Making the Most of Shared Web Hosting

Although shared web hosting services are probably the cheapest web hosting services available from any web hosting company, they cater for a niche in the market in the way of beginners and provide those who have never used web hosting before with the features and resources that they require for the hosting of a small website. Most web hosting companies are more than willing to provide their shared web hosting customers with full support at any stage, whether it be helping them move over from an existing web hosting company or to upload their newly developed website to their web space. Once you have setup your shared web hosting account, you often find that you aren’t making the most of the resources and features that you have available to you and for some this can be seen as meaning that they aren’t receiving good value for money; however, if you are able to find the web hosting service with the right combination of features and resources for your needs then making the most of the web hosting service that you have purchased isn’t that hard because in a way you could see it as almost being tailored to meet your needs.

Multiple Domain Hosting

Some of the most popular shared web hosting plans are able to offer the facility to host more than a single domain name with them, a feature that will allow you to make the most of shared web hosting and will guarantee that you will get good value for money. The issue with certain shared web hosting plans is that whilst they are able to offer generous resource assignments, it can be hard to use up such large amounts of resources with a single website; if you are hosting multiple domain names under a single shared web hosting plan then you can distribute your resources amongst the domains that you are hosting as appropriate, allowing you to make sure that you can take full advantage of the resources that are on offer. Previously if you needed to host more than one website then you would either need to have considered a more expensive reseller web hosting plan or alternatively have purchased a shared web hosting plan for each website that you wished to host, something that would certainly have been the more expensive option in most cases.

Web Hosting Plan Features

An easy and highly effective way of making the most of a shared web hosting package is to choose one that can offer you extra features that you can then use to develop your website further by adding extra features and functionality. The features of any web hosting service will allow you to host a website, setup email accounts and host the DNS features of your domain name, but for anyone extra features are always a bonus and benefit web hosting companies by making their shared web hosting plans stand out from the crowd in an ever competitive market. Although it is unlikely you’ll ever need many email accounts or FTP accounts, more or less every shared web hosting package will be able to offer you unlimited numbers of both which is why it may be worth staying away from any web hosting plans that offer less than unlimited. It is important to ensure that the basics are also there with any shared web hosting plan that you may be considering; for example, you should expect control panel access to be featured as standard so that you are able to manage your shared web hosting service by yourself.

Custom Web Hosting Plans

Particular web hosting companies offer a service allowing you to tailor a shared web hosting plan to your requirements exactly, allowing you to choose the amounts of disk space and bandwidth that you pay for. If you are beginner then custom web hosting plans aren’t worth considering because you probably don’t know what resources you need from a web hosting package and probably don’t know what to expect from web hosting; as a more experienced shared web hosting user, a custom web hosting plan will allow you to save a great deal of money than if you were to purchase a straight forward shared web hosting plan. Not all web hosting companies can offer custom web hosting plans because they can be tricky to setup under some circumstances which is why straight forward web hosting plans are usually the best option. Specialist web hosting providers are your best bet if you are considering a custom web hosting plan because as well as receiving a web hosting package that is tailored exactly to your requirements, you will also receive a better level of support and customer service, although such a hosting experience may set you back a bit extra.

Operating System Choice

Your choice of operating system will affect what features you have available to use as well as what you are able to do with your web hosting service; in other words you should choose the operating system that you are going to have your shared web hosting plan hosted on based on your experience and knowledge so that you are able to make the most of the operating system’s features. Any good web hosting company will be able to offer you the choice between Windows shared hosting and Linux shared hosting; it is recommended that you investigate the main differences between the two so that you are able to make an informed choice.

In conclusion, making the most of shared web hosting isn’t that hard if you know what to look for in a shared web hosting service and know how to get the best out of individual features. Shared web hosting plans are available with different levels of resource assignments to meet the needs of the most basic users all the way up to those who wish to host websites that receive a considerable amount of traffic. However, if your website is always expanding then there will come a point when you will need to upgrade to a VPS server or a dedicated server.

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