to be the best option for you because it means that your skills will allow you to save money as you will be able to support yourself and create a web hosting environment that suits your exact requirements. For the most part any good web hosting provider will offer a basic level of support with their unmanaged server solutions to cover aspects that are external to your server hosting service; these aspects may include network issues and power issues as these are problems that you won’t be able to fix yourself and so your web hosting company should be willing to offer you the support of their on-site staff to fix any issues that arise. Web hosting companies offer a wide range of unmanaged VPS servers and dedicated servers meaning that whatever you situation and your requirements, there will be an unmanaged server solution available to meet your requirements and budget; you should shop around to ensure that you receive the best deal possible as some web hosting companies offer full support as standard across their entire range of web hosting services, so if you can save money by choosing another company then you should do so.

Benefits of Unmanaged Server Solutions

There are a number of different benefits to choosing an unmanaged server solution as opposed to a managed server solution, but in order to be able to make the most of these benefits you will need to have some experience with server management. These benefits include:

  • Custom web hosting environment – the major benefit of using an unmanaged server hosting solution is that you will be able to put your skills to full use and create a custom web hosting environment that suits your requirements exactly – when using a managed server hosting solution you often have to rely on the support team of your web hosting provider to create you a web hosting environment that vaguely follows your specifications, but as the administrator of your server you will be able to install whatever applications you want and can make any configuration changes you see as being necessary in the process of meeting your web hosting environment specifications
  • Save money – if you are an experienced user then you will be able to put your skills to use with your unmanaged server hosting solution by supporting yourself and because you aren’t going to be provided with support as you have opted for an unmanaged solution, you will be saving money at the same time – regardless of whether you choose a VPS server or a dedicated server, dedicated web hosting solutions can be expensive because of the features that they offer over traditional shared web hosting plans and so if you are able to save money somewhere then this will put you at an advantage because it will provide you with additional funds to invest in another area that may benefit you such as software
  • Wider choice – you will have a wider choice of applications and options to choose from with an unmanaged server solution because a server hosting solution offers you your own dedicated web hosting environment that will function in the way that you want it to, meaning that as a VPS server user the performance of other servers hosted on the same node as your VPS server won’t impact upon the performance of your dedicated hosting environment – in effect the unmanaged nature of this form of web hosting will enable to express yourself more.

Disadvantages of Unmanaged Server Solutions

There can be several disadvantages to using an unmanaged server solution, but the extent to which these will affect you will depend on your experience. These disadvantages include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Additional support – in some situations you may find that you lack the skills required to complete a particular task and this could be an issue for you if you are trying to secure your server or install a particular application that is core to your requirements – if you do find that you require support from your web hosting provider at this point then you are going to have to pay for it if you are using an unmanaged server hosting solution and paying to receive support can be a costly process, meaning that if you feel there could be an issue with your skills at any point then you should consider a managed hosting solution
  • External support – if you don’t choose a reputable web hosting provider then you may find that the support for external issues that can have an impact on the performance of your server is reduced, which could easily call into question the reliability of your VPS server or dedicated server – because of this it is important for you to choose a web hosting company that you can be sure of offering a high level of support for external issues regardless of whether you are a managed or an unmanaged customer.

In conclusion, an unmanaged server solution will allow you to make the most of your skills if you are an experienced server administrator. Larger businesses generally have a bigger need to use custom or specialist software and components that most support teams will refuse to install if the process is too complex, so by choosing an unmanaged solution they will be able to care of these processes themselves. If you are an inexperienced user then you should consider unmanaged server solutions at the expense of support because you will find yourself being out of your depth and unable to manage your server properly.

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Managed Server Solutions

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Server hosting is the most advanced form of web hosting available, regardless of whether you choose a VPS server or a dedicated server as your server hosting solution because they both offer dedicated web hosting environments. Server hosting solutions are used by larger businesses to host large websites that receive a number of visitors every day because large visitor numbers will put a huge load on the hosting server and so in a situation where you are running a very busy website, it is important to be using your own server so that you have large resource assignments available to meet your demands. When purchasing a dedicated web hosting solution you will be asked to choose whether you should like to go for a managed or unmanaged solution; for beginners a managed server solution is the recommended route to take because it will provide you with access to an experienced support team that will be able to assist you with a number of different tasks, allowing you to focus more time on other activities that are more important to you whilst being able to leave the complicated task of server management to a group of people who are experienced with servers. When choosing a managed server solution you should always go with a web hosting provider that you can be sure will be able to offer you a good level of customer service because after all you are going to be paying extra for the extra support, which will be of no use to you if the support offered isn’t any good.

