Remote Desktop Access

Remote Desktop is a popular feature of Windows dedicated hosting because it provides you with a way in which you can manage your Windows server directly using the Windows GUI meaning that you don’t have to be so reliant on command line interfaces as you have to be with Linux dedicated hosting. By using Remote Desktop you are connected to your Windows server securely; you will be able to view and interact with the GUI of Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 and access all of the applications that you have installed on your Windows VPS server or Windows dedicated server. In order to connect to a server using Remote Desktop you will need to have either a Windows VPS server or Windows dedicated server hosting service, as is offered by many web hosting companies; you will also need either a Mac or Windows desktop computer from which you are going to be accessing your server. Although the Remote Desktop client is provided with all of the latest versions of the Windows operating system by default, if you are going to be using a Mac desktop computer then you will need to download the client separately from the Microsoft website; currently no other desktop operating systems are supported.

Secure Connection

If you are worried about hackers eavesdropping on your server management session then you can be rest assured that Remote Desktop provides you with a secure connection that any information transferred between your Windows server and desktop computer, including any usernames and passwords, will be encrypted. When you are interacting with your server you want to be guaranteed that all of your actions can’t be picked up by anyone who is looking to hack into your connection as this could compromise the security of not only the server you are managing, but also any other servers you may have an affiliation with. Remote Desktop works over the internet and local networks; when using Remote Desktop over a local network you aren’t going to face any issues with security because you are going to be fully aware of security of your own network, but you can’t always be sure of the level of security that is in place on other routers that your connection is going to be going through. Although you are able mount your local disk drives and devices on the remote server when using a Remote Desktop, it isn’t always recommended practise because in some situations this could compromise the security of your own computer.

Benefits to Server Management

There are several different benefits that you should be able to make the most of when using Remote Desktop because access to the Windows GUI means that you can carry out a whole array of server management tasks that will allow you to keep your server running at its best. Some server managers find it better to be able to access a GUI rather than using a command line based interface as generally a GUI is easier to navigate around whilst if you are using a command line based interface, you need to be well versed in the operating system that you are using so that you can use the right commands in the most applicable situations. Remote Desktop access to your Windows VPS server or Windows dedicated server will allow you to install additional applications on your server with ease; because you are provided with a dedicated hosting environment, you are able to install any applications of your choice on your Windows server and it is a good idea for you to take advantage of this by installing applications that will aid your web development and improve your overall hosting experience.

Desktop Access

If your local desktop computer is running a Professional version of the desktop Windows operating system then you will be able to access it via Remote Desktop from another computer like you are able to with a remote Windows server. This is highly beneficial in business environments where you need to take your work home but may not necessarily have the applications that you require to complete a particular task; as Remote Desktop puts the remote computer’s desktop right in front of you, there is no need to worry about the applications that you need because you will be able to access everything on the remote computer in the same way that you would if you were sat directly in front of it. It is important to note that to access a desktop environment you will need to make sure that you don’t have any firewall restrictions in place that could prevent you from being able to access your computer remotely.

Windows Management

Remote Desktop is only available with Windows servers and this exclusivity means that Microsoft is able to adapt the flexibility and features offered with Remote Desktop with each new release of Windows. Although the GUI of some Linux servers can be accessed via VNC, the interactivity offered by VNC is very limited when compared to that of Windows Remote Desktop meaning that if you are an experienced Windows administrators then it is recommended that you stick it with the operating system if you wish to receive the best benefits of using Remote Desktop. It should be noted that Remote Desktop cannot be used with any other operating system, although Mac OSX offers a similar feature of its own.

In conclusion, Remote Desktop access is one of the biggest perks of using Windows VPS server hosting and Windows dedicated server hosting because it offers you direct access to the GUI of your Windows hosting service. Although it is only specific to Windows, Microsoft has enabled Windows and Mac users to access remote computer that are running a Professional version of the Windows desktop OS or a server version of the Windows operating system meaning that most desktop users should be able to use a Remote Desktop client, except for users of Linux distributions. It should be noted that to make the most of Remote Desktop access, you should be well versed in Windows server management so that you don’t make any changes that could affect the performance of your server.

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