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Reliable web hosting services are offered by most web hosting companies these days as many businesses are after a web hosting account that will be able to provide them with almost 100% guaranteed uptime. Regardless of the form of web hosting that you choose to meet your specifications, you should be able to expect a good level of reliability from your web hosting plan and indeed any good web hosting provider will offer an uptime guarantee across their entire range of web hosting services; however, you shouldn’t solely rely on the uptime guarantees offered by your web hosting company because issues may arise that are out of your web hosting provider’s hands to control that could cause longer periods of downtime. Although shared web hosting services aren’t known for their reliability, many web hosting companies are now introducing cloud hosting services to replace these web hosting plans at the lower-end of the market as cloud services can offer up to 100% guaranteed uptime without increasing the cost price of the web hosting plan; you will find existing VPS server and dedicated server hosting plans to be highly reliable anyhow because of the dedicated web hosting environment that is offered. In order to ensure that you make an informed decision about the reliability of any web hosting plan that you may be considering, it is important for you to do your background research into any web hosting company that you may be looking to use because the reputation of a web hosting provider is typically a good indicator of their attitude towards customer service, something that can affect the reliability of a hosting account.

What factors can affect the reliability of a web hosting plan?

There are several different factors that can affect the reliability of a web hosting plan, regardless of the form of web hosting that you choose to use. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Management – the management of the server that you are hosted on is one of the biggest factors that could have an effect on how reliable your web hosting account is because it is important for errors to be dealt with as they arise and for hosting servers to use the latest versions of software available to minimize any possible security risks – as a shared web hosting client you should have confidence in your chosen web hosting provider to manage the shared web hosting server properly, but as a VPS server user or a dedicated server it is down to you to ensure that you have the skills necessary to manage your server properly, if you feel you don’t then you should perhaps consider a managed web hosting plan to fulfil your needs in this area
  • Specifications – as a dedicated web hosting user, the specifications of your server can impact on the reliability of your web hosting experience as if you are using a server with inadequate resources then you could find that your website or web application is putting too much load on your server, which in some cases could cause it to crash – when choosing a dedicated web hosting plan, it is important for you to ensure that you have a clear idea of what you need from a server hosting service so that you can make the correct selections and choices during the ordering process – if you do find that you require extra resources for your server then you can easily purchase upgrades from your web hosting provider as required
  • Other users – if you are hosted in a shared web hosting environment then the actions of other users who are hosted on the same server as you can impact on the reliability of your own website – because everyone in a shared web hosting environment is sharing the same resources, if one web hosting account happens to overload the hosting node and causes it to crash, this will take every website on the server with it – however, if web hosting providers are using the right software then situations like this are completely avoidable.

How do I choose a reliable web hosting plan?

There are measures that you can take to guarantee that you choose a reliable web hosting plan, including:

  • Uptime statistics – most web hosting companies will be able to provide you with their uptime statistics for the past year and if you are going to take the level of reliability that you are provided with seriously, you should ensure that you check out these details – if a web hosting company is unable to provide you with valid uptime statistics then you should perhaps move onto to another provide – it should also be noted that some web hosting companies use uptime monitoring solutions that will be able to provide you with reliable information instantly, an example of such a service is HyperSpin
  • Dedicated web hosting – you should consider a dedicated web hosting plan if you want to be guaranteed reliability because a dedicated web hosting environment will provide you with the ability to control your resource usage as no other users will be able to impact on the performance of your website – even though VPS servers and dedicated servers are rather expensive, the extra cost is usually justifiable through the features that both forms of web hosting are able to offer you, if you aren’t able to justify the extra cost then dedicated web hosting may not be the right choice for you.

In conclusion, reliable hosting should be widespread these days as new technologies have helped to make web hosting platforms more stable, whilst web hosting providers should now have the skills required to rectify most server issues as they arise so that if any downtime is caused, it is minimal.

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