MySQL Server Hosting

MySQL Server is a popular open source database server used by businesses to empower their internal infrastructures as well as their front facing websites, as it is a highly powerful system that can provide the security and stability that larger businesses require from a database application. MySQL’s most popular application is with the scripting language PHP as these two offer a highly powerful combination that will allow you to create highly dynamic websites that offer a good level of interaction to visitors because PHP scripts can interact with the functions that your hosting server has to offer whilst you can make use of MySQL databases as a backend in which you can store your data. When compared to alternatives such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server can offer you a very good deal because it is open source meaning that you won’t have to pay for any licenses for the right to use the application; furthermore, you won’t have to worry about any limitations affecting how you are able to deploy MySQL Server within your business. As MySQL is open source, you can also modify the source code of the application to create your own version if you have specific requirements, which mean that you’ll need to adapt the application in order for it to work in the way you want it to.


If you wish to develop a website for hosting on the Linux platform then PHP is seen as the best scripting language to use because it is by far the most dynamic and can offer you a wide variety of functions not offered by other scripting languages. When creating a dynamic website you’ll want to have as much interaction with the hosting server as possible because this is the best way to achieve high levels of functionality; however, it is important to remember that certain techniques such as AJAX rely on client-side technologies rather than server-side technologies. PHP and MySQL both form part of the popular ‘LAMP’ combination, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP; for low cost web development purposes, a LAMP setup is seen by may as offering the best value for money and the best results when compared to other combinations of technologies that are available. Any web hosting package can offer support for PHP scripts will usually come with the facility to host at least one MySQL database; if you find a web hosting service that offers one but not the other then this may not represent good value for money.

Cross-platform Database Hosting

MySQL Server isn’t just an application for Linux servers – it is available for use on most popular operating systems. You will also find that MySQL databases are a popular feature of most Windows web hosting packages as well, with PHP also being a technology supported by the Windows operating system. The good thing with this is that you are also able to integrate MySQL databases into scripts that have been developed using a language other than PHP. Classic ASP and ASP.NET based websites can also use MySQL databases, although the integration offered won’t be to the level offered by the Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access database systems since these two offer pretty much seamless integration with ASP scripts. As a web developer you are likely to be use to using a wide variety of different applications and techniques in different ways to meet the requirements of the hosting environment that you are presented with, but being able to consolidate all of your websites onto a single hosting platform such as Windows will make management cheaper and simpler for you.

Dedicated MySQL Hosting

If you wish to make the most of what MySQL Server has to offer then you should consider dedicated database server hosting because this will provide you with a dedicated hosting environment in which you can host your MySQL databases. A dedicated database server is recommended for websites that receive high traffic numbers because the weight of having both the web server and database server hosted on the same machine is bound to cause problems at some time or another, regardless of the specification of the server that you are currently using. Although dedicated server hosting is expensive, by using another server for your database hosting services you are able to relieve the stress of your MySQL databases on your main server therefore providing you with a more stable and reliable hosting configuration that is less likely to face problems under load spikes.

MySQL Database Management

If you are familiar with the structure of SQL databases then setting up a MySQL database is fairly simple, but if you haven’t configured one before then you may wish to read up on the particular elements of MySQL databases and tables beforehand to ensure that you do it properly. If you choose to use cPanel hosting then PHPMyAdmin will be included as standard; this is a web interface that will allow you to manage all of the MySQL databases hosted under your account – it will work with any client operating system because the only requirement is that you have a web browser installed. There are also many desktop database management applications available for MySQL databases, although these may not necessarily work with shared web hosting simply because some web hosting companies have chosen to disable the facility of remote database connections to their MySQL servers.

In conclusion, MySQL is a highly scalable database application that has many uses in the web hosting business. As it can be used to create highly flexible websites, MySQL is best used in conjunction with the PHP scripting language if you wish to achieve the best results. Since MySQL Server is an open source application, larger companies are able to adapt the source of the database server to meet their needs if they have particular needs that can’t be met by MySQL Server in its original state; however, you need a good level of programming knowledge in order to be able to pull this off and even then you’ll need to be sure that you aren’t compromising the security of the data that you are going to be storing.

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