What should I look for in a managed solution?

There are several different features that you should look for in a managed server solution to ensure that you make the right choice over which web hosting plan is going to be most suitable for your needs. Some of these features include:

  • Quality of service offered – managed server hosting services cost more than unmanaged server hosting services and so it is important for you to realize that you are going to be paying this extra premium because of the additional support that is offered – when paying extra for additional support you will want to be sure that you are going to be offered a good level of service as this will allow you to justify the extra cost – the best way to check out the level of service offered by a web hosting company is to read the web hosting reviews that are available for any web hosting company that you may be considering, there should be a mixture of positive and negative reviews available for web hosting providers that have been established for a long period of time
  • Service availability – as a server hosting customer you should be able to expect 24×7 support from your chosen web hosting company, meaning that you can contact them at any time of day with the guarantee that they will answer your query and will be able to sort out your issue if it requires urgent action – most web hosting providers are able to offer 24×7 support through the use of outsourced support staff that are based in other parts of the world and under some circumstances this can impact on the quality of the customer service that is offered, making it even more important to guarantee that you will be offered high quality support then you require it
  • Extra premium – you should look into how much extra you are going to have pay a web hosting provider to receive full support as opposed to how much you would be paying for an unmanaged solution – in some cases you may find that the extra premium is just too much to justify when you can’t be guaranteed high quality support, but at the same time you should review the overall benefits of purchasing a fully managed server hosting solution from a certain web hosting provider because they may go further than simply receiving support when you need it.

How will a managed server solution benefit me?

A managed server solution can offer you many benefits over an unmanaged server solution, although these benefits will only be useful to those who are inexperienced with server management as then you will be able to make the most of what a managed solution has to offer. These benefits include:

  • Professional support – a managed server solution will provide you with access to a professional support team who will be able to assist you with a number of different tasks, whether you want them to create you a secure hosting environment or to install an application that will allow you to make better use of your VPS server or dedicated server – some web hosting companies are also willing to offer a more personal service that is custom to your needs, but specialist web hosting providers offering this level of service often carry an extra premium
  • Stability – if your server is being managed by a professional support team then they will be able to carry out tasks in a professional manner and to the highest standard possible and this is something that is likely to aid the stability of your server hosting solution – stability means that your server is going to be more reliable and less likely to crash and a high level of uptime will allow you to be sure that you are getting good value for money from your chosen web hosting provider.

In conclusion, managed server solutions are the best option for individuals who wish to make the most of their VPS server or dedicated server, but lack the skills necessary to do so. Even though most managed server solutions carry an additional premium because of the extra support that is being provided when compared to an unmanaged server, as long as you select a reputable web hosting provider that can offer 24×7 support then you should find that the extra cost of choosing a managed server solution is easily justified.

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What are the most important features of dedicated hosting?

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Dedicated web hosting services can provide you with many features that aren’t available on lower-end forms of web hosting and although these additional features are what make dedicated web hosting services slightly more expensive, they are the usually the reason for considering dedicated hosting over shared web hosting. Although VPS servers and dedicated servers offer the same core feature in terms of a dedicated web hosting environment, both have additional features and offer the dedicated web hosting in different ways which enable web hosting providers to offer both forms of hosting as dedicated web hosting that are pitched at different target audiences. As well as providing you with greater uptime, a dedicated web hosting service will also be able to provide you with a more secure web hosting experience because you will be the only one using your web hosting environment unless you wish to share it with anyone else intentionally. In addition to that, you will also be able to install the applications of your choice in a dedicated web hosting environment, allowing you to customize your dedicated web hosting service to meet your unique needs in every way; no other form of web hosting will allow you to do this and you can also benefit in some cases from web hosting companies that will allow you to choose the exact resource allocations that you receive.


