Microsoft SQL Server Hosting

Microsoft SQL Server is Microsoft’s enterprise class database system and is designed for large businesses that are running database intensive applications and require a reliable and secure database hosting environment. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most scalable database servers available meaning that it will be able to cope with a large number of queries at once, making it the ideal backend for some of the internet’s largest websites. Although there is a free version of Microsoft SQL Server available, the Express edition, in order to make the most of what Microsoft SQL Server has to offer over other traditional database servers you will need to pay for a higher-level edition of the application that doesn’t include any limitations.

What are the advantages of using Microsoft SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is a highly reliable database application that can be deployed in a number of different circumstances but is usually the preference of larger businesses. Some of the advantages of using Microsoft SQL Server include:

  • Classic ASP and ASP.NET support – Microsoft SQL Server databases will work with and can be integrated with classic ASP and ASP.NET scripts very easily since both applications have been developed by Microsoft – this means that if you want to develop a highly scalable web application using Microsoft technologies then an MSSQL/ASP.NET combination will be able to provide you with the tools and platform that you require to develop such a web application
  • Scalability – Microsoft SQL Server is also a highly scalable database application meaning that it can be used in environments where constant contact with the database server is going to be required – this means that you should use a Microsoft SQL Server database as the backend of any busy web applications you may be planning, but it is also for this reason that Microsoft SQL Server is used internally by many large businesses – in order for the database server to be as scalable as possible you should consider having Microsoft SQL Server installed on a high specification Windows dedicated server
  • Secure – using an SQL based database server such as Microsoft SQL Server will allow you to ensure that the contents of your database is secure and that the chances of a hacker gaining entry are minimal – high end database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server use several different layers of security and user authentication to ensure that it is impossible for hackers to gain entry, and on top of that the database itself is going to be password protected meaning that for hackers to stand any chance of viewing the contents of the database they will need to know the password.

The advantages of using Microsoft SQL Server show that it is a system highly recommended for Windows web developers who wish to build dynamic classic ASP and ASP.NET based web applications.

What are the disadvantages of using Microsoft SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is designed for use by larger businesses that have a distinct need for a reliable database system, but you may still face disadvantages when using Microsoft SQL Server. Such disadvantages could include:

  • Price – in order for Microsoft SQL Server to be effective you will need to purchase one of the premium editions of the software so that you won’t have any limitations when using the database server – any version of Microsoft SQL Server above the free ‘Express’ edition will cost you quite a bit of money and this is why Microsoft SQL Server is generally marketed at businesses rather than individuals
  • Complexity and management – Microsoft SQL Server can be quite a complex system to manage meaning that if you are going to be deploying it centrally within your business, you should consider hiring experienced systems administrators who will do a professional job of managing your Microsoft SQL Server databases – if you leave the management to an inexperienced individual then you run the risk of compromising the security of your Microsoft SQL Server databases as well as the reliability of the hosting server.

In conclusion, Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful database application that can provide businesses with many advantages when develop web applications for use in busy environments. Microsoft SQL Server can also be used as the database backend for desktop applications when used in a business hosting environment.

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