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Businesses are becoming more demanding with the levels of uptime that they are offered with their web hosting services these days as their online presence becomes ever more crucial to their survival. The reliability of a web hosting package can be affected by both internal factors and external factors and although external factors may be hard to control, any reputable web hosting company should have full control of the internal resources that could have an affect on how accessible your website is from the outside. It is common knowledge that businesses which benefit from their websites financially will be willing to pay more up front for a high uptime web hosting service because they want the guarantee that customers can purchase their goods and services online at any time without any hassle – they don’t want to have to worry about whether their websites and servers are going to be online or not. For larger customers some hosting companies may offer Service Level Agreements to secure a more lucrative contract because an SLA will guarantee that the web hosting company has to provide the customer with a certain amount of uptime each month; if a web hosting company fails to meet an SLA, then in most situations the customer is eligible for compensation.

What defines a reliable web hosting package?

Uptime is seen as being the amount of time in a month that a server is available for and downtime is seen as being the amount of time for which the server is unavailable from the internet or any external computer. A reliable web hosting package will provide you with a high level of uptime that is equal to 99.9% of the total amount of uptime that could have been provided in a given month. There are many techniques that can be used to achieve a web hosting environment that can offer a high level of uptime; cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting are two forms of web hosting that achieve this by offering large resource pools whilst minimizing the number of users that use a single server. However, in some cases simply using a web hosting environment that can offer you more resources than you actually need is enough to solidify a reliable hosting environment – although this usually only applies to VPS servers and dedicated servers. The way in which a server is managed is also a an attributing factor to how well it performs under high loads – an ill performing server is less stable and is therefore more likely to crash.

Is it worth spending extra on a high uptime web hosting service?

This is something that is going to depend on your individual circumstances as websites that only receive a few visitors a day aren’t going to benefit from high uptime web hosting, likewise with websites that don’t stand to make any money from visitors because they aren’t going to be at any loss if they experience downtime now and then. If you are already using a web hosting service that you feel is serving your requirements acceptably in the area of reliability then the justification for changing web hosting service and upgrading to something that is going to be more expensive is going to be limited. Most businesses rely on their websites to bring them a source of income to a good extent and so if you do encourage your customers to order your products from your website rather than in person in a shop then investing in a more stable IT infrastructure is recommended to offer your customers a more satisfactory browsing experience – it will also mean that you don’t need to worry about downtime.

Is dedicated server hosting worth the large amount of money?

Dedicated server hosting is a tricky form of web hosting and although it can offer you a high level of uptime not available with any other form of web hosting, the average dedicated server can only offer large resource allocations that no basic user is going to be able to make the most of on their own. The justification for dedicated server hosting needs to have a base in most situations because you need to be able to argue why a dedicated server is going to be more suitable for your needs over a VPS server. A VPS server can also act as a high uptime web hosting service in some situations and can give you the dedicated web hosting environment that you require to install the applications of your choice and make the relevant amendments to the services that run at the heart of your server.

Can cloud hosting be justified as an acceptable alternative to dedicated hosting?

If you choose a cloud hosting service from a well known web hosting company that has a proven track record and a stable network infrastructure then art the right price it can be seen as a good investment. The basic structure of any cloud web hosting environment includes a large number of servers to create a high level of redundancy to keep any kind of downtime to a minimum; effectively the only way that your website can become unavailable externally is if there is a problem with your web hosting provider’s internal network, but even then any network that has been well planned should include at least two separate routes to any one server in the whole data centre to prevent a single point of failure from occurring.

In conclusion, high uptime web hosting is a recommended investment for those businesses and individuals who rely on their websites to provide them with a steady source of income. Although dedicated servers and cloud hosting services are more expensive than your bog standard shared web hosting package, the benefits that come from having a reliable web hosting package far outweigh the disadvantages and will allow you to justify the extra cost without any argument. It is important to make sure that you don’t get ripped off and so choosing a reputable web hosting company is the best move forward for anyone, even experienced users of web hosting.

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