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Reseller hosting services are designed to allow you to create your own client web hosting accounts under your own hosting account; each client account will have its own resources and in most cases you can create your own client hosting accounts based on your own pre-arranged web hosting plans. Linux reseller hosting services and Windows reseller hosting services are offered by most web hosting providers to help ensure that there is a wide variety of choice. Reseller hosting packages are generally used by most as a way of starting their own web hosting business; the main reason for this is that reseller hosting packages are generally low cost, and if you are going to be selling off your own web hosting plans then it can be easy profit for some.

What are the advantages of using reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting can offer you many advantages, although how reseller hosting benefits you will depend on how you are going to use your reseller hosting package. Some of the main advantages of using reseller hosting include:

  • Extra source of income – if you choose to start your own web hosting business using the reseller hosting package that you have purchased then you can use this as an extra source of income – if you price your own web hosting packages up effectively and competitively then you could find it very profitable to be using a reseller hosting package
  • Multiple client accounts – a reseller web hosting package will provide support for multiple client accounts which will be of benefit to you if you wish to make the most of your reseller web hosting package – this means that you can host multiple websites under your reseller hosting account, each of which will have their own individual login details so that you can delegate the management of the hosting account to the individual customer
  • Custom web hosting plans – creating your own web hosting plans is one way in which you can ensure that the web hosting services that you are offering to your customers are unique – all reseller hosting accounts have resources allocated to them so when creating your own web hosting plans you need to be aware of your resource limits so that you can make the necessary provisions to ensure that you are going to be able to profit from your web hosting plans.

Reseller hosting packages can offer you many advantages when used in the right situations. One thing to remember is that even if you do wish to host multiple websites, if you are going to be the only one managing them then you will probably find that a shared hosting account that can offer unlimited domain name hosting will suffice for your requirements.

What are the disadvantages of using reseller hosting?

Reseller web hosting services may not always be what they’re cracked up to be, and so it is important for you to be aware of the disadvantages of using reseller hosting; some of these disadvantages may include:

  • Overselling – with all forms of shared hosting you need to take into consideration any overselling that your own web hosting provider may be doing since this can have an affect on the performance of the web hosting server – with reseller hosting you are likely to have an overselling facility available to use in conjunction with your own web hosting clients meaning that you will also need to take into consideration whether or not other reseller hosting users on the same server as you are going to be overselling their resource allocations
  • Limitations – with a reseller hosting package you are still going to be limited by any security restrictions that your web hosting provider has in place on its hosting nodes since reseller hosting accounts are generally hosted on the same servers as shared hosting accounts – this means that you should be prepared for any issues that may be caused by shared hosting users or the limitations that your web hosting provider puts in place to counteract such issues.

The disadvantages of reseller web hosting are unlikely to affect you if you are going to be using your web hosting service for its intended purpose. However, if you are facing problems with reseller web hosting then you may wish to consider a more advance form of web hosting such as VPS server hosting or dedicated server hosting.

In conclusion, reseller web hosting is a very cost effective method of hosting multiple websites for management by others. A reseller hosting package can also be the basis for your web hosting business if you wish to break into web hosting and provide yourself with another source of income. To make the most of any reseller web hosting package it is recommended that you purchase a reseller hosting plan that can provide with large resource assignments.

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