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Shared web hosting is the cheapest and most basic form of web hosting available as is defined by the features and resource allocations of a large majority of shared web hosting services. A shared web hosting package is at the completely opposite end of the scale when compared to a dedicated server, being designed to offer general consumers the resources and features that they require for the hosting of their website – dedicated servers on the other hand are designed to meet the requirements of businesses. A Linux shared web hosting package is going to be the most affordable choice for most and will also be able to offer the most advantages; Windows shared hosting packages can also offer certain users what they require.

Why should I choose shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting packages can provide many advantages to those who have the lowest budgets or minimal requirements and expectations from their chosen web hosting service. Some of these advantages may include:

  • Affordable web hosting – shared web hosting packages are fairly affordable meaning that even if you have a rather low budget for web hosting, you should still be able to find a shared web hosting package that is within your price range – for most web hosting providers the idea of shared web hosting packages is to bring in customers who may otherwise be unable to afford their web hosting services
  • Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting – both Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting packages are available for purchase from most web hosting providers meaning that regardless of your requirements, there should be a shared hosting package available on your chosen web hosting platform – it is important to remember that most other forms of web hosting are also available in these two separate platforms
  • Value for money – shared web hosting services can represent good value for money if you do your research and choose a web hosting package that will be able to guarantee you reliability and security as well as the resource assignments that you require – as the price of your average shared web hosting package is rather low and web hosting providers are being ever more generous with their resource assignments, shared web hosting now represents good value for money.

Shared web hosting can provide you with the assurance that you are going to receive good value for money from your web hosting service, and it is a good idea to make sure that you use a reputable web hosting provider if you want to receive high levels of support, reliability and security.

What are the disadvantages of using shared web hosting?

Although you may not be spending much on a shared web hosting package, it is still for you to be aware of certain disadvantages that you could face including:

  • Reliability and uptime – there are normally many web hosting accounts hosted on a single shared hosting server meaning that it can be hard for some web hosting providers to guarantee any high levels of uptime for shared web hosting customers – if reliability is going to be a real issue for you then you may wish to consider VPS server hosting or dedicated server hosting for your requirements
  • Security – businesses are never recommended to use shared web hosting services for the sole reason that the security of a shared web hosting environment can be hard to guarantee sometimes – if your website is going to be processing personal data of some sort then you may wish to consider a business web hosting service or some form of dedicated web hosting that will be able to offer you the guarantee of security that you require.

If you feel that the disadvantages of shared web hosting could have a negative impact on your web hosting experience then it is recommended that you choose another form of web hosting that fits your criteria.

In conclusion, shared web hosting is a highly effective form of web hosting that allows people to get started with web hosting services for the first time. Whether you choose to go for a cPanel Linux shared hosting account or a Windows shared hosting account, you will find that you won’t have to pay much in order to receive the wide variety of benefits that shared web hosting has to offer.

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