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Email accounts are a standard feature of shared web hosting accounts and whilst some web hosting providers will limit you as to the number of email accounts that you are able to create under your chosen web hosting package, most web hosting providers will allow you to host an unlimited number of email accounts under a single web hosting package. In order for email accounts to be of any use you will need to have at least one domain name hosted under your web hosting account so that you have a base on which you can create the email accounts that you would like to use. When using a Windows dedicated server or Linux dedicated server you will also be able to create email accounts for any domain names that you may be hosting although this is entirely dependent on the mail server software that you have running on your server. Email accounts will allow you to communicate with other email users easily as you each account will have its own address under your domain name meaning that you will also be able to communicate with other users that have their own email accounts hosted under the same domain name as yours.

When choosing a web hosting package it is a good idea for you to have a look at how many email accounts you will be able to host under your chosen web hosting service as you want to be sure that you will be able to make the most of your web hosting service. Most shared web hosting packages will now allow you to host an unlimited number of email accounts under a single web hosting package meaning that your only limit is going to be the amount of disk space that you have available to assign to individual email accounts. It is a good idea to consider the use of email accounts under any domains that you are using in a professional manner as it will allow you to portray a professional image when communicate with customers via email.

If you wish to offer a higher level of service for those who are going to be using your email accounts then you may wish to consider a more professional form of email hosting such as a platform that utilizes either Microsoft Exchange Server or Zimbra as these two collaboration systems are used by many large businesses around the world. A dedicated server can offer you a reliable platform on which you can host a number of email accounts if you are catering for a large business as in such establishments it is usually important for every employee in the organization to be able to have their own email account so that they can communicate with one another easily. A dedicated server based email account hosting environment will provide you with the opportunity to add additional mail servers if you feel that this will enhance your systems; an email server cluster is also a possibility in a server based environment.

Webmail access will be provided by most web hosting providers for the email accounts that you create which will be of benefit to you since it will allow you to check your emails from any computer that is connected to the internet and has a web browser application installed. Popular webmail applications available in most situations include Squirrel Mail and Horde Mail; as both of these are open source there are many add-ons available for both meaning that if either are being used within the context of a dedicated mail hosting environment, you will be able to customize the webmail interface to match your organization’s requirements as you wish.

The chances are that you will also want to be able to access your from your desktop computer or a mobile device and so IMAP and POP3 access will also be available for your email accounts so that this is possible. Both of these technologies are seen as standards for accessing email remotely and will allow you to view and download all of the emails that are contained within your email account. It should also be noted that SMTP access will also be provided so that you are able to send emails using your own email account as by doing it through your web hosting account’s primary server you can be sure that your email address won’t be blacklisted.

All email accounts can be password protected meaning that you will need to know the password of the account in question if you wish to gain access to it so that you can read any emails that may have been sent to that particular email address. Security is important for most email accounts these days and so you should make sure that with any email account that you are using that you set a strong password that no-one else will be able to guess as this is the best way of protecting your emails and any other information that you may store under your email account. Other measures that can be taken on the server side to help secure your email account and email messages include encrypting the contents of all email as this will mean that even if a hacker does manage to gain entry to your email server, they won’t be able to read any of your emails as the contents of them will be encrypted meaning that they will be useless.

In conclusion, email accounts are a core feature of any web hosting package these days and so it is recommended that you make the most of them by setting up email accounts for all of your employees so that they can communicate with one another and customers with ease. When choosing a web hosting service it is recommended that you look for one that will be able to provide you with an unlimited number of email accounts as such a web hosting package will offer you the best room for expansion in the future; however, you are always going to be limited by the amount of disk space that you have available to assign to the individual email accounts that you setup.

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