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Reliability is a factor for their web hosting services that web hosting providers are working to improve so that they can offer web hosting packages that are of better value for money for consumers. Although most web hosting services can be offered reliably when hosted on the correct servers proportionally with the right number of users, the most reliable forms of web hosting available are generally dedicated web hosting packages – that means VPS servers and dedicated servers. Reliable web hosting is generally something that is more important to businesses who rely on their websites as a source of income in one way or another; individuals are less likely to require reliable web hosting services unless their website is used to generate income through the means of advertising.

What factors help to make a web hosting service reliable?

There are several different factors that can help to make a web hosting service reliable; these factors include:

  • Type of web hosting – the type of web hosting that you have chosen to use will have an affect on the reliability of your web hosting service since some forms of web hosting are going to be more reliable than others – for example, a shared web hosting package may not be that reliable since you have to share the hosting server with many other users and even then the hosting server itself may not be of that high a specification – a dedicated server on the other hand is going to be far more reliable since you aren’t sharing any part of your server with anyone else and you will be provided with far greater resource assignments
  • Web hosting platform – whether you choose to use Linux or Windows as your web hosting platform can also have an affect on how reliable your web hosting environment is – Windows isn’t well known for being reliable and it is important to remember that the Windows Server operating system can be fairly resource intensive and this can have an overall impact on system reliability – most Linux distributions tend to be lighter on resource consumption meaning that your server is more likely to be reliable if it is running Linux rather than any other operating system
  • Management – the way in which a server is managed can have an affect on how reliable it or the websites and web hosting service that it is hosting are – a well managed server will have been optimized to ensure that the applications installed on it use the minimum amount of resources necessary so that there are always spare resources available for applications that suffer a load spike – similarly, a shared hosting server that hasn’t been secured properly is open to reliability issues if it hackers are able to gain access to it in any way, and if a VPS server node isn’t setup correctly then it may take just one VPS server to overload the CPU which in turn will bring down the entire node.

The above factors are the main ones that could have an affect on how reliable your chosen web hosting service. You may wish to review these aspects of a particular web hosting package prior to purchase if you want to be sure that you are going to be getting good value for money in terms of reliability.

How should I choose a reliable web hosting service?

Choosing a reliable web hosting service isn’t easy and to make sure that you do it effectively you will need to do your research. The most accurate way of finding out how well a web hosting provider is at offering reliable web hosting services is by using some of the following information sources:

  • Web hosting reviews – this is one source of information that you can always rely on if you wish to have an non-bias view on how well a web hosting provider performs when it comes to customer expectations – if a web hosting provider has provided a reliable service then the review will be positive, on the other hand if they have provided an unsatisfactory service then the review will be negative
  • Uptime charts – some web hosting providers will be more than willing to provide you with their own uptime charts that will detail the uptime of specific servers that they own over a set period – although the reliability of the charts themselves can’t always be guaranteed, they will give you a brief overview.

In conclusion, reliable web hosting packages are available widely these days meaning that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a web hosting service that you won’t have to worry about. If you do your research and choose a reputable web hosting provider for your requirements then you won’t even need to question the level of uptime that is guaranteed with your web hosting package.

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