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The most basic form of web hosting offered by most web hosting providers is going to be Linux shared web hosting services, and even then web hosting providers offer Linux distributions as an optional web hosting platform with most other forms of web hosting. Linux is seen as the most secure and most reliable web hosting platform available and will allow you to host a large number of websites on a low to mid-specification server without having to worry about the uptime or stability of either the server or the websites. Linux web hosting services are very cheap and can offer you many benefits; Linux can be used on VPS servers and dedicated servers meaning that if you are looking for a low-cost dedicated web hosting service, you should consider using the Linux operating system over a version of the Windows operating system.

What are the advantages of using Linux web hosting?

There can be many advantages to using Linux web hosting, although this will depend on exactly what your requirements are and what you are plan on using your Linux web hosting service for. Some of the main advantages of using Linux web hosting services include:

  • Cost – the price of most Linux web hosting services is the main attraction for mot since they are able to offer excellent value for money and Linux shared web hosting packages are ideal for those who are after web hosting on a shoestring budget – the main reason for Linux web hosting services being so cheap is the fact that web hosting providers don’t have to pay for the Linux operating system as it is open source and therefore free to use – all Linux web hosting services can be found for a very low price regardless of whether you are looking for a shared web hosting package or a dedicated server, but at the end of the day you do need to consider that the prices of web hosting services will go up with the higher the form of web hosting you choose to use
  • Security – a Linux web hosting environment will be able to offer you a higher level of security than a Windows web hosting environment and this is one of the reasons why most people tend to consider Linux web hosting services over Windows web hosting services – there are many security measures that can be taken on Linux servers to help ensure the security of both the server and the websites that the server is hosting with most tools allowing you to stop attacks that are aimed directly at the server as well as any that may be attempted through hosted websites that have been coded insecurely – however, these applications and modules need to be installed and configured correctly if they are going to be of any use which means that if you choose a Linux VPS server or Linux dedicated server, experience with server management would be ideal
  • Reliability – the reliability of a web hosting service is an important factor for businesses these days as they want to be sure that their website will always be available to use when it needs to be – Linux is probably the most reliable server operating system available as the operating system itself and most of the applications available make good use of the server’s resources – open source operating systems and applications can also have their core modified so that they are optimized to make more effective use of the resources that they have available, leaving some available for when the server suffers load spikes.

The advantages of Linux web hosting show that a Linux web hosting package will be able to meet the needs of most users, but it is important to consider that Windows web developers will only be able to use Windows web hosting services therefore meaning if your website has been developed using Microsoft technologies, you shouldn’t consider Linux web hosting.

What are the disadvantages of using Linux web hosting?

There can also be disadvantages to be aware of when considering Linux web hosting, although the low cost means that they are unlikely to impact you greatly if you are using a Linux shared web hosting package. The main disadvantages that you could face when using a Linux web hosting service include:

  • Microsoft services support – a Linux web hosting server will not be able to support popular Microsoft technologies such as classic ASP and ASP.NET, nor will you be able to host databases that have been created in Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server – as both ASP scripting frameworks and Microsoft database systems have commercial value, websites that have been developed using either will only function correctly on Windows web hosting servers and this can be an added cost since Windows web hosting services are generally more expensive than Linux web hosting services – if any Linux web hosting service claims to support any of the aforementioned technologies then the chances are that the support offered is either very limited or it is just a selling gimmick
  • Security restrictions – in some situations, the security measures that are put in place by web hosting providers actually have a negative impact and instead affect the performance of the websites that are hosted on the server concerned – if you find that the security restrictions put in place by your web hosting provider affect the performance of your website then you may wish to consider another web hosting provider for your requirements since in most situations web hosting providers are unwilling to back down over the security measures that they implement.

In conclusion, Linux web hosting can be highly effective for those who are on a budget but wish to be able to make the most of what web hosting has to offer. You can purchase anything all the way from a Linux shared hosting service all the way up to a Linux dedicated server meaning that whatever your level of requirement may be, there will be a Linux web hosting service available for you.

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