Secure Web Hosting

A secure web hosting service will be able to provide you with a fully flexible web hosting environment that is capable of meeting your requirements but can provide you with the security to ensure that hackers are unable penetrate or view any of the data contained within your web hosting account. Many measures are taken by web hosting providers to ensure the security of their customer’s web hosting accounts; as data security is becoming more important the security of web hosting servers is increasing, and most web hosting providers are now able to offer levels of security to a point where it is almost impossible for hackers or malicious attackers to gain entry to web hosting servers.

What factors help to guarantee the security of a web hosting service?

There can be several factors that will affect the security of your chosen web hosting service, although the affect that these factors will have is going to be dependent on the form of web hosting that you have chosen. Such factors could include:

  • Server security – there are many server-side measures that a web hosting provider can take to help ensure the security of both the server and the web hosting accounts hosted on that server – security measures are normally in place to ensure that attacks can’t be carried out using weak scripts that have been poorly coded although there are normally other much more basic security applications such as firewalls in place to help guarantee server security in Windows web hosting environments and Linux web hosting environments
  • SSL certificates – any reputable web hosting provider should be able to provide SSL protection for any web based services that you may be using for the management of your web hosting account – the encryption of information that is transferred between your machine and the servers that you are using to manage your website is important since if this information is unencrypted then it won’t take much for a hacker to intercept this connection which in turn would allow them to inject or read data
  • Form of web hosting – some forms of web hosting can be more secure than others and it is important for you to remember this if security is one of the main factors that you wish to receive from a web hosting service – dedicated web hosting services that will be able to offer you your own web hosting environment are going to be the most secure since you will be able to secure these to a level that suits your requirements whereas a shared web hosting service is likely to be less secure since you are sharing the web hosting environment with other users.

By considering the above factors in a web hosting service, you will be able to deduce the security of a web hosting package.

Does my choice of web hosting platform affect the level of security that I’ll receive?

There are many different views on the levels of security that Linux web hosting environments and Windows web hosting environments can offer; the bottom line is that the level of security that you are offered will be dependent on how well the web hosting server is managed.

In what situation should I consider a dedicated web hosting service for the sole purpose of website security?

Dedicated web hosting services are the best web hosting packages for you to consider if you are after a web hosting service that will be able to offer you a high level of security. A VPS server can provide you with the same type of web hosting environment as a dedicated server for a lower cost; dedicated server hosting on the other hand will allow you to have your own physical web hosting environment which could be beneficial for larger businesses.

In conclusion, secure web hosting services are an important part of the web hosting industry since they are there to meet the requirements of larger businesses whose websites will be handling high levels of personal data. Although shared web hosting packages can offer a certain level of security, if you wish to be sure that your data is going to be safe then you should consider VPS server hosting or dedicated server hosting for your requirements.

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