Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

For those that require a dedicated server in order for their needs to be fully met but don’t necessarily have the experience required to allow them to manage a server properly, managed dedicated server hosting services present a real option. Although you are going to have to pay more in order to take advantage of managed server hosting, for most the price is worth it since you will be able to take advantage of a professional and very knowledgeable web hosting support team usually whenever you require. Only larger web hosting companies can really offer managed dedicated server hosting because your chosen web hosting provider should have a large web hosting support team behind them so that you can be assured that any issue or enquiry that you may have can be solved quickly and properly. If you want to make sure that you get good value for money from a managed server hosting service you should look for a web hosting company that can offer 24×7 web hosting support; this will mean that you can contact your web hosting company at any hour of the day with the guarantee that they will look at your problem there and then so that they can hopefully offer a quick solution.

Support Available

When offering fully managed web hosting services, most web hosting providers offer them with the guarantee that you will be able to contact the support about any issue or enquiry that you may have about your dedicated server. However, under some circumstances some companies will restrict the type of issues that you can pass on to the support team regardless of whether you are using a fully managed server or not; some web hosting companies will refer to such web hosting services as “semi-managed” meaning that there will still be a need there for you to have some experience behind you so that you are able to make the most of your dedicated server. You also need to consider the limitations of the web hosting support team sometimes as for example, out of business hours the staffing may be reduced to primarily level 1 support staff who aren’t that knowledgeable.

24×7 Web Hosting Support

A larger web hosting company will be able to offer 24×7 support, which will be an ideal solution for businesses that are constantly monitoring their servers since it means that if you detect a problem you can quickly inform your web hosting provider who can then take the necessary action to rectify the problem. Only larger web hosting companies are able to provide a sufficient level of 24×7 support because in order for it to be effective a web hosting provider require a large support team as well as support staff who will be willing to work during the night. Smaller web hosting companies may offer 24×7 support if they enlist the services of third-party support agencies, but a the end of the day you are likely to find that most web hosting providers will be using outsourced support services out of business hours.

Personal Access

Although your web hosting provider’s support team will have access to your dedicated server so that they are able to carry out any tasks that you request, you will still have access yourself using the same methods. However, if you are going to be accessing your server using Remote Desktop or SSH then you should ensure that you know what you are doing because you don’t want to undo any of the work that your web hosting provider puts in for you such as configuring your server to meet your requirements. Having personal access to your dedicated server is a good idea as you may wish to make a change to your server that isn’t supported by your web hosting company; you may also wish to install a commercial application but don’t wish to share the serial number with your web hosting company’s support team which would be totally understandable. As a business, you may find it more beneficial to allow your web hosting provider to retain full management of your server since it means that you won’t have to worry about the state of your server at any time.

Comparing Hosting Providers

It is a good idea to look at various web hosting reviews that are available for any web hosting company that you are considering purchasing fully managed server hosting services from. A web hosting review will give you an unbiased opinion on how well a web hosting company performs and what their support is like, and if a review is negative then you will also be able to view information on where the hosting provider has underperformed. Larger web hosting providers are of course going to have more web hosting reviews available than smaller companies simply because they have been established longer.

Choosing a Server

As part of managed dedicated server hosting, you will also need to make a choice about the dedicated server that you use. Any good web hosting provider will be able to offer you a wide variety of dedicated servers to choose from as well as the choice between using Windows and Linux. During the order process you will be able to customize the hardware specifications so that the final result is to your liking; depending on your chosen web hosting company, you may also be able to select the exact level of support that you require.

In conclusion, managed dedicated server hosting will allow you to make the most of a dedicated server if you have the budget and need for a server but lack the experience and knowledge required to manage a server properly. Dedicated servers are highly beneficial to businesses that wish to expand and it is a good idea to plan such an expansion properly; a web hosting support team will be able to help you out here since they can then configure your dedicated server so that it will be able to cope with higher loads that expanding a website may put on.

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