The reliability provided by a dedicated hosting service is probably the most important advantage that businesses stand to benefit from when investing in a VPS server or a dedicated server. As you will be the only one using your dedicated web hosting environment, you will have full access to the guaranteed resources that you are provided with and will be able to monitor the resource usage on your server so that you can sort out any stability issues before they compromise the reliability of your server hosting service. Uptime is important for most dedicated hosting customers because downtime can often mean lost revenue, in turn costing a business money and can also reduce the number of returning visitors.

One of the best ways to ensure a high level of reliability is to choose a dedicated hosting plan that can offer you an SLA (Service Level Agreement). An SLA will outline the level of uptime that you can come to expect from your web hosting service each month, but in reality all web hosting providers should aim to offer 100% uptime even though this will never be guaranteed. SLAs also offer compensation if the uptime provided is below the level set out in the SLA, although this will be dependent on the web hosting provider that you are purchasing your service form.


The security provided by a dedicated hosting environment will benefit anyone who will be able to make the most of a dedicated hosting environment as a the isolation provided means that you won’t have to worry about others users on the same server as you causing problems with the use of unsecure websites or weak passwords. Whether you are using a VPS server or a dedicated server, you will have full control over who has access to your server meaning that you can prevent unauthorized access fairly easily. Furthermore, one of the main ways that hackers gain access to servers these days is through compromised web scripts; as you are going to be the only person using your server, it will be easy for you to check the code that your website has been developed with to ensure that no weak code has been used that could be used to potentially compromise your VPS server or dedicated server.

Dedicated Web Hosting Environment

The dedicated web hosting environment provided by a dedicated hosting service is likely to be the most important feature for most people and will be the reason that many choose to upgrade to a dedicated hosting service. A dedicated web hosting environment will provide you with isolation from other users and you will have your own guaranteed resources that you will be able to use as per your wish; if you opt for a dedicated server then the resources that you are provided with will be physical hardware resources, as opposed to VPS servers that simply use virtual resources from the hosting node.

Regardless of whether you choose to use a Windows server or a Linux server, you will be provided with a dedicated web hosting environment. Windows server users will be able to access their dedicated hosting environment via Remote Desktop, enabling to manage their server directly from the Windows GUI; for some users this may be seen as a simpler way of managing a server rather than using a command line interface. Linux servers users will be able to manage their servers using the command line based SSH interface, available with all Linux distributions.

In conclusion, reliability, security and the dedicated web hosting environment provided by a VPS server or dedicated server are the three most important features that a dedicated hosting service will be able to provide you with. Although shared web hosting services are generally of a good specification, they aren’t able to offer you the same level of independence that a VPS server or dedicated server can offer and won’t be able to beat a dedicated hosting service in the areas of reliability and security to any extent.

Although dedicated web hosting services are going to set you back more than shared web hosting plans, the cost of a VPS server or a dedicated server can be easily justified when you consider the important features that you will have available at your disposal. Furthermore, the level of support that you will be provided with when you choose a dedicated hosting service will enable you to make the most of the web hosting service that you have invested in, because at the end of the day you want to be sure that you are receiving good value for money from your web hosting service.


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VoIP Server Hosting Explained

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

VoIP servers are being implemented by many businesses as a way of cutting costs because moving away from analogue telephone systems to more modern digital systems will allow businesses to streamline their communications systems to provide better value for money. With many businesses dealing with hundreds or even thousands of phone calls every day both internally and externally, it is important for the IT departments of these businesses to guarantee that the right provisions are in place to ensure that all of these calls are connected and that the number of calls that are dropped is kept to a minimum.

VoIP Server Software

As a VoIP server hosting customer, you will have the opportunity to choose between two different applications that will be able to provide you with a satisfactory VoIP hosting experience. These two applications consist of:

  • Asterisk – this is one of the oldest VoIP applications available and is often used by small-medium enterprises to create Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) so that employees are able to communicate between one another internally easily – as Asterisk is an open source application, it is highly cost effective because businesses won’t need to pay to use it which will allow them to keep their costs to a minimum – furthermore, when you consider that Asterisk is designed to run on open source Linux distributions you are able to come to the conclusion that by choosing Asterisk you will be saving yourself a lot of money over using a traditional analogue telephone system
  • Trixbox – this is an management interface built on top of Asterisk and provides you with a complete suite of tools that will allow you to professionally manage your VoIP server – Trixbox has been developed using PHP and MySQL meaning that it can be hosted on any server, but most importantly the interface will work seamlessly on any Linux server that is running Asterisk as it has been optimized for use with the Apache web server – Trixbox includes a package manager that will allow you to install an array of other applications alongside the application.

