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It is important to backup your VPS server or dedicated server on a regular basis so that you can be sure that the data being stored on your VPS server or dedicated server is safe so that in the event of your server crashing, you will still have a secure copy of your server that you can use to restore it. Many web hosting providers offer their own backup plans that you can purchase as an added extra with your dedicated server or VPS server hosting service, although for added efficiency it is recommended that you choose a third-party backup web hosting provider for such a service. Off-site backup hosting can be cheaper in some cases than purchasing a backup plan from your existing web hosting provider and can also provide you with many extra benefits.

What are the advantages of backing up a server?

Backing up any server, whether it be a VPS server or a dedicated server, is an important task since in the situation where any data is lost you may only be able to recover it through the means of an existing backup. The main advantages of backing up a server include:

  • Data security – by having at least one backup of your server you can ensure that if anything goes wrong that could corrupt the file system or any data held on the server, it can be easily repaired using a fully functional backup – something like this is going to be more important to larger businesses who can’t afford to lose any of the data stored on their servers, whereas those who have shared hosting services generally tend to store less in their web space meaning that the risk of inconvenience to them is far less if they suffer data loss
  • Beneficial – ensuring that your server is backed up on a regular can be beneficial in most situations since as a standalone user it means that you can guarantee the safety of the data stored on your server, but as a web hosting provider it is another feature that you can advertise as part of your web hosting services since your web hosting clients will want to be sure that their data won’t be lost if the server crashes
  • Peace of mind – as a web hosting provider you will be able to offer your customers peace of mind if you back up your servers on a regular basis since it means that if there are any server troubles, they can be sure that the data held within their web hosting account will be safe – as a VPS server or dedicated server hosting customer you will also value the efficiency of a decent back up service since it will mean that there is no need to worry about the stress of losing data.

The advantages of backing up a server show that it is worth investing the relatively small amount that is required in order to receive a decent backup hosting service; at the end of the day it is likely to cost you more if your server does crash and you lose data.

What are the disadvantages of server backups?

Server backups are one thing that can put extra stress on a server since making a partial or full back up of a server requires resource and it is for this reason that most web hosting companies choose to schedule their backups for out-of-hours when people are less likely to be visiting websites hosted on a particular server. Backups can also take up valuable storage space, which is why it is important to have separate backup servers available. It is important to consider any extra costs that may be incurred due to server backups; as well as extra storage space you also need to consider bandwidth for example.

In conclusion, server backups are important if you wish to make sure that you will always have at least one copy of your server available to restore it with in the event that the system crashes or you accidentally delete certain data. Data backup plans can be purchased from most web hosting providers although for maximum efficiency you should purchase your backup hosting from a third-party hosting provider.

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