Plesk Hosting

Plesk is a popular control panel available for Windows and Linux that allows you to manage your web hosting account with minimal effort, allowing you to focus attention on other factors that they may be more important to the development of your website. Plesk is a premium control panel meaning that it is able to offer you the features that may not necessarily be available with open source control panels and other equivalents; the investment here means that web hosting companies using Plesk are able to provide feature-rich web hosting services that can rival those offered by competitors. Although Plesk is available for Linux, it is more popular with those using Windows web hosting as it can provide you with a more defined level of integration with the Windows operating system than any alternatives. As well as being offered by default by most Windows web hosting companies for their shared hosting companies, Plesk is usually an additional option for those who are using Windows VPS server hosting and Windows dedicated server hosting, but in this case you will need to pay extra for the control panel. A comparison of Plesk hosting against other control panel-based web hosting services identifies that Plesk is able to provide a more stable hosting solution than its competitors.

What makes Plesk different?

Plesk provides you with an interface that is very similar to that of the Windows operating system in the desktop environment in terms of design, and this can be reassuring to beginners because it allows them to use a control panel that well offer them a certain degree of familiarity when it comes to completing certain tasks. At the end of the day one of the most major points that could affect the usability of a control panel is how well the navigation is structured; Plesk follows the ‘three click rule’ meaning that any page that forms the core of the control panel can be accessed within three clicks from the homepage upon login. Emphasis is also put on making the whole process of web hosting easier; as an additional extra, you can have the Sitebuilder application that is also developed by Parallels installed alongside Plesk – this will allow beginners to create their first website without the need for any desktop software or any previous knowledge of website creation and the various web scripting languages that there are available. Although it is a commercial product, Plesk is available to VPS hosting customers who are hosted on a Virtuozzo server.

Plesk Windows Hosting

Plesk for Windows is seen as the most effective way of managing a Windows web hosting server by many web hosting companies because the emphasis is put on allowing web developers to create dynamic and scalable web applications that can be hosted in a Windows shared hosting environment without there being any limitations on their function or performance. As well as being able to manage Microsoft SQL Server databases as you need, you can put your own custom ASP.NET configuration in place with Plesk that will then allow you to develop your ASP web applications as you wish – providing you with a method to guarantee a scalable and stable web application. Plesk will provide you with the interfaces that you require to manage your Windows web space effectively, helping you to ensure that only the files that you require are hosted in your web space; furthermore, you will be able to use the File Manager to effectively manage your ASP.NET web applications with the use of Virtual Directories and other features. Plesk can also offer full integration with the IIS 7 web server meaning that you won’t face any compatibility problems with your web applications the hosting environment.

Plesk Linux Hosting

If you have a lower web hosting budget then you may wish to consider Linux hosting over Windows hosting, although you can still choose to use the Plesk control panel with a Linux web hosting service. Although Linux shared web hosting packages that are based on the Plesk control panel are few and far between, if you choose to use a Linux VPS server or Linux dedicated server then you can always install Plesk yourself if you see no other alternatives to achieving the type of web hosting environment that you require. As Linux is an open source operating system you can guarantee that you won’t have to pay a large amount for any type of web hosting because web hosting companies have no need to factor in the cost of the operating system if there isn’t any; however, if you wish to use a control panel such as Plesk on your own VPS server or dedicated server then you are going to have to pay for this yourself, but even then if you pay for a control panel in monthly instalments then you won’t be paying a huge amount. Linux web hosting is highly recommended for web developers who are using PHP and MySQL as their technologies of choice for developing scalable and dynamic web applications because it is seen that Linux can provide the best hosting environment for this; on the other hand, Windows hosting services can provide you with the features required to necessitate the hosting of a PHP and MySQL based website.

In conclusion, Plesk is a highly dynamic control panel that can provide you with the option to provision web hosting services on both the Linux and Windows web hosting platforms. As a web hosting business, Plesk will allow you to consolidate your training to focus on one core piece of software that your technical support staff and customers can then familiarise themselves with very easily. Plesk is probably the most popular control panel for offering reliable Windows hosting with and this is reflected in the fact that there aren’t many other Windows hosting control panels available; even though Plesk may not be the most popular Linux control panel available, it is still a good choice for the owners and managers of Virtuozzo Linux VPS servers who wish to save money.

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