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Server hosting is the most advanced form of web hosting available, regardless of whether you choose a VPS server or a dedicated server as your server hosting solution because they both offer dedicated web hosting environments. Server hosting solutions are used by larger businesses to host large websites that receive a number of visitors every day because large visitor numbers will put a huge load on the hosting server and so in a situation where you are running a very busy website, it is important to be using your own server so that you have large resource assignments available to meet your demands. When purchasing a dedicated web hosting solution you will be asked to choose whether you should like to go for a managed or unmanaged solution; for beginners a managed server solution is the recommended route to take because it will provide you with access to an experienced support team that will be able to assist you with a number of different tasks, allowing you to focus more time on other activities that are more important to you whilst being able to leave the complicated task of server management to a group of people who are experienced with servers. When choosing a managed server solution you should always go with a web hosting provider that you can be sure will be able to offer you a good level of customer service because after all you are going to be paying extra for the extra support, which will be of no use to you if the support offered isn’t any good.

What should I look for in a managed solution?

There are several different features that you should look for in a managed server solution to ensure that you make the right choice over which web hosting plan is going to be most suitable for your needs. Some of these features include:

  • Quality of service offered – managed server hosting services cost more than unmanaged server hosting services and so it is important for you to realize that you are going to be paying this extra premium because of the additional support that is offered – when paying extra for additional support you will want to be sure that you are going to be offered a good level of service as this will allow you to justify the extra cost – the best way to check out the level of service offered by a web hosting company is to read the web hosting reviews that are available for any web hosting company that you may be considering, there should be a mixture of positive and negative reviews available for web hosting providers that have been established for a long period of time
  • Service availability – as a server hosting customer you should be able to expect 24×7 support from your chosen web hosting company, meaning that you can contact them at any time of day with the guarantee that they will answer your query and will be able to sort out your issue if it requires urgent action – most web hosting providers are able to offer 24×7 support through the use of outsourced support staff that are based in other parts of the world and under some circumstances this can impact on the quality of the customer service that is offered, making it even more important to guarantee that you will be offered high quality support then you require it
  • Extra premium – you should look into how much extra you are going to have pay a web hosting provider to receive full support as opposed to how much you would be paying for an unmanaged solution – in some cases you may find that the extra premium is just too much to justify when you can’t be guaranteed high quality support, but at the same time you should review the overall benefits of purchasing a fully managed server hosting solution from a certain web hosting provider because they may go further than simply receiving support when you need it.

How will a managed server solution benefit me?

A managed server solution can offer you many benefits over an unmanaged server solution, although these benefits will only be useful to those who are inexperienced with server management as then you will be able to make the most of what a managed solution has to offer. These benefits include:

  • Professional support – a managed server solution will provide you with access to a professional support team who will be able to assist you with a number of different tasks, whether you want them to create you a secure hosting environment or to install an application that will allow you to make better use of your VPS server or dedicated server – some web hosting companies are also willing to offer a more personal service that is custom to your needs, but specialist web hosting providers offering this level of service often carry an extra premium
  • Stability – if your server is being managed by a professional support team then they will be able to carry out tasks in a professional manner and to the highest standard possible and this is something that is likely to aid the stability of your server hosting solution – stability means that your server is going to be more reliable and less likely to crash and a high level of uptime will allow you to be sure that you are getting good value for money from your chosen web hosting provider.

In conclusion, managed server solutions are the best option for individuals who wish to make the most of their VPS server or dedicated server, but lack the skills necessary to do so. Even though most managed server solutions carry an additional premium because of the extra support that is being provided when compared to an unmanaged server, as long as you select a reputable web hosting provider that can offer 24×7 support then you should find that the extra cost of choosing a managed server solution is easily justified.

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