Linux Hosting Features

If you are looking for a highly affordable web hosting package then the chances are that you are going to be considering Linux web hosting as your platform of choice since Linux is the only platform capable of offering relatively cheap hosting packages. The main benefit of the Linux operating system is that it is open source meaning that you won’t have to pay any licensing fees in order to use it, making it a free operating system; although some don’t always agree with the open source model, it is important to have it in place if you wish to retain services such as low cost web hosting. Linux hosting services are most popular with those who are using PHP and MySQL to develop their websites as these two technologies provide you with the greatest level of interaction with the Linux operating system and perform at their best in a Linux hosting environment; regardless of the type of Linux web hosting that you choose to use, there is no reason why your web hosting account shouldn’t support PHP or MySQL. As is the case with Windows hosting, most web hosting companies can offer you the choice between Linux shared hosting and Linux dedicated hosting meaning that there will always be a hosting service available to suit your budget and requirements.

Low Cost Hosting

Regardless of the type of web hosting you opt for, Linux web hosting is going to be the cheapest web hosting platform available to you at any stage; it is the low costs associated with Linux web hosting services that are perhaps the most defining feature of Linux hosting in general. Linux shared web hosting packages are the cheapest web hosting services available from most web hosting companies and any cheap web hosting package will be hosted on a Linux server; this makes Linux shared hosting ideal for those who are on a lower web hosting budget, but wish to make the most of what they are able to get for their money. Linux reseller web hosting services are also cheap, but they will be sharing the same servers as Linux shared hosting packages meaning that you shouldn’t expect any massive benefits in terms of reliability and security over Linux shared hosting. The real turning point with Linux hosting is Linux VPS server hosting as this has made dedicated web hosting available at a low price; although the resources of a basic Linux VPS server aren’t going to be anything to shout and scream about, they do mean that you can purchase your own dedicated hosting environment for a relatively low cost. Dedicated server hosting is also made cheaper when you choose to use a Linux distribution, but the price reductions aren’t as massive as they are when using a VPS server.

PHP and MySQL Hosting

Linux can provide you with the perfect environment for the hosting of websites that have been developed using PHP and MySQL and these are seen as the proprietary technologies for web development on the Linux platform by many web developers. When developing a PHP website you will want to have a backend where you can store all of the data required for the running of your website, which is where MySQL comes into play. MySQL and PHP go well together meaning that you can be sure your scripts can be integrated with your databases, as you require. Any Linux web hosting package should be able to provide you with access to PHPMyAdmin through your web hosting control panel so that you can manage your MySQL databases without the need to use any desktop applications; similarly you should you also be provided with access to a file manager to that you can set the correct permissions on the scripts and folders within your web space.

Ruby Hosting

Ruby is another server side scripting language that can be used to create dynamic web pages and scripts for hosting in a Linux web hosting environment. Ruby can be combined with other modules, such as Rails, to provide a more stable and extendable base on which you can develop your web applications as you wish. Like PHP, you can combine your Ruby applications with various database applications so that you can create a fully flexible and dynamic website that will be able to serve information direct from a database so that you don’t have to be so reliant on static HTML web pages to serve your web content.

SSH Access

With some Linux shared web hosting packages, you will be able to access your web hosting account via SSH to perform advance administration tasks whilst SSH access is provided by default with all Linux VPS servers and Linux dedicated servers as it is the only way that you will be able to gain root access to your Linux server hosting service. Although you can opt to have a control panel installed on your Linux VPS server or Linux dedicated server, such applications can only provide a limited management experience when in fact you want the full management experience so that you are able to make sure that you put the right security measures in place to safeguard the stability of your hosting environment. You will be provided with limited SSH access if you choose to use a Linux shared hosting package and will only be able to perform certain tasks such as setting permissions and configuring cronjobs – this is to ensure that hackers aren’t able to compromise the server through limited SSH access.

In conclusion, the features of Linux web hosting make it a highly viable platform for both businesses and individuals through the lower cost of Linux web hosting as well as the different forms of Linux hosting that are available. Linux is the platform of choice for many smaller web hosting companies because it allows them to establish themselves in the web hosting industry with minimal costs; however, you may find that it isn’t offered by some web hosting companies that may wish to specialise in another area of web hosting.

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