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Microsoft SQL Server is a popular database server used by large businesses to power their internal infrastructures as well as their external websites. As well as being able to guarantee security for the data stored in a database, Microsoft SQL Server can also provide the assurance of reliability, which will mean that your data can always be retrieved from a database without you having to worry about the stability of your database server. SQL Server 2008 is the latest carnation of Microsoft SQL Server and offers one of the richest database hosting platforms to date. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 databases are only available with Windows web hosting packages because the database application will only function on the Windows operating system; however, this does allow you to guarantee a certain level of compatibility with other Microsoft technologies. Microsoft SQL Server databases are most commonly used in conjunction with websites that have been developed using either classic ASP or ASP.NET; both of these scripting languages have been developed by Microsoft and offer full compatibility with SQL Server databases – even classic ASP, although as a scripting language this is no longer actively maintained and was succeeded by the first version of ASP.NET.

How do I manage an SQL Server 2008 database?

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 databases can be managed using the SQL Server Management Studio which comes as part of the database server, or alternatively you can download it for free from the Microsoft website. This will allow you to manage your SQL Server databases from any computer that is connected to the internet, granted that it is able to reach your database hosting server. The only slight problem is that SSMS is a Windows-only application meaning that if you wish to manage your SQL Server databases, you will need to have access to a Windows computer of some sort. Alternatively, if you wish to manage the contents of your database then you can develop your own web-based interface that will interact fully with the data that you have stored in your SQL Server databases; although this won’t let you manage the database itself, it does mean that you can modify the contents on the move using a web browser without having to worry about the operating system that you are running locally. In any situation it is important for you to manage your database properly as otherwise this could lead to poor performance.

How can Microsoft SQL Server databases be used with a website?

If you wish to use an SQL Server 2008 database with your website then you will need to be familiar with the classic ASP and ASP.NET scripting languages as these two are the ones that will provide you with the best level of compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server. You can use your SQL Server database as a place to store all of the information and content for your website and it can then be requested by any web page or script that has a connection to your database server. The main thing to consider is that all of the information that you are storing will be held in a secure database that can only be accessed using a username and password combination; although it is recommended that you still encrypt any sensitive information you may be holding.

Why won’t SQL Server databases work on any other operating system?

As Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is a commercial product, Microsoft has developed it to only work with their operating system because this provides them with a monopoly to some extent as well as a good level of control over their customers. This means that Microsoft SQL Server databases can only be hosted on Windows web hosting servers, and no other operating system will be able to meet your requirements in this area. Although you will have to pay extra for a license to use an operating system such as Windows, you should be able to justify the cost if you have already purchased a license to use Microsoft SQL Server 2008; if you are after a low cost alternative then both Linux and MySQL Server are open source meaning that you won’t have to pay to use either in a commercial hosting environment.

How does Microsoft SQL Server compare to MySQL Server?

Unlike MySQL Server, which is an open source database server, Microsoft SQL Server is a commercial product meaning that your expectations of reliability and security will be met naturally. Although MySQL Server can also be seen as reliable and secure, the guarantees of these aren’t always safeguarded as you aren’t paying for the database server meaning that you can’t come to have any high expectations of it. Microsoft will also be able to offer a good level of official support for SQL Server 2008 and although MySQL Server lacks this, there are many communities around the web from which you can request professional help for free.

What is the best hosting product for SQL Server 2008 hosting?

If you wish to make the most of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 then you should consider a Windows dedicated server from Storm Internet for your requirements. This will enable you to have full management power over the application as well as the disposable resources required to cope with high loads. Although SQL Server 2008 is available with some Windows shared hosting packages, this doesn’t necessarily allow you to use the application to its full potential as you are going to be limited by the barriers of shared web hosting when using it.

In conclusion, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is a powerful database engine that is best suited for use by larger businesses and traffic-heavy websites. Although it can only be used on the Windows operating system, it does give web hosting companies a reason to offer Windows web hosting services to the masses; however, you need to be prepared to pay an added premium if you wish to use Microsoft services with your web hosting services to any extent. As an alternative for a cheaper solution, you can always consider using Microsoft Access if you are doing a much smaller deployment.

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