Reseller Hosting vs. Server Hosting

When starting your own web hosting business, you are likely to have to make the choice between reseller web hosting and server hosting in order to provide your web hosting clients with the web hosting services that they purchase from you. Reseller web hosting is a form of shared web hosting whilst server hosting will be able to offer you your own dedicated web hosting environment; this key difference means that server hosting services offer very different features when compared to reseller hosting services thus enforcing the idea that you should carry out a lot of research if you are stuck with deciding between the two. If you are going to be offering web hosting services to others then you will want to be sure that you can offer your web hosting clients the best in terms of reliability and security since these are the two main expectations that people are going to have of you and your web hosting business. The pricing points of both forms of web hosting are also incredibly varying with reseller web hosting being the cheapest, but at the end of the day it is going to be the choice between a web hosting package that is easier to manage and a web hosting service that can offer you a lot for the price.

A reseller web hosting service is effectively a shared web hosting account that allows you to create other shared web hosting accounts based on the resources that you have assigned to your account and any pre-prepared web hosting plans that you have put together yourself. The main benefit of using a reseller web hosting account is that you won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the hosting server as this will be taken care of by your web hosting provider; however, at the same time this can also be a disadvantage since it means that you have to share the hosting server with standard shared web hosting users and in most situations there will be quite a few of them.

Server hosting on the other hand will be able to offer you a lot more as you will be providing with a dedicated web hosting environment. Dedicated web hosting environments provide you with a basic on which you can install any applications of your choice, thus allowing you to customize your VPS server or dedicated server so that it meets your requirements properly; however, you should still bare in mind that you are going to be offering your own web hosting services meaning that you should make the most of this benefit by securing your server to an acceptable level. The main disadvantage to using server hosting is that you are going to have to pay more for a VPS server or dedicated server than you would have to for a reseller web hosting package; this may be a problem if you have little starting capital, but you do need to consider the long term benefits of using server hosting over reseller web hosting.

At the end of the day you will also need to consider how often you wish to upgrade your web hosting service as reseller hosting packages are going to have a more frequent upgrade cycle over VPS servers or dedicated servers. Reseller web hosting packages do come with reasonable resource allocations that will allow you to host a good number of web hosting clients under a single web hosting package. VPS servers and dedicated servers on the other hand will come with much larger resource assignments that will allow you to host a greater number of users and with larger resource assignments. In any situation the likelihood is that you are going to need to upgrade a reseller hosting account sooner than you would with a VPS server or dedicated server.

A server hosting service may be able to provide you with a higher level of uptime than a reseller web hosting service and after all, you will have more control over the reliability of a VPS server or dedicated server than you would with a reseller web hosting package. A server hosting service will provide you with the facilities that will allow you to fully manage all of the web hosting accounts hosted on your server; if there is a web hosting client of yours that is compromising the reliability of your server then you can simply suspend or terminate their account to prevent further inconvenience to your other web hosting clients. When using a reseller hosting package, your clients’ web hosting services as well as your own reseller hosting account are going to be hosted alongside other reseller web hosting account and shared web hosting accounts, none of which you will have any form of control over; this means that if another account on the same server as yours is causing high loads, you can’t do anything about it.

The security of reseller web hosting services can’t always be guaranteed either because of the number of users that your web hosting provider is going to be hosting per single server although for the most part there are likely to be good levels of security in place. If you choose to use a server hosting service then you take advantage of the isolation that is offered by securing your VPS server or dedicated server to a level that is acceptable to both you and your clients – you need to consider that if any of the data that your clients are hosting is compromised through means other than them leaking their password, you will be held responsible.

In conclusion, reseller web hosting may be at the cheaper end of the scale but it does come with its disadvantages and you will need to weigh these up against the benefits to see if reseller web hosting really is for you. Server hosting on the other hand can be provide you with an isolated, dedicated web hosting environment albeit at a higher price, but in the long term you are unlikely to need to upgrade a server as often as you would need to upgrade a reseller hosting account.

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