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Linux web hosting services are the cheapest available and are the most effective in meeting the requirements of users who are on low budgets but are looking to maximise their web presence. Web hosting companies will often offer Linux web hosting services to begin with as they are cheap to setup and relatively easy to manage on a small or medium scale, this does mean however that there are many smaller web hosting companies rivalling the larger players in the web hosting industry on the prices of their Linux web hosting services. A Linux web hosting service promises to be able to offer you the support required for most PHP applications – most web hosting providers will also be able to offer you access to a wide variety of third-party PHP components that you can then make use of to help develop certain areas of your website.

What are the advantages of using Linux web hosting services?

Linux web hosting services are able to offer users many advantages over using other web hosting platforms. The main advantages include:

  • Price – Linux is an open source operating system meaning that any Linux web hosting service is going to be cheaper than a Windows web hosting service of a similar specification – for most people the cost of a web hosting service is important and for those considering Linux web hosting the chances are that their website isn’t of the upmost importance to them in terms of performance – however, if you are a business then you are going to value your web presence meaning that you will want to consider expanding your budget to allow you to consider large-scale Linux web hosting services such as Linux dedicated servers for your requirements
  • PHP and MySQL support – PHP and MySQL are two popular development tools used by web developers to create dynamic websites with PHP being an open source scripting language and MySQL a popular open source database server – when combining PHP and MySQL based websites with a Linux web hosting service you are able to create a highly cost-effective web solution that will allow you to make the most of what PHP and MySQL have to offer, thus allowing you to create the best website possible for your requirements – it is a good idea to take note of the fact that PHP and MySQL based websites will function best on Linux web hosting servers
  • cPanel web hosting – if you are considering a Linux shared hosting package for your requirements then the chances are that the web hosting service that you are considering will provide you with access to the cPanel control panel so that you will be able to manage your web hosting package effectively – there are many features that help make cPanel one of the best web hosting control panels available, but the important thing to consider is that it will be able to offer you a high level of security whilst at the same time being able to use.

The advantages of using Linux web hosting ensure that it offers good value for money for those with basic web hosting requirements but at the same time can offer businesses the sort of reliability and features that they will require in order for their web presence to work effectively.

What are the disadvantages of using Linux web hosting services?

As with any type of web hosting that is available, there can be disadvantages to using Linux web hosting services that you should be aware of prior to purchasing a Linux web hosting package. Such disadvantages could include:

  • ASP support – classic ASP and ASP.NET are two popular scripting frameworks that have been developed by Microsoft over the years, although ASP.NET remains the only one of the two that is still in active development – as these two scripting frameworks are seen as commercial entities by Microsoft, web pages and scripts created using either will only function correctly on Windows web hosting servers meaning that if you wish to use either on a Linux web hosting service, you will be unable to
  • Management – if you choose a Linux VPS server or Linux dedicated server for your requirements then you may face problems with the management of your server since this can only be done via SSH – managing a server via SSH requires skill since you need to be sure of the various commands that are available on Linux since using the wrong one could have a negative effect on your server and could even cause damage.

In conclusion, Linux web hosting services are ideal for both businesses that have high requirements from their web hosting services as well as for individuals who want the cheapest web hosting package going. Most Linux web hosting packages are expandable so that you receive the resources that you require, but at the end of the day the likelihood is that you are going to be using a budget web hosting service that provides you with adequate resource assignments anyway.

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