Everything You Need to Know About Budget Web Hosting

Budget web hosting is usually a hosting company that charges no more than £10 per month for hosting one website. Most budget web hosting companies provide a minimum one year hosting plan for their customers. The main thing to consider when going with a budget web hosting firm is whether you are compromising on service by choosing a cheap hosting package.
Finding a budget web hosting company can be a complicated task because there are so many budget web hosting companies to choose from. If you search in Google or Yahoo for budget web hosting, you will find there are around 5 millions results. So in order to whittle down your search for a budget web hosting firm, you need to identify the one that best suits your needs. The necessary things that should be considered in the search for a budget web hosting company include:

  • How professional is the budget web host?

    The main thing to consider when evaluating a budget web hosting company is its home page on its website. Does it look professional and can you find all the information you need easily. Secondly, can you readily find the company’s contact information? Do they mention their contact number, email address or physical address? If they do not provide any contact information, then it may be best to leave them, as they may not be reputable, nor have a solid business foundation in place. Another thing to look for is the support functions that the budget web host provides. Do they provide technical support, live chat or e- mail services?

  • Does the budget web host give a satisfaction guarantee?

    It is a wise move to find a budget web hosting company that provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee term to its clients. This way, you can trial the budget web host for a length of time and decide if you are happy with the service you receive. If you are not, then you can move your site to another hosting company and receive your money back. Most companies will offer a money back guarantee term; usually within 30 days of purchasing the hosting plan. If they do not guarantee the money back then it may be worth looking elsewhere for a budget hosting plan.

  • What is the budget web host’s uptime guarantee?

    The uptime guarantee means the percentage of time that the hosting company assures that your site will be live on the internet. Several budget hosting companies provide 99% uptime, which means that they guarantee that the site will work 99 % of the time.

In short, opting for budget web hosting shouldn’t mean you have to compromise features, service or quality. Just do your research thoroughly and hopefully you will find a budget hosting plan that enables you and your business to make the most of the internet.

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