Shared Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting

Shared hosting and reseller hosting services tend to be hosted on the same servers as both use a shared web hosting environment meaning that you will be sharing the resources of the server with other websites that are hosted on the server. Although shared web hosting packages are cheap, it doesn’t subtract from the quality of your web hosting experience and so you should be provided with a web hosting service that will allow you to get good value for money. When considering a reseller hosting package you should take into account the fact that you shouldn’t have high expectations of the reliability and stability of your web hosting service because you are still going to be using the same web hosting environment as a shared web hosting package. A web hosting company capable of offering shared web hosting should also be offering reseller web hosting meaning that you should be upgrade as you require without too much hassle, although this will be dependent on the web hosting platform and control panel that you are using. As with most web hosting services, you will also be able to choose between Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting when purchasing a shared hosting package or a reseller hosting package, ensuring that there is a platform available suitable of meeting your needs.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

There are many benefits to using shared web hosting, especially for those who are using web hosting services for the first time as they are easy to manage but are also low cost and low maintenance. Since you won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the server that your shared web hosting account is hosted on, you will be able to focus on managing your web hosting account and setting it up correctly. A shared hosting server will be managed by your web hosting company so that you won’t have to worry about needing any knowledge when it comes to the management of servers and operating systems; however, this does reduce the flexibility of a shared hosting package. The low cost of shared web hosting has to be the biggest attraction for most users because it provides you with an affordable web hosting service that is easy to use; your choice of platform will obviously affect how much you pay as will any additional extras that you have chosen to enhance your web hosting package.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Unlike a shared hosting package, a reseller web hosting service will allow you to create your own client accounts that you can then share with others if you are going to be hosting the websites of other people but don’t want to have to be managing them as well. Reseller web hosting services are designed to allow you to offer your own web hosting packages based on the resources that you have available with your chosen web hosting plan; most web hosting companies will provide you with access to a web hosting control panel that will allow you to add your own client accounts as required – your clients will then be able to access their own web hosting account using the assigned username and password. As is the case with shared web hosting, you can purchase Windows reseller hosting packages and Linux reseller hosting packages meaning that if you want to start your own web hosting business, it is easy to offer packages on both platforms. Although some shared web hosting services do allow the hosting of multiple domains, a reseller hosting package provides this feature in a way that is more organised and easier to manage.


The resources available with a shared web hosting package will be much different to those assigned to a reseller hosting service, simply because a reseller hosting package is typically an upgrade over a shared web hosting package. For the most part a shared web hosting service is to help you get started with web hosting so that you are able to upgrade when needs be without being prevented with too much of a challenge; the resources reflect this idea as you won’t be able to store too much in your web space, but there is enough disk space available to cope with the hosting of small websites. If you require a web hosting package that is hosted in a shared environment that can offer you resources greater than a standard shared web hosting service then a reseller web hosting package will be the way forward for you; even though a reseller package is designed for multiple domain hosting, there is nothing to stop you from hosting one website that you can then assign all of your account’s resources to so that you end up with one account that has a large amount of resources to use.


Any good web hosting company should offer the same level of support for shared web hosting customers and reseller web hosting customers as they are going to be sharing the same servers. As a reseller customer, your web hosting provider may be able to offer support to your customers as well which could be an added advantage as it will remove the need for you to deal with enquiries generated by your customers. As a shared hosting customer you may not always receive a high level of support as shared hosting isn’t always the main focus of all web hosting businesses.

In conclusion, shared web hosting and reseller hosting services both share the same common hosting environment and are aimed at the lower end of the web hosting market rather than the higher end. The cost of shared web hosting makes it attractive to those who are using web hosting for the first time because it means that they have nothing to lose if they find that they require a more powerful web hosting service; the price of a reseller web hosting package will also be attractive for those who may be considering starting their own web hosting business.

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