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Linux hosting services are the most common and popular web hosting services available from most web hosting providers. Linux web hosting packages are generally the cheapest available in most situations, and this helps to make Linux hosting services popular with beginners and those who are looking for web hosting on a budget. Linux web hosting services are usually able to meet the requirements of most users, although in some cases you may need to consider Windows hosting if you have more complex web hosting requirements.

Linux is available with all forms of web hosting that are available, and Linux shared hosting packages are regarded as the most cost effective web hosting solutions available. If you are going to be considering a VPS server or dedicated server then you may be interested in the different distributions of Linux that are available; most versions (or ‘distributions’) of Linux are designed for a specific purpose, and you may find that there is one Linux distribution which is able to meet your requirements much more effectively than any others that are available.

What are the advantages of using Linux hosting?

There can be many advantages to using a Linux hosting service, regardless of whether you are a business or individual requiring web hosting. You will find that the main advantages of using a Linux hosting service include:

  • Cost – Linux hosting packages are generally at the cheaper end of the spectrum, but this does mean that most Linux web hosting packages can offer excellent value for money if you purchase your web hosting services from a reputable web hosting provider
  • Reliable web hosting – Linux hosting services are well known for being highly reliable and in an age where businesses in particular are taking the reliability of a web hosting package seriously it is important for web hosting providers to be able to guarantee high levels of uptime
  • Secure hosting environment – Linux web hosting servers are able to offer one of the most secure web hosting environments available, and if you are going to be handling the personal information of your visitors or customers in any way then it is important that you are able to guarantee them a secure web hosting environment.

In summary, the advantages of using Linux hosting services mean that a Linux web hosting package is able to offer businesses the web hosting environment that they require in order to engage visitor and customer trust, whilst individuals are provided with a web hosting service which will be easy for them to use.

How can a Linux web hosting package benefit me?

A Linux web hosting package will be able to benefit you in many ways, especially if you have never used a web hosting package before and are using your Linux web hosting service for the first time. For most users, a Linux web hosting package will be able to benefit them in the following ways:

  • cPanel hosting – if you choose a Linux web hosting package then the likelihood is that you will be provided with access to the cPanel control panel so that you are able to effectively manage your web hosting account – cPanel web hosting services are amongst the most popular available
  • PHP web hosting – Linux web hosting packages offer you the best hosting environment if you wish to host a website which has been developed using a combination of MySQL and PHP to create a dynamic web application.

The features of your average Linux web hosting package help to ensure that you will be able to make the most of your Linux web hosting service. The features that are available with your chosen Linux web hosting service are entirely dependent on the form of web hosting that you are considering for your requirements as well as your chosen web hosting provider.

In conclusion, Linux hosting services are recommended if you require a basic web hosting package and have no need for a more complex Windows web hosting package. Linux hosting services are available from most web hosting providers which helps to ensure competition and therefore low pricing; however, it is important for you to make sure that you purchase your web hosting services from a hosting provider that can offer you reliable web hosting so that you can be sure that you are receiving good value for money.

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