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MySQL is an open source database server and is one of the most popular database servers available due to the support that it can offer for both Windows web hosting servers and Linux web hosting servers. When developing a website it is always a good idea to use open source technologies as they can save you time and money in the long term; for example, PHP is a very popular scripting language for developing dynamic websites as it is open source and MySQL databases can be integrated seamlessly into PHP websites and web applications. MySQL web hosting is something that can be achieved when using either Windows or Linux servers, but to help save money you may wish to consider Linux web hosting package for your MySQL web hosting requirements.

Advantages of MySQL Web Hosting

MySQL web hosting can provide web developers with many benefits when it comes to hosting their database driven websites if they choose the right web hosting package. Some of the main advantages of using MySQL web hosting include:

  • Low cost – if you choose to go for a Linux web hosting service that can provide you with the facility to host MySQL databases, you will find that you won’t need to spend a large amount of money on your web hosting package as Linux is an open source operating system, thus reducing the costs that web hosting providers need to factor into the overall prices of their Linux web hosting services – cheap web hosting may be seen as cheap and nasty by some, but for the most part you can be sure that you will receive good value for money, granted that you choose the right web hosting provider to use from the outset
  • No limits – as MySQL is an open source database server you can be sure that you will be able to use the application fully without having to worry about any limitations as would be the case if you were using a free edition of Microsoft SQL Server – this means that if you are running a high traffic website that will be putting a high load on the database server, you can be sure that the database server will be able to handle all of the requests thrown at it and can process the data appropriately – however, the only limit there is to be found will be the physical resources of the database server that you are using and a high specification server may be needed to handle the highest loads
  • Ideal for PHP web hosting – MySQL web hosting services are usually specially optimized to handle the hosting of PHP websites that make use of MySQL databases to power their backend – regardless of whether you choose a Windows web hosting service or a Linux web hosting service, the chances are that you will be able to host your PHP based website on your web hosting package without facing any issues – any web hosting service capable of hosting a MySQL database will have the necessary PHP modules installed to allow you to host a website that will need to connect to a MySQL database on a constant basis.

The advantages of MySQL web hosting will allow you to make the most of the web hosting services that are available today. However, in some situations MySQL web hosting may not be what you require as you may choose to use another database server or application as the backend for your website.

Disadvantages of MySQL Web Hosting

There are some disadvantages to using MySQL web hosting services that are worth considering before you commit to purchasing a web hosting service. Such disadvantages could include:

  • Limit of number of databases – depending on the web hosting service that you choose to use, there may be a limit on the number of MySQL databases that you are able to host under your web hosting account – for most people this shouldn’t be an issue as a single MySQL database will normally fulfil most people’s requirements – if you require a large number of MySQL databases then some web hosting providers will be able to provide you with the facility to host an unlimited number, but you do need to be aware of the fact that your database usage will contribute towards your overall disk space usage
  • Features – in some situations you may find that certain features you require of MySQL server may not be available which could cause compatibility issues if you have developed your website in a particular way – if you require specific features of MySQL server that may not be available in some situations then VPS server hosting or dedicated server hosting would be a recommended choice for you.

In conclusion, MySQL web hosting services are a good choice for web developers who create websites using both PHP and MySQL. If you choose a Windows web hosting service then your web hosting package will also provide you with support for ASP scripts and Microsoft SQL Server databases, although Linux web hosting is recommended as a more cost effective form of MySQL web hosting.

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