Benefits of Using VoIP

Digital communications can provide businesses with a wide variety of benefits over analogue communications in this day and age, including:

  • Clear communications – if you are talking to somebody over a digital connection then they’re likely to sound a lot clearer than they would over a standard analogue connection because the quality of the signal won’t degrade over distance as is the case with standard analogue connections, although the quality of the input and output will depend on the hardware that is being used
  • Low-cost implementation – implementing VoIP systems for the first time can be fairly low cost because the applications required are all free to use whilst the cost of a decent dedicated server is fairly low meaning that you shouldn’t end up paying too much to use VoIP systems – if you have your own IT department then you can cut costs further by using your own staff to configure your VoIP dedicated server for you, although if you don’t have such resources then any good web hosting provider will be able to assist you
  • Reduced long-term costs – if you are using analogue systems then the chances are that you need to pay continual line rental and then there’s also the high cost of replacing defective equipment – with a VoIP server hosting solution you won’t have many long term costs except what you are paying for your dedicated server and internet connection because you have the choice to either provide your staff with new telephones so that they are able to access the new system or alternatively you can train them to use software applications that will provide the same level of functionality, but will save your business money.

In conclusion, VoIP server hosting will provide you with an opportunity to make the most of what digital and internet communications have to offer. During a time where most businesses are looking to cut their costs, investing in technology such as VoIP hosting will allow businesses to cut their costs whilst improving the level of service that they are able to provide their employees with access to. If you are unsure of how VoIP hosting could fit into your business, it is recommended that you contact a web hosting company that will be able to provide you with a consultation on how VoIP hosting will benefit you.

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Taking Advantage of Dedicated Web Hosting

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Dedicated web hosting is a term that can be applied to both VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting because either of these forms of web hosting can provide you with a dedicated web hosting environment. A dedicated web hosting environment provides you with the ability to install any applications of your choice so that you are able to customize your web hosting service to become something that you want it to be, rather than having a web hosting environment that has been configured in the eyes of your web hosting provider. It is very easy to take advantage of dedicated web hosting because as well as being able to choose the applications that you use, you can also purchase the resources that you require rather than having to pay for hosting resources that you are never going to use up, as is the case with purchasing pre-determined web hosting services; with a VPS server you can easily purchase extra virtual resources as per your need, whilst with a dedicated server you can always choose to purchase additional hardware for your dedicated server. For most businesses the upgrade to dedicated web hosting is highly beneficial in itself because it constitutes a good reason for expanding the operations of their website.


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Configuring a Server Hosting Service

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

There are many different hardware features that make up a VPS server hosting service or a dedicated server hosting service and it is important for you to get the right balance of resources and features so that you are able to configure a server hosting solution that you can deem as appropriate for your needs. Although a VPS server may perform differently to a dedicated server, the principles are still the same and you are still provided with guaranteed resources that can be scaled as per your requirements. Dedicated servers can be a lot harder to configure during the order process because as well as being presented with multiple hardware options, there are different hardware configurations to choose from such as different hard drive configurations (such as RAID). As with any form of web hosting, you will also be presented with a choice of operating systems; Linux and Windows are offered by most web hosting companies providing dedicated web hosting and it is important for the choice to be there because all web hosting customers will have different technical requirements when you consider the number of different applications and scripting languages that are available for use these days.


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Dedicated Server Hosting Service

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

The only web hosting service capable of offering power and performance at a high level is a dedicated server and although the most expensive form of web hosting available, for businesses that rely on their website and email services to provide them with a way to communicate with their customers and to promote themselves then the cost is easily justified. A dedicated server is the only form of physical web hosting available from any web hosting company because all other forms of web hosting are virtual to some extent; although this is the main reason for the high price tag, it does mean that you are able to extend the resources of a dedicated server to greater heights to achieve the dedicated hosting environment that you require. If you wish to make the most of a dedicated server then it is important for you to guarantee that your server will be managed properly; if you are an experienced dedicated server user then this means choosing the operating system that you are familiar with to ensure that you won’t face any management issues, or if you lack the skills required to manage a server properly then you can consider fully managed dedicated server hosting.


