Features of VPS Server Hosting

There are many different features that come together to form a VPS server hosting environment, but the features of a VPS server will provide you with your own dedicated web hosting environment that will guarantee isolation from any other users. VPS servers offer an affordable alternative to dedicated server hosting whilst preserving a majority of the features that a dedicated server can offer you; with a VPS server you will still have your own guaranteed resources that will enable you install and use the applications and services of your choice, as well as allowing you to have an independent web hosting environment that can’t be affected by other users as you will be the only one using your VPS server. Any good web hosting provider will be able to offer you the choice between Windows VPS server hosting and Linux VPS server hosting; both platforms are able to offer a number of different features and you are likely to make your choice based on your requirements, such as the scripting languages and database platforms that you are use to using. For experienced professionals, a VPS server can provide you with an environment in which you can put your skills to use as you will have full access to your dedicated hosting environment; as a Windows VPS server user you will be able to manage your server via Remote Desktop, and if you choose Linux as your platform then you will be able to access your VPS server using SSH.

What are the main features of a VPS server?

There are several different features that you should review in a VPS server prior to purchase as you want to be sure that you choose a server that is not only powerful enough for you, but will be compatible with the applications and services that you wish to use. These features include:

  • Guaranteed RAM – the guaranteed RAM provided with your VPS server is an assignment of the physical RAM that belongs to the host machine on which your VPS server is hosted – the amount of guaranteed RAM that you have available will dictate how many applications and services you are able to run at the same time as all processes require memory to be able to perform their operations effectively, with some applications being more memory intensive than others – all VPS server hosting plans come with differentiating levels of RAM and because of this it is important to do your research to ensure that you choose a VPS hosting plan that will offer you the RAM that you need to run all of the applications that you require
  • Disk space – this is another important factor because it will dictate how much content you are able to store on your VPS server and this could have an affect on you if you are running a large website because large amounts of multimedia such as photos and music as well as large databases can be responsible for using up large amounts of disk space – if you find that you begin to run out of disk space on your VPS server then you can always purchase additional disk space from your web hosting provider, who should then be able to assign it to your server in no time at all
  • Dedicated hosting environment – a dedicated hosting environment will provide you with complete isolation from other users, making you responsible for the stability of your server as you are going to be responsible for managing it – as you will have full administrator access to your dedicated hosting environment, you will be able to install any applications that you want on your platform, making VPS server hosting ideal for web developers or businesses that require specialist applications server-side in order for their web applications to be able to function properly and perform their duties as required – it should be noted that in order to be able to make the most of your dedicated hosting environment, you should have some past experience of server management.

Why should I consider a VPS server over a dedicated server?

You should consider a VPS server over a dedicated server for several reasons, but in order for a VPS server to be of more benefit to you than a dedicated server you must have ruled out dedicated server hosting in the first instance, for example if the resources posed by a dedicated server are too much for you; such reasons could include:

  • Lower costs – a VPS server hosting plan will always be much cheaper than a dedicated server and even though the resources provided may be lower than what a dedicated server can offer, you will retain the main benefits of using a dedicated server such as a the guaranteed resources and dedicated web hosting environment – if you are looking to get started with dedicated web hosting for the first time then this means that a VPS server hosting plan will represent a much more affordable option than a dedicated server
  • Easier to manage – depending on the virtualization platform that your web hosting company is using to deliver its VPS server hosting services, you will be provided with access to a web based control panel through which you will be able to manage certain aspects of your VPS server without the need to login to it directly using SSH or Remote Desktop, whichever is appropriate – this can provide you with a major benefit over dedicated server hosting as it will reduce the amount of time that it takes to complete particular tasks.

In conclusion, the features of a VPS server will allow you to make the most of your dedicated web hosting environment with ease; the low cost of VPS servers has helped to make dedicated hosting services affordable for all. You should always do your research when purchasing a VPS server because there will always be a number of different options to choose from, including managed and unmanaged solutions as well as servers of different specifications.

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