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Linux is the most popular platform for use by web hosting companies as it is low cost and Linux servers are easy to maintain, providing web hosting companies with a win-win situation as they are able to offer highly profitable web hosting plans whilst reducing the amount of effort that will need to be put in to maintain the server. Linux shared hosting plans are often seen as the cheapest web hosting packages available because you are combining an open source operating system with the cheapest form of web hosting, the result of which will be web hosting services that pretty much anyone can afford, although the specifications of shared web hosting plans are only generally suitable for users with the most basic of needs. There are many different Linux distributions to choose from if you are looking into using Linux VPS server hosting or Linux dedicated server hosting, providing you with the opportunity to develop a completely custom web hosting service that will be able to meet your Linux hosting needs. The benefit of using a specialist Linux web hosting company is that they will be able to provide you with support that is tailored towards the operating system and if you face any issues with your Linux web hosting service then their technicians should be able to sort the issue in no time at all. As Linux is an open source operating system, it is offered by most web hosting providers meaning that there will be a large number of Linux hosting companies to choose from.

Benefits of Using the Linux Operating System

There are many benefits to using the Linux operating system in a web hosting environment, especially for consumers who are looking for low-cost web hosting services. The main benefits that are available from using Linux web hosting include:

  • Open source – as the Linux operating system is open source, it allows web hosting companies to offer low cost web hosting services without compromising the quality of the web hosting service provided – when compared to commercial platforms such as Windows, open source operating systems are able to provide the benefit of full access to the operating system source code meaning that modifications can be made to the core of the platform if required as some larger web hosting providers may choose to do this if they are looking to offer improved levels of security and a more stable platform than what other web hosting companies can provide
  • Reliability – when compared to Windows web hosting plans, Linux web hosting plans are seen as being more reliable and can provide customers with a worry-free web hosting experience – the issue that many web hosting companies are trying to overcome is downtime because this can be a major disadvantage to businesses that rely on their websites to provide them with a source of income, whether that be through advertising or sales of a product, because in such situations downtime can cost money – it is recommended that you choose a web hosting plan that can provide you with an uptime guarantee, simply so you know what to expect from your web hosting package
  • Security – the security of Linux web hosting servers is seen as being stronger than that of a Windows server because there are many different measures that can be taken to provide a high level of security to Linux hosting customers – as well as using software firewalls to improve the level of security surrounding a Linux web hosting server, hardware firewalls are also recommended as well as measures to prevent SQL injections that could potentially take place through hosted web pages that are using weak code.

Disadvantages of Using Linux Web Hosting

There can also be disadvantages to using the Linux platform under some circumstances, include but not limited to:

  • Management – the management of Linux servers can be seen as being an issue in some situations because you can only manage a Linux server through the command line over SSH meaning that you need to have some sort of basic knowledge as to how the Linux operating system functions so that you know what commands to use to complete certain tasks that will need to be done as part of maintaining your server – however, if you are inexperienced with server management then you can always consider using a fully managed Linux server hosting service as a way of having your needs met because this will take the responsibility of managing your Linux server away from you and will pass it on to an experienced support team who will do a professional job of it – if you do have experience with managing Linux servers then you can use this to your advantage by purchasing an unmanaged Linux server which you can then manage yourself, saving yourself money in the process
  • Hacker target – because Linux is so widely used by large businesses and web hosting providers alike, Linux servers are often one of the main targets for hackers that are looking to gain access to systems illegally to steal the data and other information held on them – this can be an issue for some because it means that more advanced security measures have to be taken to protect Linux web hosting servers and the data that they hold and this can cost web hosting companies both time and money to ensure that the task is completed to a high level.

In conclusion, there are many different Linux web hosting companies to choose from and because of this you should consider each company based on their own merits as opposed to what they are able to offer in terms of web hosting plans as there is likely to be little difference between the services provided by individual web hosting companies. For the most part you won’t need to be worrying about the Linux distribution that is being used unless you are using Linux dedicated web hosting and have highly specific requirements as this will provide you with an opportunity to select an OS that has been designed for a specific purpose.

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