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A reseller web hosting plan is the ideal companion for a website designer that wishes to offer web hosting services alongside their initial product offerings, or those who wish to start their own web hosting businesses. As reseller web hosting is a form of shared web hosting, you can pick up reseller web hosting plans for a fairly low price meaning that if you do wish to start a web hosting company using a reseller web hosting plan then it will be fairly easy to make a quick profit. The only downside to using reseller web hosting is that the reliability of your web hosting account can’t always be guaranteed, but when you aren’t paying much for a web hosting plan it is important that you don’t come to expect too much of your chosen web hosting plan. Many web hosting companies are able to offer you the choice between Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting, allowing you to choose the platform that is most fitting to your needs with ease; however, you should note the price difference between Windows web hosting plans and Linux web hosting plans as this may affect your choice of platform. You should also review the different web hosting plans that are offered by different web hosting companies because different web hosting companies will be able to offer you additional features with their reseller hosting plans to enhance your web hosting experience; the additional extras will differ between web hosting companies so it is recommended that you have an idea of what is available.

Why should I choose a reseller hosting plan?

A reseller web hosting plan will be able to provide you with a number of different benefits if you find that it is the most suitable form of web hosting for your needs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Multiple client accounts – the main benefit of choosing a reseller web hosting plan is that if you are going to be hosting websites for other people, you can provide them with access to their own client control panel through which they will be able to manage their own website without the need for any assistance from yourself – most web hosting control panels that are able to offer reseller capabilities will include this function meaning that the client web hosting accounts created under your reseller hosting account will have complete isolation from one another and will allow you to assign each website its own resources to ensure that one of your web hosting accounts isn’t able to affect the operation of any of the others
  • Resource assignments – the resources provided with a reseller web hosting plan will far outweigh those that are offered with standard shared web hosting plans, making reseller hosting the best option for someone looking to host multiple websites under separate accounts – with a reseller web hosting account you will be able to apportion your resources amongst individual websites as you wish so that the resources provided to each website will reflect their demand – if you find that you eventually run out of resources with your reseller account then you can easily purchase additional disk space, bandwidth and other resources from your web hosting provider for use as you wish
  • Custom web hosting plans – most web hosting control panels will allow resellers to create custom web hosting plans based on the resources that they have available to use – when starting a web hosting business, it is important for you to be able to offer a range of web hosting plans to meet the needs of different businesses and individuals as well as the different price points that will affect these differentiating target audiences – once you have defined your custom web hosting plans you can then begin to provision web hosting accounts as you wish as you can create web hosting accounts that are going to be based on the same web hosting plan in bulk.

What are the disadvantages to using reseller web hosting plans?

There can be some disadvantages to using reseller web hosting plans, but the extent to which these will affect you is going to depend on what exactly you expect from your reseller web hosting account. Some of the possible disadvantages include:

  • Reliability – when you are using shared hosting it is important for you to never put too much weight on the uptime guarantee that has been provided to you by your web hosting provider because for the most part it is hard for web hosting companies to offer reliable shared web hosting services – when there are many websites hosted in a single hosting environment, it is almost impossible for web hosting companies to monitor the performance of each individual website meaning that sometimes one website may in fact use up more resources than it should be allowed to and this could cause issues with server performance
  • Security – as is the case with reliability, it is almost impossible for web hosting providers to guarantee the security of every individual website hosted in a shared web hosting environment because of the number of factors that could affect an individual website, including how well the website itself has been developed and coded – however, most web hosting companies will still take all the security measures they see as appropriate with their shared web hosting servers so that they can create the most secure web hosting environment possible given the circumstances.

In conclusion, a reseller web hosting plan is the ideal starting point for someone who wishes to start their own web hosting business or to host websites for others to any extent. Most web hosting providers are highly generous with the resources that they offer their reseller web hosting clients meaning that you needn’t worry about running out of disk space or bandwidth; even if you do run out of particular resources, you can easily purchase additional resources from your web hosting provider as you see fit so that you don’t have to upgrade your web hosting plan immediately.

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