Linux Dedicated Server

An alternative to Windows dedicated server hosting is Linux dedicated server hosting, and for those that don’t have a specific need for Windows hosting, a Linux server will be ideal and will also allow you to save money. Linux is an open source operating system meaning that you won’t have to pay to use it, and along with this you will also find that there are many different versions of Linux, or distributions, to choose from with each being designed for a sole purpose. Linux will allow you to make the most of your dedicated server as it is relatively light on your server’s resources which will allow you to run the applications that you need without compromising your server’s stability. When choosing a Linux dedicated server, you will be able to configure your dedicated server using a variety of options as any good web hosting company will let you have the hardware you require in your dedicated server; however, the addition of extra hardware will up the cost for both the hardware as well as any setup fees that may be in place. The price of Linux server hosting is helped further by the fact that a majority of the applications available for Linux are also open source.


Linux dedicated servers are known for the high level of security that can be achieved when using the various Linux security applications that are available, although a server needs to be setup properly in order to be able to make the most of secure web hosting environment. One of the most popular Linux security applications is the CSF firewall; when managed correctly, this will block the IP addresses of any remote computers or servers that try to gain access to your own dedicated server using malicious methods. Although there are no viruses available to infect Linux servers, if a rootkit infects your server then you could have a problem since these are fairly hard to get rid of since they manifest themselves in the root of the operating system; however, by using Rootkit Hunter you will be alerted to any rootkits that may be hiding somewhere in your server and although it won’t remove them, it will give you a chance to restore the server to original standing without having to worry too much about any damage that the rookit may have done.


Linux server hosting is very popular with businesses that wish to achieve a high levels of uptime as if a website is going to be providing you with income or promotion, you are going to want it to be available to anyone who wish to visit it. You can aid the reliability of your dedicated server by constantly monitoring the resource usage so that if you do happen to experience a load spike, you can take the necessary measures to ensure that it doesn’t compromise the stability of your server. Choosing a server that comes with slightly higher resource allocations than you require will also benefit you in terms of reliability as it will mean that there is enough headroom available if you wish to grow your website or if you do experience a high load spike when you’re not present to monitor the server.


If you are going to be using unmanaged Linux dedicated server hosting then it is recommended that you have some sort of experience behind you so that you don’t damage your dedicated server if you are going to be managing it yourself. During the order process you are likely to be given the choice to install some sort of web hosting control panel on your Linux server and if you are given the choice it is recommended that you go for it, even if it costs extra; a web based interface will allow you to manage your Linux dedicated server from any computer that is connected to the internet and has a web browser, if you choose to use a control panel such as cPanel then you will also be able to offer your own web hosting plans to your own web hosting clients which is a good way of making some money back from the large amount that you’ve spent on your dedicated server.

Open Source

The fact that Linux is open source is a major benefit if you are looking to save money since it means that you won’t need to spend money on any additional applications to enhance your server hosting experience. Any Linux distribution is going to be open source and there are many different distributions to choose from, most of which have been geared towards a specific purpose, allowing you to choose an operating system that is bound to meet your requirements perfectly and is likely to offer you more choice and ideas for expansion than you may have thought of yourself.

Dedicated Web Hosting Environment

A Linux dedicated web hosting environment will provide you with the facilities to install any applications of your choice on your dedicated server, allowing you to create a server that will meet your own specifications ideally. You will be provided with direct SSH access to your dedicated web hosting environment so that you are able to make the most of the various Linux commands to manage your Linux dedicated server properly. If you are unsure of how to manage your server properly then you can of course pay a bit extra to take advantage of managed server hosting.

In conclusion, Linux dedicated server hosting can open up new doors for you in the ways of expansion and by providing you with resources that can’t be matched by lower end forms of web hosting. Although dedicated server hosting is expensive, you should base it on the principle that if you’re unable to justify the cost of a web hosting service then it probably isn’t the right web hosting package for you. If you feel that managing a dedicated server is going to be too taxing then by all means consider managed server hosting, but it will cost you slightly more.

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