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Email hosting is a feature that is common to all forms of shared web hosting; regardless of whether you choose to use a Linux shared web hosting service or a dedicated server, you will be able to create email accounts for use with your domain names using your web hosting service. Although most web hosting providers only offer basic email facilities using the control panel that they provide you with, such as the cPanel control panel, some web hosting providers are able to offer enterprise-class email hosting facilities; larger web hosting providers can offer Windows based Microsoft Exchange Server hosting services for businesses that require a collaborative email suite which can offer them extra benefits whilst streamlining employee relations. It is important for you to remember that in order for email hosting to be effective you need a domain name that you can use with your web hosting service so that people know where to send emails to you.

What are the advantages of using email hosting?

Email hosting services can be useful since they allow you to make the most out of what email has to offer, but for email hosting to be effective you will need to have a domain at hand to use. The main advantages of using email hosting include:

  • Custom email addresses – by using a domain name in conjunction with a web hosting service you will be able to create custom email addresses that end in the domain name that you have purchased – when using free email hosting services you are stuck to using a default domain name that your email address is assigned to – for example, with a website hosting service you are able to create email addresses such as ‘[email protected]’ with ‘’ being your domain name of choice
  • Larger storage space – an website hosting service will allow you to create email accounts that have larger disk space assignments than most free email services will allow – as a business you will find that you are dealing with large volumes of emails that can take up quite a bit of disk space and on top of this you may also want to consider the amount of disk space that any attachments you receive could take up – if you choose to use a dedicated server for your email hosting services then you are unlikely to face any storage problems but if you are using a shared web hosting service then you may quickly run out of disk space for your emails
  • Flexibility – if you choose to use a dedicated server for your email hosting services then you will be able to benefit from greater flexibility, although this will only be of benefit to you if you are a larger business – dedicated servers can provide you with your own dedicated web hosting environment meaning that you can use any email servers of your choice thus allowing you to add additional measures as you see necessary which could include spam and virus scanning for all incoming email messages.

The advantages of using email hosting services over standard free email services will produce the result of a much more flexible email hosting system for businesses that require it.

What are the disadvantages of using email hosting?

When using email hosting there are several other features that you need to take into consideration as otherwise these features could prove to leave you at a disadvantage when using your email hosting service. The disadvantages of using email hosting could include:

  • Spam and virus filtering – if a web hosting provider isn’t able to offer you spam and virus filtering for your incoming emails then you could find that your inbox becomes filled with spam emails or on the other hand you could end up opening a rogue email that contains a virus which in turn could affect your computer
  • Price – depending on the web hosting service that you choose to use to help meet your email hosting requirements, you could end up paying quite a high price – if you are going to be using a simple shared web hosting service then you won’t have to spend too much, but on the other hand if you are a larger business that requires enterprise-level email hosting services then you may have to spend quite a bit on dedicated servers and email software.

In conclusion, email hosting is generally referred to as being part of most web hosting services but in reality it is something that you should pay closer attention to if you are a business. Spam emails and emails containing viruses are becoming bigger problems these days meaning that you need to choose a web hosting service that can offer you spam and virus filtering for all incoming emails so that you don’t have to worry about these two potential threats. If you require enterprise-level email services such as those provided by Microsoft Exchange Server then you should ensure that you use a reputable web hosting provider as to ensure you receive a reliable web hosting service.

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