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Larger web hosting providers who have their own 24×7 web hosting support teams are able to offer managed web hosting services to less experienced users who wish require assistance with managing their web hosting account. Although managed web hosting services are going to cost more than unmanaged hosting services, the benefits to some of not having to worry about the state of their hosting account in any medium make the extra cost worth it. Managed Linux hosting services allow people with lower budgets to make the most of a secure and managed web hosting environment; if your requirements are slightly more complex then managed Windows web hosting services are available if you feel that you have a distinct need for managed Windows web hosting.

What are the advantages of managed web hosting?

In order for managed web hosting to be effective, you should ensure that you purchase your managed web hosting services from a large and reputable web hosting provider who will be able to meet your requirements in terms of the level of support that you expect to receive. The main advantages of using a managed web hosting service include:

  • Full support – a managed web hosting service will be able to provide you with full support meaning that if you have an issue with trying to configure any part of your web hosting service, your web hosting provider’s support team will be able to assist you – it is important for you to consider a larger web hosting provider for this factor since you want to ensure that you will receive a high level of support from a 24×7 web hosting support team
  • Reliable web hosting – a web hosting provider’s support team will be able to offer you a higher level of reliability since the server on which your web hosting account is hosted on is likely to optimized to a higher level – if you are going to be using a VPS server or dedicated server then you will be guaranteed a higher level of reliability than when using a shared hosting company, but a managed server will also be more reliable than an unmanaged server
  • Secure web hosting – managed web hosting accounts are also hosted on servers that are more secure, something that will offer you peace of mind since it means that there’s no need to worry about hackers gaining access to your web hosting account – similarly, if you choose to go for a VPS server or dedicated server then your web hosting provider’s support team will be able to secure your server to a high level.

The advantages of managed web hosting make it ideal for individuals who feel that they don’t have the knowledge required to manage their web hosting account properly. Similarly, managed web hosting can also be of benefit to businesses who don’t have the staff or time to dedicate to the management of their web hosting services.

What are the disadvantages of managed web hosting?

There can also be disadvantages of using managed web hosting, including but not limited to:

  • Cost – managed web hosting services generally cost more than unmanaged web hosting services since web hosting providers need to factor in the cost of the support that is going to be provided – if you are unable to justify the cost of a managed web hosting service then you may find that unmanaged web hosting is more suitable for you, and you shouldn’t choose managed web hosting if you are sure that you will be able to manage your web hosting service without any problems
  • Service offered – in some cases the service offered by managed web hosting services doesn’t meet the level required by the end user, or on the other hand for some they don’t require the level of service that is offered – if you have the skills to manage your chosen web hosting service to a high level then you shouldn’t choose a managed web hosting service simply for the sake of saving money, but if you are going to invest in managed web hosting then make sure that you are offered a good level of support.

In conclusion, managed web hosting is ideal for end users who feel that they lack the knowledge or time that will allow them to manage their web hosting service properly. Although managed web hosting services are priced slightly higher than unmanaged web hosting services, if you require the support then the investment is worth it.

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