Reseller Hosting vs. VPS Server Hosting

Reseller web hosting packages and VPS servers are both suitable forms of web hosting to consider if you wish to start your own web hosting business or need to host multiple domains in a distributed environment. Although both forms of web hosting can offer you the same features fundamentally, a VPS server can provide you with a dedicated hosting environment that will allow you to offer features to your own web hosting customers that other web hosting companies lack. A reseller hosting package can hold you back under some circumstances as you will be sharing the hosting server with shared web hosting accounts meaning that you are going to be affected by the same level of security precautions that your web hosting company puts on its own customers. Although it can be argued that these two forms of web hosting can’t be compared because they are two completely different types, with reseller hosting being a form of shared hosting and VPS hosting being a form of dedicated hosting, the features that are on offer to those wanting to start their own web hosting businesses mean that they can be compared. The only situation in which there would be no relation between reseller hosting and VPS hosting is when you are looking for hosting for a single website.

How can reseller hosting benefit me?

Reseller hosting is the perfect solution for you if you wish to host multiple websites for others in a secure hosting environment that you won’t have to worry but you can guarantee will offer you a good level of stability. With a reseller web hosting package you should be provided with access to a web hosting control panel so that you are able to manage your web hosting client accounts; your own web hosting clients will also be provided with access to their own control panel so that they are able to manage their account without having to contact you every time they want a certain option changing. The main benefit of using reseller hosting over a VPS server is the reduced cost of this form of hosting; shared web hosting services will always be cheaper because you are going to be sharing the hosting server with a large number of people. The management of the hosting server also won’t be on your head in the case of a reseller web hosting package as your web hosting company will assume full responsibility for the management of its shared hosting servers.

How can VPS hosting benefit me?

If you are looking to get started with a dedicated hosting environment then a VPS server will offer you dedicated web hosting in a closed environment, although within the context of a shared physical hosting node. As a web hosting business, you are going to be aiming to offer your customers the highest level of reliability possible and a VPS server will be able to offer you a higher level of reliability than a reseller hosting package; high uptime levels are going to create a high level of customer satisfaction and will make your web hosting services more appealing to potential customers. Although VPS servers cost more than reseller hosting packages, the higher costs are justifiable as dedicated servers, which are the only other form of dedicated hosting available, are significantly more expensive than VPS servers in most circumstances. The dedicated hosting environment offered by a VPS server will allow you to install the third-party components and applications that you require to create a hosting environment that you feel is appropriate for your customers; such features allow you to enhance your web hosting plans to offer features that other web hosting companies may not necessarily be able to offer.

Which form of web hosting will be able to provide me with the best level of security?

VPS servers can also offer a higher level of security than reseller hosting packages because you will have the ability to install the security applications that you require and make the modifications that you feel necessary to guarantee the security of your web hosting environment. Even though web hosting companies put a lot of effort into guaranteeing the security of their shared hosting servers, since there are large numbers of websites hosted on shard hosting servers you can never guarantee the security of individual websites; on the other hand, if you have your own hosting environment in which you are only hosting one or two websites then it is easier to monitor these websites individually.

Which form of web hosting will offer best value for money?

This is a question that you can only really answer yourself after considering your requirements. Although a VPS server will be able to offer you a greater level of disk space, bandwidth and various resources, you may not necessarily want to take on the responsibility of managing your own VPS server meaning that the cost of a VPS server is going to be unjustifiable. On the other hand, you may be looking for a larger amount of disk space and bandwidth and are an experienced user meaning that the management of a VPS server will be easy for you; in such a case a VPS server is probably going to offer you better value for money over a reseller hosting package. Reseller hosting is better value for money for those who are less familiar with the idea of server management and there are many reseller hosting packages available these days that can provide good resource assignments.

In conclusion, reseller hosting and VPS server hosting are both ideal for individuals wishing to start their own web hosting companies because they allow you to host multiple domains under their own client accounts. Depending on the control panel that you have access to, you should also be able to create your own web hosting plans that will then allow you to create your client’s web hosting accounts based on a strict criteria that you set out in terms of the resources that you are going to use.

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