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High Uptime Hosting Service

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Businesses are becoming more demanding with the levels of uptime that they are offered with their web hosting services these days as their online presence becomes ever more crucial to their survival. The reliability of a web hosting package can be affected by both internal factors and external factors and although external factors may be hard to control, any reputable web hosting company should have full control of the internal resources that could have an affect on how accessible your website is from the outside. It is common knowledge that businesses which benefit from their websites financially will be willing to pay more up front for a high uptime web hosting service because they want the guarantee that customers can purchase their goods and services online at any time without any hassle – they don’t want to have to worry about whether their websites and servers are going to be online or not. For larger customers some hosting companies may offer Service Level Agreements to secure a more lucrative contract because an SLA will guarantee that the web hosting company has to provide the customer with a certain amount of uptime each month; if a web hosting company fails to meet an SLA, then in most situations the customer is eligible for compensation.


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cPanel Server Hosting

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

cPanel is a popular control panel that is used by web hosting companies who wish to offer web hosting in a Linux environment and cPanel is seen by most as being the most popular control panel available for Linux web hosting. When purchasing a Linux server, you will be given the option to have a control panel installed for you; although there are various other control panels to choose from, cPanel server hosting will provide you with the resources and utilities that are necessary to host multiple domains under their own client accounts. If you are looking to start your own web hosting company then cPanel is the ideal control panel to use because as well as allowing you to create your own web hosting client accounts, you can also develop your own web hosting plans based on the resources that you wish to provision to your own customers; this allows you to keep tight control around the resources that you wish to keep spare but also allows you to be generous with the resources assignments that you provide to your web hosting clients. Most web hosting companies can offer Linux VPS server hosting for those who are on a lower budget than those wishing to use Linux dedicated server hosting; although both can provide you with a dedicated web hosting environment, the resources available in both cases will differ greatly.


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All About Dedicated Server Hosting

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Based upon the content, size, projected growth and expected traffic of a website, the webmaster can make a decision to opt for either a shared or dedicated server.

Dedicated servers serve only one client and the main reasons webmasters suggest a dedicated server over a shared sever are:

  • If they have a websites which needs more space than a shared platform can allow
  • If they have a website which uses a large database or program which takes up more memory than is permitted on a shared hosting platform
  • If they have a website that requires the flexibility and control to add certain extensions, software and features
  • If they are a web hosting reseller who needs to host a large number of websites, many of whom require a sizeable amount of space
  • If a website is critical to the success of the business and it cannot afford to be at the mercy of other user’s websites and the potential coding problems etc that could occur.

As a dedicated server is usually only used for a few domains, these websites will be able to run more efficiently and potentially faster than if they were battling with other websites for space and bandwidth on a shared server.

As a webmaster, you can choose to have your dedicated hosting managed or unmanaged by the company who sold you your dedicated server. By choosing a managed service, you may receive services such as site administration, the installation of certain software, maintenance and upgrades. The major plus of having your dedicated server managed is that you have an expert on hand should your server suffer any failure – guaranteeing your site a high uptime percentage.

Selecting a dedicated server hosting service

When selecting a company to purchase a dedicated server from, you should consider a number of things. Firstly you should identify exactly what technical specifications you require from your dedicated server. This is in terms of hard disk, memory, processor speed etc. You should then identify whether would like additional security features added to your server, for example RAID, disk mirroring, etc. Identifying the level of support you feel you will need for your server and also your websites and databases, is another must. Once you have a specification list for your dedicated server, you should then compare a number of companies to identify which one can provide a good combination of adequate hardware, good support and value for money.

Choosing Cheap dedicated hosting

In an age where the economy is in a tough place, it is always tempting to cut our spending where ever possible. And with IT that is no different, with a number of firms offering dedicated server hosting at a fraction of the price of others. However it is worth considering that what you save in monetary terms could cost you dearly if (or when) things go wrong. If your server continually fails, then ultimately your business could fail too. By purchasing a dedicated server, you are obviously serious about your business. You clearly want to run vital business applications on it. So the advice is not to put your business in jeopardy; stick to reputable dedicated hosting firms who have good online reviews and a track record of happy customers. That way, you can’t go wrong!

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